Anatoli, slav mead specialist - Cooking with Boris

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Tra 2019.
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uamee - LEKESTUA 2019
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  • My opinion on this beverage, Slavic moonshine.

  • Small chernobyl hahahahahahahaha

  • Ah I see Anatoli preparing early by grabbing plenty of bottlecaps

  • Did we ever get a 3rd video about their taste?

  • Is Boris Italian lol. It’s okay, u are still shashlik king

  • Kilju is a drink like mead but instead of honey you use sugar. It tastes terrible. I made it at home when i was 11 years old.

  • Me When My Friends said I was A B*tch Me : 0:23

  • The film on the surface at the start looks like blyat infection, comrades, brett or lacto. Still, if tastes good, who cares. Just make sure fermenter is always filled with CO2, never air. The way you shake it up later and then replace airlock tells me you know all of this.

  • Why wouldn't you sell this in your store?

  • Борис ... ЕГО 2020 МУГ ПЛОХО СУКА

  • Hey Boris! Where did you buy that mead making equipment?

  • they play cards with sunglasses and didn't peek at each other's cards with the glass's reflection. That's what we call slav dedication

  • 4:50 did Boris predict 2020

  • 0:55 I like how anotoli looks

  • what is that nice slow music playing at the beginning?

  • 0:50 u started war 1:20 why

  • Where's part 3???

  • 0:55 LOOLLL

  • Thanks you got me in jail for that they arrestrd me for making illgal drinks. Without government perms

  • That subtle Fallout joke made me smile 😊👍

  • 0:55 He is really cute:)


  • 4:51, i know that reference

  • 3:55 *_and so do i_*

  • Anatoli ma samych anatoli

  • “MR LAHEY, Ricky and Julian are bootleggin in the paerk again”

  • I've been laughing at 0:53-1:00 for about 10 minutes now. I don't know why but, that one bit is killing me

  • hold on a second...20l of water and 3kg of honey, so around 23l of mead in the 30l barrel (yes it's 30l, i have the same one). the small one is 12l (yes i have that one too as well as the 20l one)...did they really just throw 11l of mead away? that...that just hurts man...

  • boris its 2020 where the blin is the tasting video

  • Where did you buy those bottles?

  • Kalashnikov cuka

  • Is this alcoholic

  • Ah, so this is reason why he was sent to hospital.

  • Super slav bros. Mead

  • 2:26 lol I died there

  • Hope ur doing well after hospital

  • 0:00-0:25 Essentially, quarantine in a nutshell

  • Love from italy😂🇮🇹

  • Okay I need to know. What's Suka? Blin? Blyat?

  • Now do how to make hardbass cyka

  • Anatoli !!


  • 0:54 Anatoli, you drive my patience

  • I still want to know what happened to this mead, did Vadim make off with it, or did Boris and Anatoli had one too many drinks and went through the entire amount? These are questions that need answers.

  • The ushanka cousins is like the squid sisters but boys and Slavic making mead all night blyat

  • anatoli's mask is v handsome

  • I have a weird feeling that this was somehow related to him ending up in a hospital :/

  • Now it's a good time for this video to come out

  • Boris he’s is the Russian spy

  • Is it alcoholic

  • Italians do it better 🇮🇹

  • 1277857th

  • You can open a mead shop if you made every day :P

  • 4:49 If only you knew how right you were..

  • I love the video UwU Ich liebe dich boris ❤ Soy de México xd

  • What is opening music, not normal intro music but the first song that plays in the video

  • 4:50 he knew

  • Vadim blat!

  • two russian prison escapists make mead in dirty toilet and get rich

  • Boris what ever came of this mead blyat?

  • Suggestion: make a mini-chernobel in Vadim's apartment

  • It’s been more than 2 months. How’s the mead

  • anatoli: hits boris in the head with a spoon boris: :| anatoli: :| boris: >:[

  • what the blin I need some of this

  • I like antoloi

  • Boris it’s been over a year, surely mead is ready by now?

  • 0:47 Rick Smith Jr who? More like Blyat Boris card destroyer heh heh I can throw cards too lol

  • Boris, part 3 cyka!

  • 4:53 Boris annouced the apocalypse(what's happening în 2020)

  • "as we can see the gopnik is clearly confused by this reverse bottle opening device"

  • Blyat, it's 2020 and there is still no sampling video. Boris, maybe you drink it already without sharing its glory to your comrades.

  • you know mead is protected well when there is boris and anatoli

  • Make russian Vodka

  • Ya know.. Robbaz also made a two part video on mead.. *cough*

  • "The blyat is that?!? "

  • Is that actually good?? I mean taste

  • How alcholic is mead to the scale of 1 - 10 ???

  • They cover their faces but show more emotion than anyone I ever met

  • Bruh Boris changed one seconda ago profile picture oh and if you Reading this, buy Some vodka and drink it later (i gived money watching an ad)

  • I am playing 3 years Дурак but I called it every time Дебил...

  • Is it just me, or did you forget the Gopnik Award on the bottles or box. I feel like it is needed, blin.

  • Boris is russian hacker?

  • Two random gopniks provide mead to the soldiers in Moscow, circa 1941

  • Anatolis shoes look to big for him and it looks hilarious

  • Did anynone notice that his last name is ushanka

  • My mead did not turn good after 5 months.. If someone wants, gimme adress

  • Boris said "caps aren't apocalypse money, not yet" did boris just predict the future of 2020

  • That one is the trentina lada

    • That tube

  • very cool

  • Quarantine

  • Kalashnikov Son? WTF Doesn't cyka mean Son?

    • @Ismael Jiménez -_- Just looked it up. I was a bit lost there.

    • It means bitch

  • Boris: *realized that it made in Italy* ah блять

  • Nice.

  • Boris:sees made in Italy Russian warships:Some are made in Italy but are very fast Me:visible confusion

  • How was this a year ago.

  • i need those stickers for my mead lol

  • link to equipment used?

  • Kalashnikof HAHAHAHAH 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • when i look at Anatoli's hands, i know he must be handsome :))))))))

  • 4:08 boris and Anatoli playing.. WW2