$68 GUCCI Foundation… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

Datum objavljivanja: 12. Sij 2021.
HAPPY NEW YEAR and HIIII, How Are Ya??? Today we're doing the first makeup review of 2021!!!! It's time to test out Gucci's brand new Fluide De Beauté Natural Finish Fluid Foundation! It's Gucci's first foundation in years and I actually reviewed their first attempt at one on my channel years ago. They are back with a revamped line and I had to put it try it out. I also test their new mascara and do a 10 hour wear test. Will the products be Jeffree Star Approved™ or a flop?? Watch and find out. WANT MORE?
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  • no mask and a shooting range ok

  • I get that the horrible vacation that Trisha had to experience was about a year ago, but that was some vile stuff. Anyone would have been traumatized honestly. And she did say he already apologized but maybe that’s not enough if you are still being dragged for this a year later. Idk that’s just my thoughts. What goes around comes around.

  • why is he talking like willy wonka

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  • Bye bye toxic people. You deserve to be stuck in 2020

  • Horrible personality. Clearly money can't buy everything. I have no respect for you or anyone who enable this kind of disgusting behaviour.

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  • Everything around you turn like shit. What a beautiful power...

  • Some people like that don’t live long. By choice.

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  • Nasty Karen. Tati, Manny, Laura, Nikkie, Garrett, Andrew, Morgan... THEY WERE RIGHT ! How can someone can be THAT bad !

  • 92k people need to grow tf up

  • Jeffree's , hair by J wig matches the Pomeranians, but that's the only thing it has going for it. Awful. Just awful. 🙉

  • You all say evil This evil that but what are you doing? You being evil too so

    • You support someone evil tho, so if they’re evil then what are you? 🤡

  • Omfg everyone forgets all the people that Trisha bullies including teenagers wow if you don’t like Jeffree then move on and stop watching him but this just so stupid. No one knows anything and everyone is going by what one person is saying which it’s bs to me so all i can say is Jeffree keep doing you, you doing great and I wish I was as smart as you are and as fabulous so fuck The haters.

    • Just because they’re condemning Jeffree doesn’t mean they’re all Trisha fans, genius.

  • Saying you've been bullied before but you're also a bully? How sway... Unsubscribed.

  • You are not Internet approved

  • Miss the old jeffree

  • Please come down to earth sir. Trust me. It's foryour own good. Do it now, else it will be too late and you wouldnt be able to change a thing.

  • How can he talk about someone’s looks has he seen himself he looks like a discombobulated alien without makeup he’s no one to talk. Not to mention he makes fun of poor people but did he forget he was poor himself back then also he should never forget money comes and goes.

  • The fact your hair stylist wants to kill Trisha is horrible and you Stan him for years insane

  • Nope not worth $85 😀

  • that primer is not approved...

  • i only came to your channel because of trish so i can unsubscribe and dislike your videos. turns out your videos are just as stupid and fake as before. idek why you have supporters.

  • Funny how most HRdown dramas always seems to make its way back to you. Seeing pattern now...

  • Who else has always disliked Jeffery? Every month he proves my point lmao

  • DON'T BUY, DON'T SUPPORT THIS MAN! He doesn't deserve your hard earned money. It's time for him to learn that he's nothing without his customers.

  • The world would be better off without Jeffree Star's approval.

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  • We have not forgotten about how Trisha was humiliated on your Vegas trip! Are you going to apologize and fire your wig guy (Hair By Jay)?

  • Lost my support you are a terrible human being ....

  • I love how you try to ignore the drama like you weren't bullying someone over their skin and weight.

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  • The like to dislike ratio doesn't add up for me...

  • I truly always backed you! I always always bought your makeup. Fuck that. What your hair dresser exposed that you and him say and do was beyond vile. Trish might not be an angel but for him to say all that that you both said about her on live for the entire world to see. Now the whole world is for Trish. That was triggering to everyone. That was high school for us all but for the entire world to see. That was rough. Even I cried and I'm a new Yorker I don't fucking cry. I thought I was emotionless til I saw that lol. Thats fucked up!!!! You of all people who came from nothing jeffree who had bad teeth bad everything then you judge acting like your king of the world? I'm so disappointed in you........ Use your powers for good jeffree for God sakes. Not evil

  • The wealthy are shady.

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  • Here's the thing. Cancel culture is absolutely stupid and participating in a public cancel culture is stupid. But you really are a mean person. Your celebrity got to your head. You really do think you're better than everyone, and have the audacity to constantly talk about how you came from nothing. The thing is, people who came from nothing, usually keep some humility about them. But you didn't. Everything everybody has ever said about you, including Nathan, was true.

  • you HAVE to review the becca zero pigment foundation i wanna know the tea

  • You, Shane and Ryland in the same boat. Over it.

  • Some people are so poor, all they have is money.

  • So... Everybody was right. Tati was right. Trish was right. Laura, Manny...Garreth, Andrew, Morgan.... You have a lot of problem, you buy weakness, nasty as always.

    • Yep. I'm just now figuring that out too. Everything everyone has ever said, including his ex, was right. I can't support this shit anymore. I'm currently looking for new eyeshadow because I'm not buying his shit anymore (and it sucks because it's pretty good shit)

  • Some people are so poor, all they have is money. The people around you are only there for one or 2 reasons. 1. Your money. 2. Out of fear of you. No one is truly around you just for being you anymore. And thats just so heartbreaking. Trisha has her moments and can be a hot mess at times. But that doesn't give you or anyone the right to bully her like this. How sad to see the bullied become the bully. So very typical and basic.

  • You really owe Rich Lux and Trisha Paytas an apology. And not a fake contrived I'm sitting on my gold couch looking bougie AF. But a really deep sincere apology but then again if you're not sorry for how terrible you treat people you call friends then I guess you won't do anything we already know who you are anyways. You will never ever get any money again out of my pocket.

  • Fake asf. Can’t believe I supported and bought from you with my little check. Fake.

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  • The people who stormed the capitol were ANTIFA AND BLM and were paid to do so. Cmon SIS where you been?

  • I will never understand how someone so vile and DISGUSTING has not be cancelled for good. How has it taken this long and the fact that we all know he’s going to manipulate people and buy out people to build his cult of followers just so he can float to the surface all clean and pure again just absolutely disgusting.

  • Ew bruh. Justdo makeup and shut up.

  • Y’all really made fun of Trisha for wearing Crocs on the plane and called her trash for it like a whole hand full of ACTUAL A list Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Drew Berrymore have all been photographed in Crocs and endorsed and praised there Crocs. Y’all are just pathetic and weird, I really seriously hope y’all get your karma. Making fun of a girl for wearing the shoes Drew Berrymore wears and calling her trash like EXCUSE ME????

  • Address your behavior please

  • I have acne, I’m underweight and can’t help it and we rent, gonna bully me 😏

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  • There is no possible excuse that they could give that would justify they're actions and anyone who still supports them are terrible people that don't even deserve to be called human beings

  • Does anybody notice he’s not on because he knows he fucked up this is unforgivable people

  • You and your little mean girl friends disgust me. I cant believe trisha ever though of you as a friend and a good person😒

  • I wouldnt be here if it wasnt on my ad like from the 2M viewers only 9% are this fake man's fans shame on you ❤️🙂

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  • Thanks for the makeup

  • I’m so sad that you are continuing to not improve and grow! the things that you are doing I just can’t stand by. I know I am but one person but I think if all of us get together and delete you and not buy your makeup maybe you can have a deeper look into yourself and who you are around!!!

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  • You may have a lot of money but the way you speak about people you have to be the most loneliest person in the world. It’s really sad to see because- I always felt like you made amazing strides , But I was wrong hurt people hurt people and you are a sad bully. I really hope people quit supporting you financially with your make up. Karma is a bitch, you may stay rich for the rest of your life but I guarantee with your attitude and the way you treat people you will always be the loneliest person and I’d rather be poor

  • I used to love you but your true character has been revealed. You’re so pathetic. You really had to go after Trisha for her money and looks?

  • The gun footage gave me purge vibes I’m scared

  • I don’t want to support you anymore. I wish you were the sassy but kind person i wanted you to be because you were so likable. That hair dresser is a low life and his threats to Trisha and blatant hatred spewed throughout that video was sickening to my stomach. I am a psychiatric nurse and that video could for sure have caused a suicide. You are a bully in the worst way. Luckily Trisha has decent friends who aren’t self absorbed in their own snow globe. Wish you well but you need to work on yourself . ✌🏻

  • I think it’s time for this southern Alabama lady turning 50 on the 29th invest in some JeffreeStar cosmetics

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  • Being rich doesn’t make you a good person. Money isn’t a personality trait. You can’t treat people like shit for something that shallow

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  • How does it feel like to steal someone's best friend?

  • I love that you drop a video instantly to address the Kanye rumor but with the whole Trisha situation your quite af 💀💀💀

    • Just started following you your energy and personality is awesome 🤩

  • Last thing, and when he comes out with a half made apology telling us all of the things he thinks we want to hear. Don’t buy it. He’s made 100 apologies and hasn’t changed one thing.

    • understand he can’t brush shit under the rug 🖕🏼😩 disgusting that he still has a platform

  • Of course no masks worn bc he and his friends can't get Covid🙄

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  • I have mental illness and have struggled with acne and eating disorders in the past. I guess I deserve to go kill myself now and am a poor loser because I don’t make 6 figures. You only are in the position you are in because of normal people like us, so humble yourself and remember that. You aren’t this A list celebrity. A list celebrities don’t even know who you are. I mean people should realize this by now since you only make a statement or a video when you’re trying to make a dime off these normal people who support you. Gotta cancel this man for good. Don’t buy, don’t give his name any publicity, no views. We gotta forget about him and stop using his name. Even scandals give him a platform and views. #leavejeffreein2020

  • It’s ridiculous how many people are still supporting him and only bashing Jay in the comments when he did the SAME EXACT SHIT HE DID! The hypocrisy I can’t-

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  • I don't support fake people who use their friends as emotional punching bags because they have nothing better to do with their upscaled privileged life. Cancelled hunnty! ❌

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  • Eat the rich . I still don’t understand why he even has fans

  • Somethings never change, in this case its some people

  • This man's actions are revolting. Hug your money while you can because people are beginning to see your true character.