AMONG US Picks My Makeup! ft. "Nicki Minaj" & "Ariana Grande"?! | NikkieTutorials

Datum objavljivanja: 23. Stu 2020.
OH MY IMPOSTER! In today’s video, I play my FAVORITE game at the moment: AMONG US! While playing, I ask the other crewmates to pick products for my makeup routine! This is one of my favorite videos I’ve filmed this year, but it wasn’t easy getting glam while completing tasks and using IQ to win as imposter! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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💻 Doing LADY GAGA'S Makeup! ►
🎀 Doing My FIANCE'S Makeup! ►
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Visuals & sound by Studio Beng Beng: studiobengbeng
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ, I love you.



  • Geel met het kattenhoedje. Oftewel yellow with the cat hath

  • i love it wen you are so happy for imposter that you named all of the colors from the players around you hahahahah love you !!!!!!!!

  • I love how she is so excited when she is imposter😂😂 Love ya nikkie😘

  • When I play among us I am always yellow with the egg hat and a doggo pet!

  • I enjoyed watching her play more than watching the makeup lolllll

  • 16:17 aqua bleu thats the collor of my eyes


  • Blue 💙

  • I play as purple a lot and I like wearing the green alien thing as my hat. I also love your learning dutch words and seeing Verdacht was definitely something I needed to learn 😂

  • "Not to prime is a crime" NikkiTutorials 2021

  • Your so sweet and kind ❤️ you brighten up my day🥰

  • i always change my colour and hat

  • i feel the same way you do when i don't get imposter! :( lol

  • my color is blue with the little cracked egg

  • nikkie, make a video using Brazilian makeup 🇧🇷

  • I'm orange with capricorn horns ♑

  • I play as cyan in amount us and I like the fried egg hat btw love you

  • Purpul and my favourite hate is the lefe lady gaga the queen my name is lady gaga

  • YAS CORPSE!! uwu

  • My color is lime just like jacksepticeye😂 And my favo hat just like corps

  • my fav color is pink and the fav hat is flower headband :)

  • Dit is de eerste keer dat ik haar haar wenkbrauwen op camera zie doe..

  • Mi personaje es verde uwu

  • Nikki : I Am the crewmate queenie And that imposter queenie Me: lol

  • next time you should say i wanna be vrew cuz then you might be inp lol

  • I am pink is a astronaut hat on top

  • my among us color is lime and i wear the cherry hat its sooo cutee

  • The petite substance superiorly book because vacuum inexplicably sigh beside a noiseless shadow. versed, colossal pest

  • yellow with a cowboy hat!

  • Cyan and the Flower!

  • Watching Nikki playing among us is the best thing eveerr 😂😂😂

  • I’m pink and the flower and ilym

  • In Among us I am purple with the ski mask lol

  • purple with an egg or pink with cherry

  • Pruple

  • Orange and detective hat

  • Ik heb de make up cup gezien

  • Love among us!!!

  • Love among us!!!

  • 추카합니다!당신은 한국인 댓을 찾았습니다. 이영상 보면서 느낀점:게임은 한국인이 짱이다

  • Please do another one please please please thank you babe if you do😙

  • Nikkie babe its actually called ,,Orange you are verdächtig "

  • I actually love this look

  • pink and my head is the red head

  • brown with the toilet paper :P

  • Nikki you are amazing and you make me happy wen i am sad tanks for being you

  • I'm purple with a cherry on top 💜🍒

  • Verducht 😍

  • I love the shadow, it made me think of a peacock! That was a compliment and I'm saying I'm novice at makeup so you are much better then me :') You should do a peacock look


  • this was posted on my birthday! edit: my color in among us in black with the beanie

  • The nerve i-

  • omfg the funniest video

  • Who thinks Nikkie should play Minecraft for a challenge

  • You should do this again it’s amusing seeing you play lol 😂

  • Always pink with the cute little balloon hat :)) love your content zo muchhh❤️❤️❤️

  • Who is ariana grande in the game❤️

  • Hi nikkie!! Love you so much you are such a inspiration! En ohja! Oranje is verdacht ;)

  • Verdacht

  • Orange 🧡 I love your videos I'm dutch

  • 💜💙 are my fav colors for among us

  • Y the shade on ari?

  • This was so enjoyable to watch!! Thanks, Nikkie!! 🥰😍🥳

  • I'm pink with the flower and my name is LARRAY

  • Wil je een keer amangus in het Nederlands doen

  • Girl the craziest thing happened the other day I was playing among us and I got imposter but I was also a crewmate and when I tried to take task I acctuly did a task crazy not gonna cap

  • i love how when she typed "maybe", it wanted to auto correct to "maybeline" 4:54

  • My color is purple and my hat is horns (I also keep the same name-Sloth girl)

  • I am asking for your palette for my b day in March

  • Your morning hair?!?!?! I wish I HAD THAT morning hair DONT get ME started on MINE!

  • You are so sweet and funny I love your voice too

  • omg i love you your amazing and when you scan in medbay makesure befor you do call meeting and tell people to watch you

  • mine is the sticky note that says dum

  • My color is purple w the pumkin hat and my name is lil peepz

  • Corpse, Valkyrae, Sykuno, toast... Please include her. She asked in her latest video...

  • I love the look, and for my color in among us I’m usually always white but I usually change colors every now and then but I mostly use white and for the hat I also love to wear the dum sticky note but I mostly use the brown ears

  • 10:56!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • 4:37! Lol i feel u when we get crewmate:)

  • She didn't lie when she said when she is on her phone she always runs into walls. But the voice she made when she got imposter. LOL😂

  • I like being pink with the serial killer mask thing 💀 p.s a would love a part 2!

  • Cyan and the film eon go

  • I just moved to holland lol. Dutch is sooo hard tho.

  • Go SEAHAWKS!!💙💚💙💚 😍🥰

  • Hoi Nikkie! Ik ben Nederlands en kan bij na niks verstaan in Among Us. Dus ik vraag me af, was het moeilijk om zo goed Engels te spreken?? xxxx💗💗

  • White and flower!🌸 🌼☁️🤍

  • WHAT DO NIKKI AND I HAVE IN COMMON? we both make a lottt of typos

  • My color is black with the astronaut skin the monster slug thing pet and the eyeball hat

  • BEST VIDEO OF 2020-Never played Among Us but I had so much fun 🤩

  • What is the lip product Nikkies always wearing without face makeup? Looks like highlighter almost. I'm here for it.

  • Verdacht. Love your vids Nikkie!

  • Hoi nikkie ik weet niet of je he tvg nog weet maar mijn moeder woonde vroeger tegen over jou in de mondriaanlaan?? Klopt dat??

  • Im always red or orange and I always use the devil ears

  • My regular color is pink and I like the red beanie

  • pink with the blue backwards hat

  • In Among Us, I’m always *bearrr* brown with the black hat w/ ears!

  • For Among Us, I am always white and with the pink flower hat. lol Loved this concept! You did an awesome job, as always!

  • just bought your palette babes cant wait to use it !!!!

  • shes explaining among us like we live on another planet lmaoooooo

  • I'm blue with the big tan safari hat! My name is skook lol after where I live haha