Among Us but with 3 NEW 11,700 IQ MAFIA ROLES... (custom mod)

Datum objavljivanja: 18. Sij 2021.
Disguised Toast and friends play more Among Us mods. This time it's a Mafia mode featuring 3 new roles. The Godfather, the Janitor and the Mafioso.
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Edited by: otriggad
#amongus #mods #disguisedtoast


  • Tbh I don't like how the Janitor works rn, it gives mafia a HUGE advantage that's almost unfair. I feel the Janitor should be replaced with a Blackmailer, who can choose someone(either by tag or a menu with every player and can choose one player that way)to Blackmail which will silence them the following meeting, they can only do this once per round and doesn't have to do it. Plus I feel like a Blackmailer would fit more with the Mafia theme then a Janitor lol.

  • the music for when hafu got vote of was so dramatic lmao

  • Thank you ! This is so complex and I couldn’t understand other videos lol

  • 7:10 😂 bakbak's accent

  • Okay,enough.I waited long enough for me to be okay to say it. This is basically Town of Salem,wtf.

  • I'm here bc of Sykkuno Valkyrae and pokimane! I already love ur content!

  • The thumbnail looks like micheal jackson

  • So it’s basically town of Salem but in among us

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  • This is really becoming this “generations” Town of Salem

  • Your toast

  • Where is Sali3ri

  • nice

  • Ayooooo bakbak why u dont talk as much in ur videos???

  • !

  • My god I need more sleepy

  • 0:18 uh then ur basically a crew mate since u cant do nun

  • So basically town of salem in Among us

  • House painter

  • just so you know its pronounced backback

  • Who made these mods?

  • I love the way he says bok bok

  • Among Us is becoming Town of Salem

  • Wait, if mafioso keeps messing with lights and the janitor and godfather just kill people, isn't that guaranteed win?

  • I love among us it’s my fav game😍😍😍 I’m like 17 or 10 because I remember my mom said I’m 10 or 17 but I think I’m 17 bec I look taller than 10 My mom think I’m 10 but I think I’m 17

  • It looks like the Kill button flashes up for a frame or two as Mafioso when you close the map or go to open doors; is there any chance of buffering a Q press or timing one to get a kill right as it's there?

  • Town of Salem vibes

  • When fundy actually spells imposter backwards wrong and nobody notices

  • this doesn't even make sense. the godfather gives orders to his associates, it should be the opposite.

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  • Litteraly the down grade to TOS

  • *town of salem would like to know your location*

  • how to play this mode? i'd like to play it with friends

  • Noice

  • Town of Salem mod for among us

  • Ey

  • SUPER MODE!!!!

  • Fundy at the end💃 I didn’t do my job🕺 I didn’t do my job💃🕺 I didn’t do my job 👯‍♀️I didn’t do my job🕺💃👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯

  • Town of Salem among us. Mafia, jester, crewmates. I love it

  • @bakbak here is the maker

  • How can we get this mod for are selves? 🙋‍♀️

  • Goob job stealing town of salem roles

  • They rip this off from Town of Salem. Sad.

  • Among us is becoming Town of salem lol

  • “Bokbok”

  • Im a Fundy simp-

  • Fundy is really smart but my lord is he bad at this game.

  • Bakbak made this but no credit to him?

  • Is it possible to have more then 10 000 iq? Becase diss youruber is clickbaiting and have a fake name on a vid pls stopdiss

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  • What about godfather, janitor and jester in one game janitor becomes godfather when he dies

  • *Godfather* Kill all *Crewmates* *Mafioso* Work with the *Mafia* *Janitor* Clean all *dead bodies*

  • maybe you should stop stealing mods from BakBak or socksfor1

  • This game mode but one or two more crewmates would be perfect

    • Is it me or does Hafu and Toast makes a really good couple? And also *fIrSt rEpLy*

  • omg toast is so good at among us-

  • "Punz, do da mafffff!" I felt like this was an attack by an Asian father figure.

  • Bruhhhh This just reminds me of the comic comfy cartel. Anyone can relate?

  • Why do I want to sub? Sundee is better with 16 million subs

  • Sometimes in a corner on toasts screen he had the kill button come up

  • 13:50 - Why did Hafu just straight up lie there?

  • 13:45 - what did Hafu even say there? Is that English?

  • I think the mafia should be able to undo tasks.


  • the funny thing is, is that hafu actually lied lmao. he didn’t come out of a vent, i know it really looked like it, but he didn’t. AND she said she came out of cams when she came up from the hall. she was only on cams for a second at the end of the round. i just thinks it’s really funny that she was actually lying even though she didn’t think she was. EDIT: before i possibly get yelled at the only perspective i watched for this stream was toasts 🤧

  • Imagine 5up, hafu and toast as the trio... Ok ill start manifesting

  • Town of Salem fans know this very well

  • Love your voice and love your face 💜

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  • Town of Salem roles.

  • Town of Salem who?

  • This is the game town of salem

  • this is more complex then chess smh

  • Fun fact: The gun Toast is holding in the thumbnail is the Thomson "Tommy Gun" Submachine Gun

  • 14:56 "oh my God, is it toast and punz" me: "yes"

  • When Toast was Mafioso @9:16 there were instances where the Kill button flickered for a split second (only when the Use button would light up). Mind reporting that to the devs?

  • lol he said the f word

  • woah i havent been watching offline recently because ive been too invested in the dream smp. i didnt know toast played with fundy and punz

  • Jestors, Sheriffs, Mafia, Godfather, Janitor god this is just becoming Town of Salem huh?

  • 1:08 i heared hah this guys toast LOL

  • they should just play town of salem lol

  • So Town Of Salem, yes?

  • Cool games

  • What's the outro soundtrack? It's also used in the beginning of the video when game play actually starts

  • How do u get this mod?

  • how did you make the mafia part of the game

  • Town of Salem, but in space!

  • Socks for one needs credit he did this mod first

  • Might as well just play town of salem at this point

  • So it's just... Town of Salem?

  • off to play town of salem

  • The only time a man will win a argument

  • E

  • I’m back after 2 months and the channel has improved I have to say

  • 6:12

  • Wondering is there a Mod where impostors don't know each other and is able to kill each other :P

  • how can i download these mods?

  • This lobby got straight A's in school. The other lobby, C's, except for Poki. She's supposed to be here

    • I'm pretty sure Sykkuno has a masters degree in stats and minors in mathematics though...

  • Why doesn't anyone credit BakBak when they do most of these mods?

  • n

  • I like the explanation in the start of the video, more people should do that to be honest