Basic cooking tutorial with Boris - Part 1

Datum objavljivanja: 11. Lip 2020.
4 week budget video:
Cooking with axe:
Basics part 2:

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This is Basic cooking tutorial with Boris - Part 1
Today I show you how to do basic things like use the right amount of oil and how to know when meat is done.
Full contents here:
0:00 Intro
0:55 Getting to know your tools
2:26 How to use a knife
2:57 How to sharpen knife
3:18 How to use cutting board
3:28 How to boil macaroni
5:18 How to use cooking oil
6:04 Cooking meat until done
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  • Yes , I hear the town of * redacted * is beautiful this time of year

  • 2:48 “Do not cut yourself” Me: I know...I’m trying my best...seriously 😔

  • In a high pitched voice "Medium well done cow muscle"......I love funny

  • Basic is best.

  • Boris pls answer What ur name Where u from How old r u And How r u

  • *Boris is from a city called Norlisk in Russia. Not sure if that's where he was born but I assume so.

  • I am disappointed that you do not have Mosin Nagant bayonet for the cooking on of your meat.

  • That is a very nicely painted tank, good job

  • *HowToBasic Slav Version*

  • Did anyone noticed that Boris unfortunately improved his English 😅

  • Hm...all personal information redacted, seemingly supernatural abilities with cooking, we never see his face...BORIS WORKS FOR SCP FOUNDATION!!!!!!

  • "Born in *CENSORED" Blyat we all know boris was born in moscow.

  • "Is cooked or stomach virus". YES! OMG am I sick of being criticized for not wanting the meat still mooing, oinking or clucking on my plate. Just feed it to me dead and hot.

  • Thank you Boris I seriously learnt from scratch how to cook from your videos. Thanks man

  • Fun fact my favourite number is 102

  • 7:08 You're gonna cross-contaminate my dude. It'll probably be fine, but better to avoid such things.

  • 1:45 and to make it lighter.

  • As italian the macaroni part is so painfull Blyat

  • I recycle my oil to use for quenching steel.

  • The bit about the toilet paper at 4:28 killed be because, living in Latvia and having heard some of the dorm life stories, I can 100% imagine this happening

  • Anybody know what boris is cooking the meat with?

  • When he was talking about the knife, he should have said "Unless your name is Vadim, if that's the case go ahead"

  • Боря, я тупой, где сабы?)

  • FOCUS CYKA!!!😂😂😂😂

  • Boris's cooking videos inspired me to buy a bayonet and cook with it

    • For those wondering, I ended up with a Garand Bayonet. Yes, am ashamed

  • "Enough makaron to feed the soviet union" me: *the soviet union before or after the famines?*

  • In my country, we have way of speech comparing types of women. There is either Olga, heavy duty girl from your home village, and then there is Svetlana, curves and perfection, the ideal woman.

  • Olá Boris meu camarada você tem um fã brasileiro sabia?

  • Full access to your hands .......I have partial access. Hopefully this counts

  • Eating raw meat is safe as long as it is the proper raw meat you are eating. Red meats (and no pork is not a red meat, game is dangerous too even when red, simply because it's wild animals) are generally practically sare to eat right off the carcass, unless it is minced meat. You may eat raw minced meat only if it is cured, like in sausages. As for hamburgers it's safe to eat it pink as long as there's no blood coming out of it when you cut it. As for tartares the meat is usually cured with a bit lemon (not too much otherwise it doesn't hold his shape and the meat turns into pale stones) but if it prepared from a fresh slice of muscle then it's safe to eat without lemon. Raw thin slices of red meat can be eaten safely, like a carpaccio, lemon is generally used to season it so no worries. As for other meats it is different, it is usually preferable to thoroughly cook poultry, pork and game to eliminate the risk of, respectively, salmonella, tape worm and other diseases and parasites that may be present in wild animals. Although with the introduction of stiff farming standards (at least here in Italy) the risk of salmonella from poultry, and eggs, and tapeworm from pork is practically non existant anymore, game need to always be thoroughly cooked, it's just better from every perspective. I did try slightly pink pork (and even raw, carpaccio style, slices of pork) and nothing happened to me, it was extremely good though. Of course you have to know your butcher and from where the meat comes very well and, needless to say, don't do it often.

  • I’ll waste my time watching ads so that comrade Boris and Artyom may eat another day. Much love Soviet bear!!

  • I can confirm now that I am madly in love with Boris and I want him to be happy. He's precious

  • Blintastic

  • How in the actual hell did he cook an egg with no lubricant and not have it stick?

  • “Look at my medium rare cow muscle” 😂😂😂

  • Easter Egg : The second knife name is AK-47 from Soviet Union CCCP

  • 4:56 teaching the world something. Thats so true boris so true

  • The 'sharpening steel' is actually a honing steel and it's actually useful for aligning knife blades that have micro bends in them. This helps cutting. But a really dull knife will never sharpen with it

  • abckidstv

  • I have heard to many censored out swears that I know know what poeple day now

  • Why did you censor the city, in other video you say you're from kurwansk

  • Very convenient timing, I had just been in an accident that gave me stitches on my hand when this was posted.

  • T h e H a n d

  • i used the wrong kind of makaron and i have enough to feed the soviet union

  • frate train: *passes* boris:SHUT UP BLYAT, IM EDUCATING WORLD

  • Finally, someone else who doesn't eat raw meat.

  • 4:56 che cazzo sarebbe quella roba? Pasta non è blyat

  • 2:47 Good to know, i was thinking to cut my fingers, but i don't gonna do it now.

  • How to sharpen a knife...because that’s a basic skill that nobody teaches these days. Thank you Boris.

  • a steele isnt necesarilly for sharpening, more for roughly aligning the edge

  • "Onward comrades! Glory to Motherland! Their tanks are no match!" "RETREAT, RUN AWAY!" "THEY BROUGHT A SVETLANA!" **booms** "I have come, to beat your me-" "Mhm I have finally lost it."

  • "at this point I assume you have full use of your hands, if not im sorry for your loss" lol

  • 1:07 torture tools

  • ”do not cut yourself” *cries at this moment while struggling with mental problems, depression and anxiety* THANK U BORIS FOR UR SUPPORT❤️

  • Boris: "Meat is either done or not done" me, an American: "I never expected Boris to practice cooking blasphemy!?" Boris: "It's either cooked or stomach virus" me: "Oh yeah, that makes sense in lots of places, my bad."

  • 6:09 I have the exact same cutting board

  • I'm Russian's, Сука Блять!!!!!🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  • 3:42

  • 9 minutes ago I wanted to destroy a wall with my version of Svetlana. Now I'm relaxed, thank you Boris

  • 3:42 how to basic's third channel

  • Boris: "This is fucking ridiculous, you're wasting perfectly good oil". Me, from a spanish household, while my mom pours a galon of olive oil into my plate with whatever else, saying that it doesn't have any flavour without it and handing me a piece of bread to dip into the oil: *sweats nerviously*

  • Boris: meat is either cooked or stomach virus. Me, a german: laughs in METT.

  • Svetlana: iI have Come to Beat Your Meat

  • What was in the shashlik marinade? I'd be keen to try it myself. I can see oil and onion, and what might be pepper. Anything else?

  • Boris being supportive at 2:49

  • In Soviet Russia we cock with axe In Portuguese Empire we cock with a sword

  • Boris can be trusted, he eats macaroni with a spoon

  • Boris: "am educating the world here"

  • brain/out gameplay

  • 6:26 when I saw that I was like what the blyat

  • So what do you use to eat macaroni a spoon or a fork I use a spoon 🥄

  • 4:55 I didn't know that's what a freight train sounds like it sounded like there's about to be a jump scare 😂

  • "Meat is either done or not done, not in between. Is either cooked or stomach virus" YES!, LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK

  • If you can manage to find it where you live, Duke's Mayonnaise is pretty good.

  • Ah, the Russian weapon names are wonderful. Тюльпан Катюша Вереск Кипарис Костёр Пальма Among others

  • As a child, these basic cooking tutorials could actually help with cooking if they are home alone.

  • 4:51 I'm Italian and i'm triggered

  • Ah good cow muscle! Careful with gas in the house!!

  • i fucking opened discord just before he yelled "FOCUS CYKA" and to say i panicked is an understatement

  • but Boris, what if I can't make gas stove? How do I cook shashlik?

  • "vadim hasn't borrowed it to renovate his toilet" me : *hol up*

  • Enough to feed the whole Soviet Union? The people would starve to death! wait…

  • Makaron should be with kepchuk! (and mayanez of course)

  • Can you tell me where are can gay a Kalashnikov bayonet, or else Ima disgrace you and get an American ww2 dress knife

  • "do not use too much oil" The South: How about a whole gallon?

  • blin cant be cooked without oil

  • Can we get a 20 minute video of Boris playing with a toy tank and Svetlana

  • 3:05 that's a honing steel, not a sharpening steel! sometimes a dull knife isn't actually dull, its edge has just been bent slightly. you can tell by (gently!) brushing a finger on the edge (width-wise ofc) on each side -- if it needs honing, the edge will feel rough on one side, that's the edge having been bent. you use the honing steel by running it down the length of the blade on the side that was "rough", about 10-20 passes should do. a properly honed knife should need sharpening way less often

  • 0:11 - 0:14 I have come to beat your Mea- Made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂

  • Now we know Boris was born

  • That's what I'm talking about! A lot of food tastes bettere without oil! I usually make my bliny and meats without any oil. I've been saying that for years.

  • I can’t help but to burst out laughing when I hear him swear in English with his thicc Russian accent.

  • Cook with only a spoon

  • 90% of the comments: Its either done or stomach virus

  • I will continue eating my raw steaks thank you very much

  • 1:56 Choosing your type of girl be like

  • My name is Boris Blyat, born in the year 1945 in the small town of Cyka Town

  • don't use too much oil or america is going to invade your coocking pan

  • in the morning I feel like making some macaroni with some sausage and mayo now, I'ma do that actually

  • 4:16 "oMg iS dAT a JoJo rEfERenCE?"