BATTLEBOX RED - Crossout gameplay

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Vel 2019.
Boris productions presents the Battlebox Red. Video brought to you by friends at Gaijin Entertainment. Sign up for the free to play Crossout and get a Boris Boost here:
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This is Crossout. Building tanks and things on wheels. Do not like wheels? Use tracks. Or even legs. Why not..
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  • Can we just all agree that Boris is the best slav in the world

  • Another game by Gaijin


  • ADAM

  • crossout gamer time i got the weapons boost LITTLE BLUE CAR SHALL SHRED THY NOOBS

  • hm. i made the Truck Blaster V as my first build

  • Crossout the best pay to win game

  • 9:06 best of :D

  • do a tutorial on how to make slav vodka cooled pc

  • 𝘽𝙡𝙮𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙛𝙪𝙡

  • 𝙱𝚕𝚢𝚊𝚝

  • 60 fps? what do you think im running? non vodka cooled pc? surprise, he have a vodka cooled pc

  • Crossout will always have a special place in my heart even through it's a degenerate of a game.

  • teacher said: i have just read a novel me: trip to chernobyl?

  • Yo the red box in Russia looks different from usa

  • Brois when u say crossout it souds like crsont well you get it no efeance

  • he was playing with a h4te member lmao in the winter mayhem mode

  • Ok he cool now

  • T-34s vs panzer lv

  • I get the feeling that Boris has no idea of how to build a competent build.

  • 00:17 - Once he said and changed the video settings. I got blue screen, and thought that it's in the video. But sad thing it wasn't. I really got blue screen.

  • life of boris: *plays crossout youtube: *lets give snowshoethecat ad of crossout

  • отправьте больше видео, пожалуйста

  • the boost works even on PC?

  • vodka is the best.............THEN BLACK BREAD

  • robocraft anyone?

  • Hay that gave me an ideal i will build a freeblade fortress

  • Were you soviet engineer in ussr?

  • vodka is ultimate power source

  • Hey Boris every Russian word you say sounds like you’re saying American you’re like half America have Russian you’re amazing by the way big fan oh so you’re helping me learn Russian

  • Welcome back to croissant

  • Do you know that im king of slav

  • why Boris never tried wot blits

  • 1:22 soccer not football

  • Never seen 300fps

  • The link for the boost is not working братан!


  • Crossout ad while im downloading crossout on a crossout video

    • And another ad for crossout

  • First ad i get is for crossout XD


  • 0:38 When the MK. 1 (the world’s first tank) wasade in Russia (instead of Great Britain)

  • Build a p1000 ratte

  • Boris needs to try KVASS cooled pc

  • I click on the vid CROSSOUT AD

  • Collab with RussianBadger

  • I, no joke, got a crossout ad on this video.

  • Boris is prepared for July 2020

  • Boris i gave a challange build kv-2,1,3,4

  • Boris, would you make a review of a game? Hard Truck Apocalypse, it's similiar to Crossout - actually it's original, first game which has been taken as model game for Crossout. It's singleplayer game, made by Targem Games (dear developers and biggest traitors, why you did an partnership with Gaijin and haven't made HTA2 yet?), small studio (small when making Hard Truck Apocalypse, game have nothing in common with Hard Truck series, which was similiar to ETS, I guess) which created HTA series, Hard Truck Apocalypse - original game - Hard Truck Apocalypse: Rise of Clans/Meridian 113 (I don't know it's exactly 113 xd) - something like standalone DLC game, smaller than base game, still needs bought base game - Hard Truck Apocalypse: Arcade - shamefully worst game from series, I haven't played on my own yet. The game is russian production, yup - Targem Games is russian studio, I am so proud I had a chance to play their game, my childhood game. I wish this messenge come to you. Good day, drug. Oppa, stay cheeki-sneeki breeki, may Zone be with you!

  • I love finding games like this because they are free and fun as heck. I just downloaded the game yesterday. I have mastered multiple designs and had more fun than other games can provide me with in only one day

  • Boris t34

  • 3:14 you should’ve built a floor inside the tank fort so a crew could ride inside.

  • One cannot deny the power of the Shashlik Kings Vodka cooled PC


  • "Get powerful cabin"

  • boris thank you for teaching me to be slav now.......... i have tiny face

  • i watch a crossout video then is there a crossout ad while i play crossout XD

  • Attempt to make BT-7.

  • Wait if you’re not sure you’re name is Boris then.... 😱😱😱

  • Does somebody know the name of the song in the cut scenes

  • "This kid possessed by demons..." The big laugh I have today

  • Hey! what about the nintedo switch?

  • this game isn’t fun to play anymore especially on xbox but i still like these vids

  • This a fun game but it is a grind as of 2020 he is level 30 and has over 20000 money and already has a lot of good parts (blue and purple) , tank tracks etc. But when you start a new game you have none of the good parts he has.

  • I sadly have Macbook pro so i cannot play this game :(

  • am i the only one who got a crossout ad before this video lol?

  • thank you for all your videos, boris. they are keeping me happy even though i sometimes start to feel a bit sad. you are a good human, and i hope all of good for you! stay cheeki breeki, my friend.

  • "This Kid posessed by demons..." 😂 More by Neighbor Vadim

  • Music in vid?

  • boris, you NEED to play robocraft

  • Plot twist: Crossout is released on mobile

  • Boris give mi you ak pliss!!!!!!😣

  • 10:40 “ I did not know they had Vadim in this game.” had me rolling on the floor🤣🤣

  • i have no friends please add me on crossout username vimanjo

  • That look cool i download it

  • 10:39 i died

  • Boris it is good I love

  • Boris if you want good game with big update like your c- (wait i can't say that) uhh check out team fortress 2 it have big russia guy and you can buy ushanka in it

  • Hey Boris! I really live your content, why don't you make a Hardbass playlist that you use in your videos?!

  • Come back to crossout, blin!

  • The sadness in his voice when he loses the tree…

  • 3:05 Add 2 Oppressor engines to that thing you built,I think they are suitable for heavy building purposes.

  • FROM THE BORIS..... cyka


  • I play this and put many engine when the enemy comes the engine start after that attack....u will win idk u.../troll

  • Build a BM 13 (Катюша)

  • bro I gotta say I love ur chanel!!! keep it up I had a laugh

  • Is Boris Aka the most Slavic man I know other than my own babushka

  • I created a build just for you. Next time you play crossout go to the exhibiton and type "Diesel Tsar" into the search bar. You will find it satisfying. Like a good blin.

  • choinka fortress

  • You were right. Comrade Boris did not lie. It can run on original slavic potato computers. I have an old pc that still lags even when playing Minecraft on low graphics (1.8 with no particles and animations allowed). But crossout ran with almost the same speed as Boris's vodka pc. (Minor lags. But its still a huge improvement) Thank you comrade Boris, and may the vodka and shashlik be with you.

  • Have you ever laughed out loud in silence? If you have a girlfriend, and you watch Boris, you must have! Because I giggled at the Battlebox reveal... Laughed silently when it feel on its face. And I was so fucknig close to an all out laughing attack when they tried to flip it and the game had no clue on what to flip to! Don't think I have ever had to laugh that hard, that silently, ever!

  • He accurately recreated the first tank! 3:30

  • Lol. The recoil on the battle box red tho.🤣

  • I have respect, of the amount of time went into making the script -"nonvodka cooled machine" Or if he's just doing this on the spot, well, congrajulations.

  • I still remember then cross out first came out on Xbox I was one of the players in the arms race of becoming the strongest it got to the point where I would call my vehicle a siege engine Slow as fuck probably around 10 km/h (until you break its armour then I literally do circles around you, had to put sticks out so I don’t flip at one point) Most of the armour in the front (used to cross the bridge when there was 5 or 6 players, cause some havoc and live) And daaa BIG GUNZ (epic tank gun and cannon) I was weak as fuck against anything melee based Lots of explosives below and behind my vehicle

  • Basically me in plane crazy roblox

  • Why when you say crossout it sounds like your saying croissant

  • You forgot to place an engine to raise the weight limit.

  • first vid i saw 10/10 accent