At least 6 killed in 100-vehicle pileup on icy Texas highway

Datum objavljivanja: 11. Vel 2021.
An ice storm is blamed for a deadly pileup near Fort Worth, Texas. At least six people died in the crash, which involved more than 100 vehicles. Omar Villafranca has more.
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  • I think we need a special road for big vehicles, its simply horrible accident to watch again.

  • what's wrong?

  • holy...

  • Crazy

  • People in Texas have no idea how to drive once the weather gets bad. What a bunch of morons

  • Semi trucks are too big! Remember the Cuban who’s semi truck brakes got locked and the truck killed a lot of people! Cut the trucks in half. Not to one week without a truck causing an accident somewhere

  • Nobody tried to warn them

  • So sorry..We are praying for everyone in Texas!

  • Stay off the roads especially freeway during freezing cold weather.

  • I guess texas was absolutely unprepared for this winter

  • My deep sympathy for you!!! 😢😢😢😭😭😭🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

  • Look at how fast they going on wet Ivey ground!!!!

  • Yea let’s record it not help

  • Omg prayers for all

  • Prayers for all😥🙏

  • Yes

  • 4

  • those trucks / cars were driving way too fast for those conditions

  • Ну тупыыыыые. Понимать что под тобой лёд и так нестись - это пиздец, товарищи.

  • There's no warning ⚠️ signals about highway status for drivers, whether it's snow, ice, or wet road so ppl can reduce speeds.

  • She seemed devastated that people with jobs were involved in the crash.

  • Texas ppl are terrible drivers in snow. You would think that when faced with unexpected or unusual circumstances ppl would be extra cautious but nope, not in Texas. They think their pick up trucks are rockets and so they will try to fly it. Lack of common sense.

  • As an American you can’t be that braindead to not see what’s in front of you

  • I'm going to be late to work today...

  • The food shut downs and now this - my prayers for Texans.

  • A.big thanks to kinstec on lG for recovering mine back successfully

  • Pileup happened on the toll way lanes of I-35W Southbound in Ft Worth - where construction was completed a few years ago. Needless to say it's an incredibly stupid design where the 'free' lanes of I-35W are bottlenecked on purpose in order to entice people to take this tollway, and was funded for-profit by a foreign country (yeah, america: for sale). The speed limit is 75mph on this tollway and was urged/pushed by the foreign country's agreement even though there were safety concerns. Signage is ambiguous also to get people to take the toll way 'accidentally.' This is an American interstate, and how a foreign country was able to push their for-profit agenda and how it was accepted by bean-counting bribed politicians is shameful.


  • Because keeping safe distance is overrated

  • Untung di indo gk ada badai salju.

  • He should not be driving fast

  • That boy aint right

  • Thats so horrible RIP

  • Look how many are CLEARLY speeding and following way too close...far too many driver licenses being given to people

  • This is absolutely PATHETIC!!! NOBODY learned from this. It has been going on in several states for a hundred plus years. If you drive even if roads are icy, you darn well better expect to crash that day!! Even the government hadn't done anything about this.

  • Not a good start to 2021

  • But political shakup next election

  • I can't understand why TDOT wasnt more informed by the weather and more of a warning to drivers there no excuse why ppl have to drive 150 mph down a highway too bad for ppl who were injured and killed but we need more of traffic in today's society I've seen freak storms but there is something called safety

  • *Insurance company* has left the chat

  • 😱

  • Under Covid ppls driving has gotten HORRIBLY worse!! Especially driving on your bumper and speeding not signaling switching lanes on right shoulders..I MEAN!!!! I HATE DRIVING ON HIGHWAYS NOW!this is so heartbreaking..sad part is ppl will see this and still drive like fools🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  • I say this is a terrorist attack. I believe large amounts of water was dumped on the highway and then froze.

  • Breaking News!! immediately after this crash Texas people said this situation is super unsafe and went to buy 5 AR-15 and 20 more shotguns just in case

  • Ice did not cause that crash. The ice just lays there, people driving way to fast for the conditions.

  • Lucky not in Texas I’m with my family visit my cousin in la. that same route my family take get back from work what a miracle.

  • How many people do they need to be hurt or killed before they would stop denying climate change!?

  • The amount of people that blame this on the drivers and their are even some who think this is funny 😐

  • Well we can all be thankful for global warming or it could have been a lot worce

  • Final destination came to life

  • Global warming Huh? That’s what the two stooges, Biden and Kerry would have you believe.

  • Its sad when you can look at the cars and determine who didn't make it😣

  • That fedex truck went out bad😭 I work there and that’s the first thing I see “edit” this is not meant for a joking matter !! Rip to all the friends and family that passed that day 🙏🏾❤️

  • Yikes, texas people sure like to talk big but can't even drive smart on Icy road, no imagine them with 8 inches of snow like Chicago gets😳 RIP to the people who never experienced ice while driving🙏 and the rest.

  • God almighty I’m praying for those poor people. God help them and comfort those who lost loved ones. God keep those who died. RIP

  • ✨🇨🇵✨

  • I consider my self a big strong man but this brought tears to my eyes. Rest In Peace

  • This is for the people who moved out of ca to Texas and think they found the best thing since the invention of the wheel There’s a reason why real estate in Texas is so cheap. The weather there sux. Just like in Vegas. Enjoy

  • Every idiot slamming into the back of another gets what they deserve. That is the price they pay for driving too fast for conditions. You all do it. Idiots like this are always tailgating me on the freeways. Sorry. You lose. You will never tailgate anyone ever again CAUSE YOU ARE DEAD. It sucks for the orphans who were born to idiot parents. No sympathy here.

  • That’s sad my mom and dad said why were they going so fast on ice roads

  • A scene straight out of Final Destination. What a horror.

  • I guess they thought Trump would take the wheel

  • Truck driver suicide attack

  • Superb.

  • Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.

  • Sooo climate change is an issue? People are dying from climate change? Yes they are but not the way people think!

  • the PROBLEM is people speeding. ICY CONDITIONS mean you drive slower than the speed limit. You are NOT going to get where you are going fast. YOU can not drive 60 in bad weather. Its sad to see this because NOBODY was able to get anywhere and people lost their lives trying to get there quick.

  • The mess? Wow!!!

  • my apartment is across the street i seen it all people were driving way to fast.

  • Very sad, sorry for all losses.

  • All that was required is for drivers to SLOWDOWN when there is uncertainty ahead.Unfortunately, people hit the gas pedal/SPEEDUP when approaching a stopsign in North Texas,even when vehicles ahead STOP with the red glare of brake lights ahead. That is scary.

  • Did they put salt and sand put on highway icy road .

  • so sad, I have a friend who lives there 🙏🏼

  • God is made



  • Stupid people

  • The ice sheet is to blame? Or irresponsible diving in icy conditions is to blame?

  • It seems to me, if you're at the end of a continuing pileup, if possible, your best bet for survival is to exit vehicle and move as far forward as possible. Wouldn't it be possible to set a temperature controlled caution light to slow down on bridges and overpasses of major highways?

  • lol

  • And it's only going to get worse with the weather coming in the region, praying for all those who have been inflected with the massive weather coming in the next few days, please stay safe out there on the highways and byways

  • damn bro

  • Why would you be going that fast in the first place it's snowing outside.Common sense is a rare thing now days i guess.

  • :( this makes so sad I pray for those families that lost someone

  • Global warming

  • America is crazy

  • This is General Winter

  • Just to go to a job you hate

  • 0:23 You can tell someone died there.

  • Did you see how fast he was going!

  • 101th car is lucky Af RIP and my deepest condolences to those who died .

  • This is terrifying. Everyone’s lucky that that only 6 people died, considering that there were 100 cars, and even more people and passengers. Still, may those who lost a loved one be blessed and protected through these hardships.

  • حكومة فاشلة هذي كامل سبابها بوصبع لزرق

  • Love N prayers to those involve? ❤️🇺🇸😢

  • Hopefully this will encourage education on driving in wintry conditions in the US

    • This is exceptional weather for Texas - we are entering a Grand Solar Minimum. Huge crop failures coming - get ready.

  • They we speeding and not paying attention! Can’t fix stupid.

  • This sucks. And another storm is coming. Don't go unless you have to and if you do, lights and flashers on. If you are a pick up person, don't think you are impervious to road conditions.

  • Well slow the heck down people. My first snow experience in TX was harrowing. People speeding just like nothing changes around them. Within my 4 mile drive I saw so many spun out pickup trucks, cars ... , but still most everyone was driving like nothing can touch them.

  • More the lanes... More cars in rush hour... more the trouble and bigger/numerous became the accidents... that is just statistic. Imagine a world with more public transport (it is safer than private cars) that avoid this kind of thing... but hey... No one wants to stop driving around...

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Where the heck was law enforcers to warn people miles ahead of time? Truckers turn your cb radios on and you would’ve known.