Datum objavljivanja: 26. Lip 2020.
and now you can play jungle leblanb np anytime
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Dr. Stone Original Soundtrack OST #07 - Get Exited!!
No Game No Life - The Kings Plan (Official Soundtrack)
Bleach OST 3 #9 Get Smart!
ES_Real Walk - Shoulder B
Naruto Shippuden - Girei (Pain's Theme Song)
Digimon Run Around - Jasan Radford Extended (2)
Naruto - Sadness and Sorrow (Piano Version)
H.O.T.D OST- 18 Miracle Brain (1)
Shokugeki No Soma - The Secret Ingredient Called Victory Extended (1)
ES_A Thief in the Night - Etienne Roussel


  • Edit: PC giveaway ended! I will announce winner on monday, follow my twitter for updates! GOODLUCK twitter.com/piantalol

    • Can you do a talon guide

    • How do i find out who won if i dont have twitter

    • @Pianta when will you announce the winner?

    • @Luis Macatangay Maybe everyone wins it but has to take turns and share it. "Mum said its my turn to play with the Tenmo PC"

    • Pianta aww. You said, “Winners” when you announced the giveaway 😢

  • 2:02 music?


  • What was the song played shortly before he stole blue buff?

  • Whit e Lebla

  • why i read "jungle lesbian lol"

  • LeBlanc isn’t even good mid lane kekw

    • yea just played a lot in proplay and high elo ;)

  • Open mouth to talking

  • I didn't come up against nunu so I went with the generic guide and ran it down mid

  • I think piñatas the only person in the world who can have fun in solo queue

  • Brian, have you ever tried senna top? T'is a wonderful thing

  • Cool video idea but u copied darkk mane's thumbnail look.

  • I believe in the yuumi jungle

  • *UR IN DE BUSH--WATCHIN' DIS NEENEE DANCIN'* nunu&willump: 💃🕺

  • imagine running away from leblanc as nunu when u can just EAT HER UP

  • this mans is literally making league unbearable to play by setting new mEtAs :C

  • your videos are actually so dumb. You make a "guide", make the first few minutes go according to plan, and then you just do/say some dumb shit. Same thing every video.


  • bro i did it like 1sec ago and went 20/12/14 in 40 minutes tu

  • with the anime osts in the back, this makes it 100x better

  • Instructions unclear, became river shen

  • You are actually talanted

  • The thumbnail was indeed mesmerizinh

  • what soundtrack was that at 2:01? I still haven't found by trying a quick listen to the listed soundtracks in the description

    • hrdown.info/block/video/tHeXkMyBl5Z7hbM


  • Wow...it's like a devil's plan to ruin junglers...

  • Tf was this

  • Anyone know what the song at 2:02 is

  • River Tenmo


  • congratulationscongratulationscongratulationscongratulationscongratulationscongratulationscongratulationscongratulations for 500K

  • 500k!!!

  • how do you make this game look so funny?

  • Congrats on 500k!

  • Rem3BEr WhEN u l0st tO a YuM1?

  • I think this is death note's LOL version?

  • so SERIOUS that i have been shaking the whole time

  • I think that pianta will not gonna reach 500k subs

  • Is this the return of river shen

  • Here before 500K subscribers

  • Tenmo player, its bien two years and im silver, can you help me with your sage guiding?

  • Brian go mery larissa

  • River shen

  • someone have his Discord Link?

  • Whe. The Digimon music plays you know shit is serious

  • Yuumi jungle guide when?

  • The fact that he plays really good and his team doesnt kinda pisses me off

  • I just accidentally impersonated you while playing teemo support, I hope you are okay withe me taking your fanbase one at a time

  • Pianta: **JUNGLE LEBLANC** Nightblue3 : *Shaking*

  • that digimon music omg, love

  • Do you remember Pianta lost to a yuumi and then RTB lost to Pianta Yuumi?

  • Pianta pls list 5 good anime you watch and no more explanation just list the 5 animes

  • What if they start red

  • hello mister, it's not good to insult people and tell them they are dumb idiots without knowing them,and i don't want to hear that from someone who lost to a yuumi clips.twitch.tv/VibrantPlumpMomPrimeMe



  • That brain game at the beginning was actually so 5head

  • How do these guides actually work its stupid funny

  • Love the Jev audio bit.

  • Remember that time Brian lost to a yuumi?

  • I love how you only drew the bra

  • Ayanokoji Kiyotaka irl

  • So its all about thinking out of the box , at the beggining u wanna run it down mid so the nunu and the mid laner thinks theyre ahead and want revenge for before then they come to ur jng and u double kill them

  • What happened to t3nm0plyr

  • yoooo youre so close to 500.000

  • The ngnl music is making me sad that there’s no 2nd season and this sadness is telling me “GO WATCH IT AGAIN”

  • I see you’re about to hit 500k. I’ll subscribe. But it’ll cost you. MWHAHAHAHA XD 😂

  • The old digimon theme is a plus.

  • Remember the time when pianta didn't lose to yuumi?

  • River Shen

  • Great, I gotta ban leblanc now to keep bad players from trying to duplicate this in game now too. Thanks chief.

  • I cannot believe that strat in the beginning worked... Pianta is seriously playing on another level

  • can't wait until pianta hits 500k subs!

  • Pianta boost me from iron 3 to silver plz

  • ennaardoo!!

  • Content: 0 Thumbnail: 100

  • So it is just River Shen all over again?

  • This is amazing i discover because of pianta new music that I actually like xD

  • 2:05 HIMECHIN


  • 2:02 does anyone know the song title pls ive been searching for this for a long time

    • bubblegum kk

  • If that Nunu just saved an extra 0.05 seconds to buy braum enough time to help her to get enough time for aatrox to roam down which would buy enough time for nunu to respawn and go back and help

  • Habs versucht uns wurde geflamet

  • the digimon song unlocked memories ive forgotten

  • im crossing my fingers so that i can win the pc giveaway. imma wait until tomorrow omg

  • Loving the darkmane inspired thumbnail lmao

  • I want to see brian playing kat

  • Pls do a yuumi jungle guide

  • OMG i forgot about you and finally your video went on my recommendation, time to watch every video that I missed

  • First time?

  • How tf did this actually work

  • 0:41 - 0:46 what is the music called?

    • hrdown.info/block/video/q3mDgtaspLGRfKM found it. Its called real walk

  • Unlike it just to like again, twice!

  • I got LB jungle because of this video, who didn't invade or mess with the jungler whatsoever. Feels bad man

  • This is like some nidhogg level jank but illogical

  • try yasuo jg now, it's fun

  • who tf draws your thumbnails XD

  • make sure to int lv2, its really important.

  • It’s nunu and willump brian

  • Jajajajjajajajka excelent tutorials

  • Dang the bgm is the soundtrack of Dr. Stone