100 BANNED Items Minecraft Needs To Allow

Datum objavljivanja: 21. Vel 2021.
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  • So many of these are just mod items lol

  • Looking at the telescope looks like a kiwi in the slime blocks

  • Now that I watched build my life I feel bad for him when he says stuff like ball of dissapointment.

  • is a bee wither a beether


  • Someone share this with moyang so we can get new items

  • A chest-plate wich gives you more inventory space

  • There is a gun mod

  • 9:03 loverfella has never seen asdf has he

  • people waching him at 2.2m: 0:

    • noone: zack: "If YoU aRE goINg To KiDnaP SomEonE You MIGHT AS WeLl StEal THerE SoulS"

  • mmmmmmmmmmm tks for the ideal time to get banned from your server

  • After watching that I’m totally bewildered or should I say bee-withered.

  • Where's the netherite Crafting on Thumbnail👋👨🖐

  • he saying france me: there's a place in France where the _ _ _ _ _ ladies dance. There's a hole and the wall and the men can see it all.

  • Welp I didn't guess the questions on 4:40 so time to subscribe

  • Fun Fact: It's Pronounced Oh-taw-muh-tone.

  • The flammable sword is called Fire aspect ll

  • i can good times with scars super fast build mode!😁

  • 9:12 ur sus

  • How about an inventory eye crafted from eyes of ender, diamonds, and netherite block that allows you to see, move, place and remove items in a player's inventory.

  • Call the bee wither the bither

  • Creative mode

  • I von lol

  • I remember voting on the thumbnail

  • All of it is good

  • Respect for sus man

  • It was made by asdf movies

  • That guy never created the mine turtle

  • i ant LA NUUKE to be added

  • The thumbnail: let's make a netherite sword. Doesn't exist.

  • *M a k e Y o u r S e r v e r A B e d r o c k S e r v e r A l r e a d y A n d Y o u W i l l B e C o o l e r T h a n E v e r*

  • Ooooooooo h they should add a aderb spare with fiance on it

  • Do you play Java or bedrock ?

  • .

  • its fun, coz all of these items are just mod items xD.

  • I am in school i am scared

  • I like:mobs sack/wither bee/ender armor-tool/soul stoler thingy

  • The purple stick you can get it and don’t get ban it’s a command

  • There is rocket launchers mods

  • Theres kind of a game mode stick its something like f3 and f4 something cant remember

  • I know a picaxe wene you mine a block it turns into diamonds but you use a head of an ender dragon and Two diamonds and sticks.👌

  • Me looking at the thumbnail: isnt that how you make a netherite sword Me 2 seconds later: oh how did i forget that you use a smithing table?

  • What about being able to put an elytra on a chestplate

  • Wait can i join server with cracked mc??


  • What shaders do you use?

  • The bee wither shouldnt be in this video It should be in a cursed builds video It is so cursed...

  • Dude why does your nose look shiny and red?

  • What about a Ruby

  • I taught the green potion is puke lol

  • Iam not able to join your server @Loverfella. It's says server down for maintenece.... Help me i want to join your server

  • Why did I laugh so hard at this 3:54 😂

  • Hey can u tell me what texture pack u use it's so cool

  • i kinda laughed a little bit. i hope i be friends with that guy xd 3:53

  • Well you chose that thumbnail

  • The thumbnail is cursed

  • Sus guy should be the winner

  • If there's loverfella sword i will need it

  • Well there is a mode where there is an tnt launcher

  • please dont add guns to minecraft.... please

  • Guy:makes a kidnnapad item Kidnnapers: "interested..."

  • Can i join your server in Mcpe?

  • Russia had the RPG we had the Bazooka aka the us

  • Lava boots!!!!!!!!!

  • Ppl: looking through videos. Still ppl: sees this thumbnail Minecraft players: ........... then how do you craft a netherite sword IT MAKE NO SENSE them thinking: (thats why its not allowed in minecraft.

  • Nice

  • I think some of those people watched Preston

  • Hello Jordan Maron

  • I had to subscribe

  • Is it just me or does he have the time lapse music of GoodTimeswithScar

  • Btw the background music idk

  • The creative and dupe potions, I thought in my head green and black

  • That's the queen

  • 6:26 bither

  • "Minecraft will be ruined if mojang added guns to the game" And that's a fact!

  • Diamond elytra would probably be heavy and drag you down

  • I made my own item: The rainbow pot: turns anyone who drinks it gay, or a gay supporter


  • Miss ark :(

  • Bee-ther lol

  • Nop

  • Can i have a shout out please

  • You need to add a sub button 😝

  • Bed rock armor

  • I have one sole trap enchanting you put it on your sord and some how get it off put iron all around the filled sole to make a mob spawned it you can only kill one type of mob with this. This will spawn as many mobs as you kill

  • the bee wither is a beether beever get it

  • LoverFella i can't join the server how i join???

  • Kidnap sack is the best

  • He gave me co owner ...


  • Its not the bee wither its the beether

  • BEDROCK Bed And Rock Craft It Now

  • Netherite armor armor armor armor armor:more protective Not stolen by anyone

  • The thumbnails how to make a netherite sword

  • 🇷🇺

  • Can you make your server available for bedrock or does it not work

  • Loverfella: every where I go I see his face :creepy guy: hi lover

  • I win haha

  • Me:*sees thumbnail* Also me:"ain't that crafting recipe just a sword"

  • The crafting thumbnail makes a sword dude