Datum objavljivanja: 18. Ruj 2020.
play with friends and showed off my full ap volibear in league of legends
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  • BONK

  • bruh i literally cheked the frame and it was like true goawiueiuawgjoawgeij

  • You know when you've gone above and beyond when a Darius calls you a bully.


  • You’re mean “Says the darius”

  • 8:53 i have a dirty mind i dont even know what im hearing rn.

  • Can't believe I didn't find this channel sooner

  • When you'r friend says his dog is friendly and you try to give it a treat: 5:36

  • What's the music playing at 5:00?

  • Beware, THE VOLI BEAR

  • 6:35 wasn’t he paying when Brian showed it was one frame

  • im so sorry for the darius

  • 8:56 That TF

  • This whole video was a mukbang

  • at 6:20 he didnt even oneshot him, most of the dmg was zoe

    • @Dominik Mlynarik Idk dude honestly I think I went to the wrong part of the vid. Thought it was another clip

    • @Simon Wedel Zoe did the kill???

  • Don't forget to go like this so we can get another river shen movie. hrdown.info/block/video/vGlpkNprocZofM0

  • Im doing zed outplays hope you watch it

  • auch

  • River shen

  • whats the name of the music?

  • Just here to let you know this is not balanced and this game is already ruined.

  • My reaction to hearing the screams: WELYN SINCE WHEN DO YOU PLAY LOL ?!

  • Go ap volibear again pls

  • 7:02 me... Remember the time when pianta lose to a yuumi?

  • Proxy Volibear, let's GO!

  • I really like the editing style for this one well done

  • i typed this comment because ive never been typing for a while

  • furry.

  • 7:39 *substitution*

  • the MapleStory soundtrack soothes the heretic situation

  • what is your runes?

  • 6:12 Silence Wench! 🤣🤣🤣

  • 6:25 damage ;u;

  • I'm in class.

  • stole another youtubers whole shit, dislike

  • Blonde Bitch is now my yearbook quote😌✨

  • That ez was geting hit by 2 abilities and 1 ult from a very fed boi. No wonder he didn't live

  • blablablammosponserblablawhothefuckcaresdoyourthing, finally there we go, the video!

  • Why am I watching Pianta? He isn't even that good :Clicks video and laughs at his jokes anyways

  • HOLD UP is Pianta RTB? Or it his twin brother

  • Just realized mans got his yt channel name from pianta village in super mario sunshine.

  • This man really got hit with a zoe star, gragas barrel, and voli ult on the exact same frame

  • Aww man i didnt want lays i wanted takis fuego damnit

  • TonyStark42 Add me in maybe... Singapore region.....

  • pianta can make a valorant vid pls

  • #TenmoPlayer

  • Stop holding tenmo player hostage

  • ap volibear go bonk bonk

  • 1v1 with godzu on tenmos


  • Poor Yuumi wrong place at the wrong time!😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Why you don't play nasus?

  • Remember the time that pianta lost to a yuumi

  • He says 1 millisecond one shot but doesn’t get the kill lol

  • its big bonk time xd

  • try to win with aurelion sol on ofa

  • guess who im maining till this gets nerfed

  • What are the runes for this?

  • Remember the time when Pianta was Yuumi main?

  • 8:54 No it was sponsored by Icarus

  • 0:31

  • Hey guys remember the time Pianta killed the whole yuumi population?

  • 7:02 remember that time pianta lost to a yuumi

  • You sound just like the guy who doed wideos like can u best fallout4 with only a junkjet

  • one of the girl sounds like from singapore or malaysia

  • you are the most important person in the world

  • You have inspired one lowly annoying voli mid to do this and go 3/10 in my ranked, cool video, but saaaaadge

  • 8:56 the chat xD

  • Pianta, RTB again lost to a Yummi

  • Remember when RTB lost to a Yuumi, a Soraka and a Lulu


  • The gamer dubstep with the meaningless vocals is just to cringy for me

  • Trying to win a bet where’s Brian from. OCE right?

  • 1 Frame Speedkill. Unbeatable.

  • Bonk

  • Ah full AP, the way real men plays.

  • Remember that rtb lost to a Soraka and Lulu Oh shit wrong channel

  • i want to be painta

  • Thank you for always giving me new ideas and builds to play with

  • The maplestory music tho 😂😂😂

  • Is this a rtb video

  • Try ap udyr it s l a p s

  • 3:18 Glad to see that i'm not the only one that can morph into a fucking engine while endangered...

  • Pianta the way you talk reminds me of JFK from Clone High and I absolutely love it

  • Hi people I need a quick reply. What is the name of the music that pianta uses in some of his videos? It is from some anime

  • Darek funi

  • We’re taking over just makes me want to league like so bad 🤣

  • I was about to press the unsub button when i heard a "Big chungus"

  • the maplestory music made me nostalgic

  • "you mind if i proxy your lane?" * casually walks into enemy base *


  • Remember the time rtb lose to a yuumi, soraka and lulu? W8 this is pianta

  • Oh that’s where that ap voli from last game

  • TBH hearing other people speak in Pianta's videos kinda ruins the video.

  • 2:01 “baron” females am I rite

  • Remember the time pianta died to a yummi

  • Lmfao thanks for the rec youtube but this dumb add in the beginning made me never wanna watch any of ur content! Uh oh

  • the only meals I eat are breakfast lunch breakfast everyday

  • he is the new darkmane

  • Bear raaaaawwwwwrrrrr