Answering completely serious questions - Q & A with Boris

Datum objavljivanja: 13. Lis 2018.
Answering completely serious questions - Q & A with Boris
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I answer completely serious questions from last video. Last time I said I will do a Q&A with the comments that you leave. This is that video.
Forza Horizon 4
uamee - KOPEIKA
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  • Everybody after video: ,,How are you Boris''

  • i tried making plov *my favorite food*

  • Miracle Whip was originally a salad dressing that people started using as Mayonase because they share the same base. It's basically the eggs and vinegar, etc, you know and love, but with spices added to it. Personally, I don't like mayo much at all, but Miracle Whip is good, though never on my list of things to buy either. It's like ketchup. I could use it, or save the $2 and go without.

  • i made halva with your recipe since im russian slav and i need childhood memories (i dont live in russia anymore)

  • Staying anonymous and making dumb jokes on the internet that's the life

  • boris is a certified forza subie nation member

  • Nobody asks: why is Boris not have a festival in his name?

  • 2:44 boris remember never forget soviet-afghan war.

  • You will know it is boris if he is recording while buying ingredients

  • Slavonia is part of Croatia Boris! I thought you knew these things.

  • 😂 * Brain crash

  • How is boris doing

  • Love u boris

  • Being American I can attest to that Miracle Whip should not exist it is the most vile form of mayonnaise.

  • What’s your xbox username?

  • Boris

  • Anyone else wanna see Boris play more Horizon 4

  • Hello ma coosan

  • Comments are engagement.

  • I've made so many of your recipes, except stroganoff. My stroganoff is crack and I will eat no other

  • Poor boris

  • I have the feeling that he is lithuanian

  • No one: Boris: = ?

  • how are you boris?

  • Question that Boris can't even answer: *Do you have a girl friend Blyat?*

  • Nobody asks: is Boris Boris?

  • Why is Boris

  • if i find out that boris isnt actually slav imma be heartbroken i been watching ur vids for over 3 years

  • How is boris?

  • 4:46 is that an F4 Phantom??? Blyat where is mig 21

  • Well i use you for my youtube pic. It's ok?

  • boris please help me all student in my class are western spies

  • You are Russin

  • I cant understand Google translet (sorry for bad english)

  • When is boris.?

  • I play fh4 lol it’s so good

  • Boris you are such a humble king ❤️

  • If I would start a youtube channel I will take Boris as an inspiration

  • Slav Delirious

  • Been smashing out cheburekis in quarantine lol

  • how is boris?

  • Does Anatoli like to appear in you're videos ? this is my question from me to you

  • Nobody asks “why is Boris”

  • What is the robot voice he uses for the questions

  • boris is using a french made car in his video this means he's approuving the car and the country where the car is made, thanks for approuving france boris! ( for peoples who don't know, bugatti is located in france)

  • Who is Boris?

  • That moment when you want a ushanka but the lowest temperature your city ever reached was 10°C

  • Boris is one of the best youtubers... he does it because he enjoys it and doesn't care for the fame.

  • Ear reveal


  • Privacy is very important, I like Boris indipendently from his identity.

  • What happened to Scorpo's channel? I can't find it!!!

  • Debil use a vpn to browse without getting tracted

  • how is boris

  • Boris is from Slovenia, i see proof in most of his videos his shit is on Slovenia, even his trips around his backyard you van see some of the outside world, resembles Slovenia

  • Seeing vid tab, hows boris... Blyat

  • Which slav country had the best mayonese until now?

  • I am actually thinking that boris is a slav but lives in the western side of europe or near countries close to the eastern side

  • Nobody asks, Why is boris? But this is a silly question we know why he exists and thats because he is a funny 'debil'

  • 2016: Boris is from Poland 2017: Boris is from Czechoslovakia 2018: Boris is from Ukrain 2019: Boris is from Russia 2020: Boris is from India (If we survive) 2021: Boris is from USA 2022: Boris is from Germany 2023: BoRIs IS fRoM JaPAn 2024: BOris Is fRom MExIcO 2025: Boris is from Borislavonia but he wants to live in Mexico, he like japanese food and before HRdown he lived in Russia


  • Any1 ever think Boris might b an American pretending 2 b Russian?? I mean it's a long shot, but u never know 😕

  • Miracle Whip is trash. :/

  • ok. I'm gonna take a guess. Are you from Kazakhstan? I know it's in Asia, but it has a high slavic population, and on your instant noodles, you were reading from the Kazakhstanian (?) language, and I assume you would be most fluent in your 1st language, and you wen straight to Kazakhstanian, not russian. I'm wrong, aren't I?

  • Congrats on 3 mil

  • Hey Boris iz Masha your girlfriend??

  • How IS Boris

  • How is Boris?

  • Boris uses dark mode

  • Where your from

  • Hey Boris, try cooking some "tire sur la neige". I know, not so slav but worth the experience.

  • How is it Boris hope you have an extra slavvy day

  • *When ia Boris?*

  • Boris my Friend how are you

  • You are the best!

  • You are the best!

  • You are the best!

  • You are the best!

  • You are the best!

  • You are the best!

  • You are the best!

  • You are the best!

  • You are the best!

  • You are the best!

  • You are the best!

  • You are the best!

  • You are the best!

  • I have recipe: 2 bread slices 1 Jar of *MAYONNAISE* put bread on cutting board pile mayo on top and put the second bread slice on top *OR SHOW US HOW TO MAKE VODKA YOU BLAYT*

  • I have a feeling boris is so smart or something To make high quality jokes u have to have high quality brain And he has one Or she Or it He/she /it could be anythingunder that mask

  • I think Vadim would be happy to get revenge on you someday by (identity leaks)

  • I made cheburik it was blyateful thanks for th recipe ✌️

  • i luv ur accent

  • Are you ok with vadim blyat knowing you?. Despite he makes loud construction noises at 6:30am


  • I-I- Me have...

  • Tormoz, gaz Avtovaz Kopeika i nash hardbass Seli vse v shiguli kolbasernie kenti. Ebat kachaet.

  • Did anyone notice that his licence plate is "Not Dima"

  • How is boris at moment

  • Boris is from Antarctica

  • I see no batim referance