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fun league of legends time
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  • this is just me and the bois on another level

  • Shout out to my boi nightblue😂😂😂

  • your positive energy is contagious. thanks for being such a good person. you inspire me a lot. you give me good vibes, thanks.

  • *Everyone the team gets smite but everyone still does their normal role, Now you have five smites for the drake.*

  • I got an ad for league watching this

  • is his past challenger rank a skin because op.gg says he was diamond

  • He was challenger?

  • Omg, that seems like so much fun even without winning.

  • What's the song in the beginning?

  • 5:42 that laugh killed me

  • Omg i love the AJR music in the background

  • Brian used to be challenger?

  • He always adds that Heirs OST doesnt him

  • I was thinking it must feel kinda shitty only 1 person getting paid and everyone else getting nothing... but he actually split it with all 4 of them... Nice guy Pianta

  • ikon doesnt work no more

  • This is video is so funny easily one of my favorite league vids out there

  • When twitch stole the penta... I felt that

  • i was suprised that AJR were playing in the video bcs they are not a famous band but they are very good

  • you would think one of them would pick shyvana for the extra damage

  • Wait was I the only one who realized that Brian had hit challenger before. Which means Tenmo Player has hit challenger !!?!!!

  • really loved this video. now this is what fun with friends in LoL is like

  • 2:19 is that the foking guitar thing from the promised neverland??????

  • i smell mr beasT

  • Lowest CS, but only if our team wins

  • The Click is a good album I approve

  • ik this video is a year old now but im just noticing that he has a last season challenger flag under his diamond border

  • To everyone who's saying that he's the Mr. Beast of League, he isn't. He used every single song that David Dobrik used in his vlogs when he surprised his friends with money.

  • this was straight up super wholesome at the end when u made death wing also get a part of the money

  • So pianta is challenger before

  • Wait , you were challenger ?

  • David dolbrik where.?

  • Nice Little David Dobrik Playlist u have there.

  • Omfg u are the ones who ruined my game

  • this guy should have more subscribers.. yet his not, why that? Cmon people sub to him his the best league of legend player who make league of legend fun and beautiful.

  • You're a legend for listening to AJR

  • *unfriends and blocks everyone* guys i split the money

  • yoooo ajr was in this

  • respec for the ajr

  • 11:46 song please

    • AJR - Burn The House Down

  • Wondering what the background music in the beginning??

  • This bitch is giving away money for fun while I'm over here about to be homeless

  • I cant hear properly anymore

  • You was at challanger? 😮

  • 1:32

  • You have no idea how good it feels to hear AJR in your videos

  • 12:52 boreklipogaca selam

  • Are you getting into AJR’s songs?

  • Basicaly using all of David Dobrik Songs XD

  • *Dragon killing challenge* *No one picks Shivana*

  • That's how league was supposed to be.

  • Whomever?

  • what about kalista?

  • 10:52 Rip Kobe Bryant 2020-01-26

  • ikon.gg doesn't even work lol

  • that a lot of ajr songs

  • Fun fact:piants didn’t get any win

  • What website are you using for the challenges?

  • That dragon on thubnail was kinda cute

  • What's that instrumental music?

  • That's the only way to enjoy league everybody

  • Omg AJR :o

  • Ur like David dobrik Now lmao

  • I don't know who is on the other videos you have, because they scream the same way.

  • Why didn’t u go Kallista for the dragon kill

  • well his is farm veal so its obvious he would win the most CS

  • I wish I had a friend that could pay me to play games xD

  • Oh i remember it "When i said who ever reach the school gate first will win $10 then my friend never saw me again" Highschool memories

  • love this, plz do more of these vids

  • La La Legends

  • That was a happy ending

  • You got one minute to make a thumbnail “WHAAAAAAAA”

  • next one is with baron

  • music at 2:40 ?

  • Piantabeast

  • he has used ajr, burn the house down, and ajr come hang out, thats it, his taste is limited. He hasnt added 10 hours of loli breathing

  • david dobrik vlog but its league of legends. Thanks seat geek

  • You fool, you challenged Farm Veal to a Farm battle. You absolute buffoooon

  • 3:40 I thought my Spotify played the song and it was actually the video

    • Alyza Macias wait what song is it

  • the ending split feels so staged

  • I wanna get some of that money💰💰

  • Pls record more of this

  • First get 100cs wins hmmm nobody pick irelia

  • Böreklipoğaça lol

  • Best pianta vid ever @❤❤

  • this is what league was meant to be good fun times ahhhh i miss it :< need a new friend group to have fun with my current is to competitive and toxic :

  • Nobody: Not even a single soul: Your friend laugh: *HIHIHIHIHI*

  • Why no one take ww first time x)

  • Lmao you listen to AJR Who knew?

  • farmveal got so good at csing because of FARMVILL

  • 7:01 I love how rammus is the one to get drag even tho u guys were making fun of the rammus pick lolll

    • same omg haha

    • ?

  • tfw you realize brian made challenger

  • More vids like this

  • Let's go AJR

  • is it just me or they didnt get any money after that

  • When I heard P!ATD high hopes song I already know this was gonna be a great video.

  • ''pianta has naruto as an avatar'' this was known as the day i lost respect to pianta

  • What's the song played during 1:40?

  • I've never seen anyone have more fun with League than this

  • lul i stole baron while watching this

  • one game I stole drake and baron 3 times in one game xD