bad customers

Datum objavljivanja: 15. Vel 2021.
Annoying customers are annoying. These are times I met the most notable customers and shoppers when I worked at the UPS store. I thought working in food jobs would be worse but I think I had a worse time in the UPS store. Looking back now I think it was funny. In the moment though it was less of that and more annoying. Crazy customers be crazy. And I imagine people working in retail now have even crazier stories from the past year. My stories are from years ago.

Villa helped with this animation and did a really good job here is their twitter account: hi_blnd

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  • "I wanna go home" "ME TOO"

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  • coin this phrase: "at the very least you can tell them that they're mean and make them leave"

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  • “Does anybody else think that’s crazy? Or am I crazy? I am crazy. BLAHLELALE!!” My favorite part.

  • his videos are never not funny

  • I understand some of the frustration with rude customers, but you’re coming off as entitled

  • At my last retail job i was manning the exit to make sure people left per covid restrictions, and we had just started out closedown routine when somebody walked right on in past me and disappeared into the area rug display section. I didn't get paid enough to deal with it so i just called my manager and started helping my coworkers get ready to go home

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  • I'm a new subscriber , and no I'd rather let people smuggle drugs than work in retail.

  • ups is dangerous what if someone came in with a gun because of the drugs

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    • shit from customers here, and it makes working a lot less stressful.

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  • This is super surreal because I just recently got a job (17) I didn't want to work in food related stuff because people being rude and imma fight somebody but I'm not doing retail *thank god*

  • Fun fact. It used to be legal to mail people.

  • I just quit my job 2 weeks ago

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  • When I worked at a movie theter, I literaly got to eat free popcorn whenever I wanted to. I also got to watch free movies

  • I had a girl(10years?) come up to my register to ask for something, stutter alot, say “I’m too nervous, can i sing it?”, start to sing, start laughing, then her brother called her and she ran over to him... I still don’t know what she wanted I also used to work at subway and customers would sing what they wanted to us...

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  • I like working at my store, because if a customer is rude and wrong, and the employee claps back (within reason), our GM will stick up for the employee. we don't have to take shit from customers here, and it makes working a lot less stressful.

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  • The “YOURE MEAN!” *YEET* scene is stuck in my head, i had an absolute karen at work and immediately thought of this video. imagining doing that to her made me feel a lot better lmao

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  • I mean little story from Walmart I was 16 at the time so I couldn't sell bullets cause well yeah, that's for the gun store guy in the back to do. I wasn't 18 so I couldn't handle them, so I called for a manager or supervisor to come to my register and do it for me but it was like taking 10+ minutes and the old man buying them started shitting on me for my age and giving me shit for it after how many times I explained I couldn't do it. The lady behind him was telling him how it wasn't my fault and how he should stop picking on a child (me) and then he starts going with "OH SO IT'S SOCIETY'S FAULT" like wtf guy. Oh and after all, that and being straight up rude to me starts going off about how great trump is and as he walked away was screaming all about it. Not to mention I'm like 5'3 and this man was 6 ft at least getting in my face >->

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  • Hey, that was also my first job! For the record you're never supposed to ship cash, kids. If it gets lost, it's lost. If you have to send some physical money for some reason use something you can cancel, like a filled out check, or one of those things they have to take to western union.

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  • Ohhhhh boyyyyy his eyes are rellllyyyyy nice ;)

  • I yell back at customers and that’s why I have a meeting with the area manager today