1.34 Update Broke MW Snipers: New No Glint Optics in Warzone | HDR/Kar98k Class Setup/Loadouts

Datum objavljivanja: 7. Tra 2021.
They Broke Modern Warfare Snipers with a New No Glint Optic in Warzone.
Patch Notes: charlieintel.com/warzone-april-6-update-weapon-updates-fixes/92519/
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1.34 Update Broke MW Snipers: New No Glint Optics in Warzone | HDR/Kar98k Class Setup/Loadouts
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  • I use the kar. So, any scope will have no glint on it?

  • can you please bring light to the sleight of hand glitch for mw weapons?

  • Do not make videos showing how to do this...

  • This 1.34 update was the worst update yet. I was never experiencing these weird bugs before. Now I experience all of them..... Plus I have to reinstall my MW game cuz after downloading update for WZ my MW deleted 2/3 multiplayer packs. So rediculous

  • Do people realize that in the real world, there are scope attachments to hide glint? I think it’s hilarious that people immediately assume it’s a bug and not a more realistic update. In the real world, you won’t see the glint. Keep moving and don’t leave your melon hanging out there and you have nothing to worry about!

    • its a game?

  • Variable zoom. Got it! Thanks

  • Has it been fixed?

  • They also broke the adverse barrels on the finn

  • cold war ruined warzone

  • I’ve used zoom lenses since day one time to pog

  • Owh, so it was a bug, i just think the enemy has a hax. lol

  • What is a glint

    • Gotta say I am loving the No Glint SPR

  • I just died from a no glint then i turn on HRdowns and the first vid i see is this one! Thanks for the help

  • I have em all and I don't tell ppl about it 😏

  • Raven watching this video to see what they changed in their last patch:

  • This game is so bad. From the Aug to this. I can’t even play anymore. Waiting for the next season.

  • Is this fixed yet?

    • why make a video about this... games full of campers now with variable zoom

  • Another grade A video!! Keep it up JGod

  • what about the spr does that have a glint @jgod

  • Is this patched yet?

  • Ram. That is why wz mw cw are breaking... Skins.guns.colors.dying effects.ytacers all take memory. And most dont have the memory/Ram in their system to load it all properly. Hence it breaking down graphically. While adding lag and other issues into the game. I've dealt with computers since the mid 80's. If you guys had to deal with what I did,you'd understand what's happening overall with the game due to lack of hardware. Consoles have no chance as they are 'locked' on internal memory amounts.

  • So just to be sure....the Kar98 variable zoom has no glint?

  • They dun goofed the game. Cmon guys...

  • You’re channel ruins the game.

    • no it fixes the game. puts pressure on the developers fool

  • I think they should just remove the glint all together, and I also think they should add the Cold War card that allows 3 extra attachments, @JGOD do you think the meta would include more guns overall, and widen the variety if you could go 8/8 attachments on any gun?

  • the model 680 6r mag is COMPLETELY BROKEN and not in a good way pls check it out jgod because nobody wants to

  • "How can we make Warzone less fun?" "Let's add no glint snipers." -probably Activision & Raven

  • Wait so a 4x is really a 6x?? That's ridiculous. Why name it a 4x?? They know the zoom rate from the coding but they named it 4x. That can only be done on purpose. Wtf is going on here?!?!?

    • @serdy ximi 😂

    • Next update roze skins are now available in the item shop and campers will get paid for every 20 seconds of camping with lmg’s

  • Gotta say I am loving the No Glint SPR

  • can i use a tac láser with no glint ?

  • This is why I deleted the game. People don’t stop playing they’ll keep being lazy af. Activision the new EA

  • Imagine killing JGOD and then you later realize it was for a "does this optic have a glint" video LOL

  • why make a video about this... games full of campers now with variable zoom

  • Ffs man

    • "Which is cool or whatever" 😂

  • So what scopes on the spr have no glint

  • Do the Merc Thermal optics have a glint?

  • Bro I always used that variable zoom scope Haha that’s why I rekt those noobs

  • Lol raven and treyarch ruined this game had to stop playing for now

  • Im taking a break playing WZ rn, the game is so broken atm.

  • I have played king slayer and plunder yesterday and there was a glint on kar and hdr

  • Wondered why I was having fun last week popping with a Variable AN-94/Amax/AMr

  • This game is fun but so frustrating. Every time they update something a new bug appears

  • I only see glints when i’m not Ads’ing

  • Vulture Custom Zoom and the 20X have glint, didn’t noticed until yesterday; and now MW snipers with variable zoom have no glint. What are they doing to this game ?

  • Next update roze skins are now available in the item shop and campers will get paid for every 20 seconds of camping with lmg’s

  • What’s a glint? And are the various MW guns different in the multiplayer?

  • Tf is a glint?

  • the amount of bugs in this game is just ridiculous. And most of them don't make any sense. Why would they even touch the glint, it was perfectly fine. I'm not sure if I'll continue to play the game because it's no fun in this state anymore. I hope the next Battlefield will be good.

  • Its just a gut feeling but I think the kar and hdr is gonna be next meta

  • "Which is cool or whatever" 😂

  • So this is how I lost a game and didn’t see where I was getting sniped from..

  • 178 haters disliked smh

  • Lol everyone cool with the insane quick scope of this but complain about burst ars smh

  • we all know about that men lol. just for the content

  • Activision 🤡

  • Glint should only be present when facing the sun or a significant light source. It makes no sense for my scope to be a flashlight

  • raven gonna try to sue jgod or give him some hush money at this point lol

  • It so surprising how the devs have never broken the in game store


  • Meanwhile, Cold War snipers not having scope glint since launch...

    • @senni bgon anyone can use the CW snipers without scope glint...

    • are actually content creators and they are keeping themselves in business with all these broken patches.

  • Is anyone elses warzone very laggy but only on verdansk?

  • It really seems like they’re purposefully sabotaging the most successful game they’ve had in years.

  • Why do all my variable scopes on all snipers and marksman rifles have a glint?

  • COD Community: No glint snipers! Can you get rid of that it’s broken!? Raven: Proceeds to fix no glint snipers but aCcIDeNtLy puts infinite stim back in.

  • The answer is used Variable Zoom Scopes to not show Glint

  • Wow no Glint on the Kar? I might actually reinstall war zone now

  • Oh god please no haha

  • New to Warzone lol I definitely appreciate anyone that checks out my Channel !!

  • You know what else they broke? My game.

  • Next video: AK47 meta weapon. No damage drop off, Hit Scan, Fastest TTK, ZERO RECOIL 😱

  • They broke focus perk...the bread and butter for aggressive kar users...I'm salty AF

  • Infinity ward might have to fix this, ravens never touched a mw gun have they?

  • War zone is getting out of hand . Everybody using the same guns. What’s the point of having all those guns if u can only use one . Stupid....

  • Did they fix it in today's update?

  • And here i thought i was crazy when i noticed a high zoom scope killing me with no glint from time to time. Just thought it was a glitch in those particular matches

  • The effort you put into testing this game is insane. What would you do if they actually fixed everything and the game just worked.. I'm starting to think that the Raven "bug team" are actually content creators and they are keeping themselves in business with all these broken patches.

    • Would play the game more.

  • Broken broken broken, kar98 will get nerfed...

  • Buff the Rytec!!!!!!!

  • I swear they must have a dev in the back named Tim, that intentionally adds glitches and bugs into the game, and he spreads the words to his friends !

  • If you are zoomed in with the variable is there glint ?

  • Has anyone suggested doing private lobbies to test things like this a little easier for you? Love the videos man, keep it up!

    • From how far do you see the tac laser?

  • Yo! Isn't the "glint-effect" stronger the further away you are? Might be to the point of being non existent if you're too close, to avoid it being a flashlight blinding effect in close range. I also think it's a quite narrow cone where the glint is showing so the clips where you don't look directly at the enemy might have a glint that he just couldn't see, please correct me if I'm mistaken!

  • Which optic on the spr doesn’t give you glint?

  • Maybe instead of showing everyone the glitch and using it urself, you should tell the gaming company off and to not encourage this, and if you tell me your not your sadly mistaken. You and practically all other youtubers show this and they say it to be aware of it when in actuality your encouraging the use of the glitch for the time until it gets removed so don't show it. (That goes for all youtubers not just you)

  • oh god. Annddd this video is trending :)

  • TL;DW: Use Variable Zoom optics, they don't have a glint atm. It's the same for any gun (even Rytec) but it adds ADS.

  • We ready for the rise of stim glitch 5.0? Or 6.0 idk I lost count

  • Fixed?

  • ColdWar is ruined bro that trash game ruined this game

  • Raven are always breaking the game in some way or another, for every fix they do, 5 things get broken, I still remember when they broke hitmarkers, and now they have broken sleight of hand and some other gun perks, and also the glint for snipers

  • Now I really know what to use now 🥴🥴

  • New update: Hacker is buffed!

  • Didn't you say yourself that the glint is for scopes above 4xZoom. I don't know if you tested for the two different zooms but one of them got the zoom of 3.5 which is lower than 4.

  • I was using kar98 with variable zoom last night and i can still see the glint

  • These bugs are planned to give youtubers like him content throughout the season. If yal cant see that at this point I dont know what to say lol

  • Legend

  • From how far do you see the tac laser?

  • Raven should hire JGOD to test their game before each update.

  • The update also broke mw maps on console we can’t play certain maps it just kicks us out of the game

  • I honestly i am done with all cod games 😂 they fix one thing and break 10 more