2021 LEC Spring - Week 5 Day 1

Datum objavljivanja: 19. Vel 2021.
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  • Zanzarah is hillarious lmao what a legend

  • I did not expect vitality to pop off wow

  • Please include Zanzarah everywhere you can LEC, we love him! :D

  • Hylissang needs to be nurfed

  • I don´t usually comment, but Caedrel and Drakos are such a great casting duo. Chill, informative and fun. Exactly the ideal style for relaxing LEC after tough week at work :D I understand why somebody would like Quickshot, but his over the top hype style is not for me.

  • Poke comp with kaisa? Kaisa cant play the game

  • Renekton early picked in draft, trolllll

  • 5:28:47 - Thank you, Sjokz!!!

  • 6:53:09 .... thants why we love you LEC! WIDE BWIPPO STILL OP!

  • Sjokz 2 - 0 FNC

  • Zanzarah is easily becoming my favorite Jungler lol his personality is addicting got a fan in me now. 👍

    • I love his attitude to meta picks, guy is our favourite ruski jungler

  • im a noob league player but why didnt nisqy just run into the turret instead of trying to die to minions?

    • “If a champion dies and hasn't been damaged or debuffed by another champion in the last 13 seconds, they are executed (extended to 20 seconds on ARAM). Otherwise, the kill is awarded to the enemy champion who last dealt damage.” He was waiting for the time to go by else he would of given the enemy a kill anyway by going u under tower instantly. Unfortunately he just didn’t have time to wait out those 13 seconds. He wasn’t trying to die to minions he was actually running from them and used spells on them as well. He just run out of cool downs after using abilities.

  • Zanzarah has such a great personality lol


    • @Xythiera ok , how do you call when for example selfmade with olaf charges at 4 people ? If its not inting help me with a word please

    • The didnt Int. Thats just the problem with there styl. The want to overthrow you with there agression but as soon as you just are in control its impossibel for them to do anything the just fight fight fight . FNC weakness is so big . Team just need to wait for them to start bad fights and then FNC collapses.

  • what the hell is about them painting their nails?

    • @walkerkox doing a quick search i honestly cant find a reason why. rekkles also did it before appareantly, they are colleague so maybe they just decided to do it together for some reason. also idk if your being sarcastic about being a freedomfighter, i just like seeing things being normallised. (edit). i think i found out why, if you search LEC: Reckless with my heart, you will find that they made a emo/metal type song and had dark nails, so im guessing that why, they just didnt take them off or like how it looks.

    • @Fazlic wooo freedom fighter. It's obviously about something when drakos and vedius start painting their nails black in the same time

    • Nail polish is fun, yo

    • becuase they can????, because they want to??? lol

    • It looks nice

  • POG

  • Were are all the fanatic fans that were so happy to win against handy caped G2.

  • Yay the vod is up! Missed VIT FNC and have to catch up :D

    • FNC were trying to just brain dead perma fight and Vit trash there agresion . FNCs styl gets has so many weakneses as soon as team find it out its basicly over for FNC .

  • Lmao NA LCS has basically no viewers. That says alot about that region

    • @Sherance Sherance The have the same amount pluse LCS has cow streamers as well . LCS has worse production and there games are so bad but the still have the same amount of viewers then LEC.

    • @Xythiera Compared to the LEC?

    • The have viewers. I have no idea were you were looking.

  • really? 0 comments?

    • Really? A comment?

    • ikr, I was also confused. I guess all the people vented in Livechat and noones bothered to check the Vod

    • Well it was live till not long ago and everyone watches highlights of the games or just a specific full game instead of watching this. Only reason i am here is for Sjokz monologue