As Impeachment Proceedings Begin, House Dems Must Convince 17 GOP Senators To Convict

Datum objavljivanja: 26. Sij 2021.
Today, impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin read aloud the single charge against the former president, kicking off impeachment proceedings in the Senate where Democrats will aim to sway at least 17 of their Republican colleagues to vote to convict the former president for inciting violence against the government of the United States. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue
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  • Pentagram of Extra Crispy at 3:16 is missing one of the lines

  • Wait, are you already making excuses for why you lost a 2nd Trump impeachment? You fucking jokes.

  • 0-2 pussies!!!!!!

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  • So impeachment fails, can he be tried criminally? That would prevent him from serving again via the 14th.

  • In the "Maus" graphic novel series, Art Spiegelman depicts the Nazis as cats.

  • I love hearing the GOP complain someone isn't impartial. 😳


  • I DIEDDDDDDDD AT 4:28 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I hope this brings down the Republican party forever there should only be one party one way one system one president forever!

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  • Meanwhile in Canada the Prime Minister secured way more than needed vaccines orders and our left overs to go to poor countries. Good to see America finally trying to get back with the rest of the freeworld

  • I like how Jefferson Davis has a name tag that sez: DAVE

  • You can’t stop talking about trump bias as hell ! Give yourself a shake .

  • I assume the "Worst President Ever" banner has to be read in the voice of the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons....😁

  • Why is Trump's name always censored when it appears in text

  • The DOGS are Back!

  • Yall are walkin and talkin heads and full of crap

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  • Not funny. I can appreciate your wife laughing at your jokes, but before you go back on the air, make sure other do too? The covid bummer bit is truly painful. Shooting it every, single, Fn episode is even more painful. Maybe on a couple of weeks, I'll try to watch you again, and see if you found how to be funny.

  • Dressed like that, the FIRST thing he should've said is "won't you be my neighbor"...

  • The chief justice only has to preside if the current president is being impeached, that's why the didn't ask him the first time.

  • I saw the breaking news thing and immediately got an ad Lmao.

  • What this muppet going to talk about when there is no more trump left to take jabs at only thing holding is wank show together

  • You know...just to play devil's advocate for a moment...Trump did say "March to the capitol," but he did not actually say "March to the capitol, break in and wreck the place." Yes, he egged on a mob, and yes, it was an incredibly stupid and irresponsible thing to do, and yes, his election fraud claims are total bullshit. However, we must be mindful of the important distinctions that ascribe culpability in this or any legal proceeding. However much you may hate Trump, or any defendant, the details still matter.

  • I like your show, O'Colbert, but it's just not the same without the laugh track.

  • The chief justice wants to be able to speak his mind and he can't if he is in charge.

  • Joe biden is murdering thousand of Americans everyday. He lied and has no covid plan!

  • Colbert should be sued for slander and lies. Trump never incited anything and it's been proven, just look up what he said, zero about a riot. The proof is that Antifa and BLM were there and they already have videos of them and some were arrested. Who paid them to incite the riot? Soros? Zuck? Pelosi?

  • This is considered to be a comedian?

  • he might as well get Giuliani:

  • A big can of worms ready to be released!

  • Joe has to open the boarders, get rid of some jobs and make sure Trump can’t run in 2024. After that’s done back to good old America 🇺🇸. Wars, house market crashes and standing on the unemployment line

  • I can't believe that Biden's math regarding the vaccines didn't get a comment! And that Biden didn't rerecord that message.

  • Decorum please *No* more Blud Lust please

  • Who in their right mind thinks Republicans will vote to convict Trump ? They are so afraid of the Trump cult they shake in their shoes and pee on themselves

  • Mexico: can i at least get 1 dose of the vaccine?? just one, pls Pfizer, pls Moderna. USA: YOU GET A VACCINE!!! YOU GET A VACCINE!!! YOU ALL GEEEET VACCIIIIIINEEES!!!!

  • dems should be like. If you don't convict this time. you guys are the party of GOP: lawlessness and disorder.

  • Is it just me or does the thumbnail look like a flashlight with teeth?

  • simple calculation for Republicans, why tar and feather another Republican even if guilty, it looks bad on all of them. so they will try to shut it down. hopefully they will still mostly try to put Trump in the rear view. hopefully.

  • I like that sweater that's it Tight and it looks good

  • Listening to this scholar of politics and following the advice of these 5000 are so legal eagles on common sense seems to be proper thing for me to do, or I could go down to the corner beer joint and listen to the local drunk. See ya later folks.

  • Roberts is corrupt anyway

  • This guy is a joke

  • I imagine Champ's life expectancy is about as good as his owner. Of course, as long as Biden welches on his promise to give desperately needed $2000 stimulus cheques, many people have grim futures ahead.

  • Did he say 200 billion?

  • Remember back in the day when he used to be likeable and funny!? The good ol days!

  • lol I like how his name is censored

  • 12:32 I genuinely am perfectly fine hearing those sounds on T.V. while important shit is happening in the White House, although if I ever hear those dogs yelp on T.V. I am gonna have issues with that... although if Joe Wanted to unite America I do believe that'd be the fastest way to do it. Most Republicans I know are just like the Democrats I know, you hurt them fine, you hurt their dog you're a dead man/woman. If they're watching a procedural cop show and the whole family died fine, but they kill the dog too, thats true evil, thats when you go for the death penalty...

  • Storybook Joe Biden looks like the being that would be born out of a Mike Pence X Joe Biden pregnancy. (Pence would carry the child for obvious reasons.)

  • 10:42 Why exactly was I dying of laughter? anyone else find this "skit" funny?

  • I am slightly disappointed that they didn't add "because I don't think I'll be able to tell which bits are from the chocolate fountain, and which aren't." when asking for the deposit back, it's a disgusting joke, but then again we are talking about Donald Trump here so you know.

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  • Let me tell you the QAnon news. On March the 4th Trump is walking back into the WH getting another 4 years of power . There you are for all "sprayed creatures" of this world , enjoy the spray QAnon effects on the human mind

  • NOT believing he can get away with trying to over throw our Government! But just like always, he will probably get away with it! It makes me sick!

  • You Americans are a very strange people. Many only half care about drone-bombed children in Middle Eastern countries, but the president's gotta have a dog... That said, dogs are great!

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  • totally worth it just to see the last shot of Lindsay Graham ! BA HAAA !!


  • THAT'S SO COOL TO SEE EACH OF THE MEMBERS OF YER BAND JAM OUT!!! ! Keep that, even after covid is contained, k ! ;) LOVE YER SHOW, STEPHEN - THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO! ! ! ! AND PLEASE - RUN FOR OFFICE AGAIN ! !! ! ! !WE NEED YOU IN GOVERNMENT, & just keep doin' yer show - like Hugo Chavez ! hahah

  • Look like police dogs to me. Can they attack?

  • STILL 50 MILLION SHORT! There are 350 MILLION AMERICANS, not 300! or 300 MILLION

  • HAHA! I like the kid's gun gag


  • Dawg, you're not getting any juice from a McDonald's burger😵

  • 12:11 Is it me or does Storybook Biden look like VaultBoy?

  • 'must' is inappropriate from a powerless onlooker, your masters will decide the nations fate, with one eye turned to personal profit, one eye turned toward rewarding their supporters and a third eye turned toward the welfare of the nation. in that order. using 'must' like that implies some active power over the decision, clearly not present in a nation ruled by a few hundred politicians who keep their faces turned toward the sun of wealth. this is simulated politics, by a nation of political permanent adolescents. full of opinions, but no power of initiative. nor any desire to grow up and contribute to directing the nation.

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  • This cardigan is giving me some very Mister Rodgers vibes, which I'm totally okay with.

  • And again...there's nothing to talk about....soap drama politics...#Kevin Spacey....i thought it was supposed to be make America great again...former president didnt do nothing!

  • screw impeachment... Stimulus now!! Deal with the douchebag later.

  • There should be seventeen ....but almost the whole house is corrupt like their mob boss .

  • They beat police officers with Trump banners they smashed windows and bragged about killing people and yet the Republicans still support this guy And the election even though they counted the Vote at least five times they still support this piece of shit want to be dictator the orange man

  • Who is this guy, Its called the late show cause no one wants to stay up to watch it, is this supposed to be funny or factual, cause its neither.

  • Hello Trump, currently living in a place people don’t want you to live, you are officially summoned to the white house, another place most people don’t want you to live.

  • The devil is working overtime with the Democrats.

  • Looks like a whole bunch of political careers are on the line .

  • steven forgets he is Hollywood elite shit sometimes lol but oh well he means well

  • Trump is not the President that is why the Chief Justice refuses to preside.

  • Hey colbutt. leave Trump alone, THEN U GOT NOTHING! Can your numbers slump any lower?

  • Nothing to convince as most already grown up and are no more kids. Only thing for them to decide is to let them choose whether if they need Trump to destroy their republican party till there's no return or they just eliminate Trump as to save their party for the future. And to dispose Trump and get him off their back for good, the majorities of those republicans have to impeach him without worries and fear. Because once Trump is impeached, he will be nothing more but a "toothless tiger". And if they don't, there won't be any more chance for the many of them to survive in 2024 onwards.

  • Disseddition

  • I miss the theater 😕💜

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  • I hate the term "high crimes and misdemeanors because for some reason it sounds so fun!

  • Like it or not, You country is DIVIDED. Acknowledge it. Fix it.

    • The Demoncrat like chaos, and don't want to solve anything, just manage it. Then they get to manage taxpayer's monies too! Oh the GREEEED !


  • Liking the zombie brand nerf gun. Seems appropriate for the impending zombie apocalypse.

  • I’ would love to get a chance to meet Briden’s Pups.

  • USA or UrAS 🤯🤯... This is just a big JOKE🤯

  • Donald Trump kills everything he touches, his bankruptcies are a glaring example of that. If the GOP members of Congress want their party to go down in flames, then they should just let him continue to lead and destroy the GOP.

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  • O

  • Yodel Lay Dee Who ? Love thoo barking dogs .

  • Dogs are hilarious:)))

  • Real shades of Mr. Rogers here.

  • Stephen you are great! God bless you and America!

  • Feh, I expected better.