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today we coded a new among us modded freeze tag gamemode
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  • sup gamers! Download State of Survival for free here: Automatically enter the 30x $50 Amazon Gift card giveaway by downloading through my link. 30 lucky winners receive a message in their in-game inbox after 14 days.

  • u suck socks JK lol

  • U should give the freezed person 20 secs to unfreeze

  • Make it so crewmates can vent and close doors. This would make it balanced

  • Maybe where everyone can vent

  • Why is there 2 red and 2 oranges did the game glitch or somthin?

  • is no one fonna worrie about how it sais 10/20?

  • Meme god is a idiot

  • In the Philippines that is a game but there is another rule when u are near someone u can unfreeze both of u

  • It is like ice tubig in the philipines

  • I saw the hospital vid

  • SocksSoS

  • I am mad Becous they chet

  • Can u add a mod that it mini crewmates pls

  • Skip to 3:00 to get straight to the video

  • balance changes: imposter vision down a bit lower than crewmate. 1 or 2 more crewmates. and as a wise man once said: "Get Good lol".

  • We played this in school (without the murdering), but our teachers thought it would be a good idea to (no joke) crawl between the spreaded legs of our "crewmates" to revive them. Honestly I'd rather stay dead than that. To win, you would basically have to die in the corner, and hope noone noticed you.

  • Do every thing on aomgus so do everything

  • hi how can you get the mods and i am a big fan

  • Just saying your freinds at the end made me feel angry 😭


  • You should make a mod that has the imposter NOT able to see you if you stay still

  • You should do no sabotages except for doors and try to add a chart or something on the players screen so that you see who is frozen so that the crew knows who to look for and who is the tagger. The chart would say “taggers: (whoever it is)” then crew and if they were frozen it would have a symbol by their name

  • Taggers shouldn’t be able to puppy guard. Like make a set distance that the taggers have to be far from one body. But if there is another crew mate next to the frozen crew then the tagger can get close. It would force the tagger away from the frozen body

  • After freezing someone you should be able to drage there body to hide them

  • Among us but the impostor is a hacker

  • Socks: *Talks about random game* Blaza: HOLY MACARONI!

  • Maybe instead of the kill button it’s a freeze button and crew mates get an unfreeze button

    • And impostors can only sabotage lights and doors


  • 5:07 FatMemeGod: I’m ganna give nadwe a kiss *kissing*

  • It is just me or does socks look a bit like pewdiepie, Idk it might just be me though

  • When i heard you say state of survival i though about it actually my mom plays it lol

  • when will download be available?

  • Maybe you can make all the sabotages for the crew so they can lock doors and call sabotages and if the imposters don’t get there in time then crews win

  • U should make the freeze cool down to like 5-7 seconds then it would be fun

  • They only won from cheats at the end

  • CHEATERS!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • I have a idea to balance make it so there’s no closing doors

  • roses are red voilets are blue I liked my own comment because no one wanted to :(

  • add a body protect who turns every 10 minutes and if he sees you and you are a impostor you die.

  • Socks won the last match by default, because they called a meeting.

  • Give me 2 epic modzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • I got an idea: names don't turn blue when they get freezed so cremates can pretend they are frozen

  • make a game mode where everybody has something to do like when y'all did the Joker the doctor the Imposter the sheriff do all the mods that crewmates no crewmates have like no crewmates like there's just a lot of people with a lot of other stuff

  • I am a HRdownr if you could just tell me the code to your guys is among us and tell me when you guys are doing it my name is Sir meows a lot

  • Can you guys do one where the imposters and can fly and go through walls

    • They did do that

  • how to make it better there are two sheriffs that are the only one that can unfreeze but if they the last one left imposters win but sheriffs can not get frozen. Edit: SHeriffs can NOT do have task.

  • This isn’t even a paid promotion

  • hey socks plz tell us how to play all the mods that u upload it on your channel plz

  • Hey socks

  • *Dude how you put the mods I wanna play freeze tag in among us too dude*

  • smell like trash

  • you should put a freeze cool down for 10 sec

  • Hi so I ended up in a among us game with you and you told me about your channel so here I am

  • Is not better then call of duty

  • 2:38 oh my god socks has a sans plush

  • Your all friends are chiters 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • I think to make it more fare impostors should be unable to vent


  • Among us rated E edition.

  • U can name him d collector

  • It will be better if u made one dat collects their ability

  • Socials

  • Socials

  • Why don’t you sabotage O2

  • U can make it more fair by no vents

  • Play fair

  • how you make this game mods?

  • Give it a 1 second time limit

  • Idea for balancing: You can do tasks if they are close enough whether or not you're frozen.

  • 3.2K dislikes yikes

    • its ok to dislike something lmao

  • I have been playing state of survival

  • Having plain state of survival

  • Those dirty cheaters 😷

  • To kill after 3 freezes

  • not fair ):

  • 💥

  • Save our socks

  • how do we make diffrent game modes

  • My channel is leespoopydoops

  • boi this is more entense then call of duty when socks screamed about state of survival and that game is basicaly just call of duty zombies but more cooler and 2D

  • this is some reeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • I play this when i was kid😥

  • Ha ha lol

  • State of survival sponsors now?Raid shadow legends is gonna be forgotten..

  • Freeze! Game mode but everyone can vent ( idea)

  • 12:46 if my friends did that to me i would not speak to them for 6 months like I wouldn't even go that low

  • 3 mins of my life WASTED at the beginning

  • State of survival is like the mane advertisement in the Philippines. So don’t u dare try to convince me into playing that dumb game!

    • you call the game dumb, but *main

  • HI

  • Give crewmates vent

  • what every body do that? i hate that and i don't like the video


  • I feel bad for socks and blaza.

  • U guys are so funny

  • Hi

  • U should do freeze tag with only one person that can unfreeze and they have like a 5 sec cool down And also ur vids are good


  • I mean socks and blaza are the true winners. They played by the rules unlike ShroobZ.

    • And they made it unfun by making it impossible to win by camping the body on the download task which takes too long if you are playing this mod.

  • You should add the flashlight mod with this mod