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tristana very cool yes

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  • what is the title of that Japanese song?

  • brian do you ever get copyrighted for the anime music you play in your vids ?

  • Am I the only one who didnt see the Karthus once?

  • 2:16 BRADIO - Koshifuru yoru wa kiminosei

  • what was that Bradio song he played?

  • how do u have a challenger last season mark when u werent challenger?

  • 3:52 song pls?

  • Tanjirou Ost 💕

  • 2:29 tell me what this song is called pls xD

  • 2:10 what Anime UwU ?

  • This makes me feel better about my Tristana

  • 4:25 my man you alright?

  • You were suppose to say allahu akbar

  • 500k subs congrats 👏

  • 4:27 that shit is an earrape

  • 2:10 Mai Hime/Mai Otome the only anime i always watch and my favorite, im shook..... Never tought i would see this on any video or anything, its very rare

  • 2:29 put silver scrapes

  • the name of japanese song please ?

  • Anime song name at 5:14

  • 2:30 song?

  • Whats the name of the song in 2:13

  • Hey random commenter, do you know the song that played around 2:30?

  • u did a "for kobe game" 8/24 months before he died u knew somthing didnt u

  • Am I the only one who saw the Rek'sai flash at 2:29?

  • 2:28 why da fak did reksai flashed?

  • What's the song during last clip ?

  • Thumbnail should be Deidara w/ Tristana's face.

  • 5:06 Music??

  • song at 2:10?

  • Jump into them!!1!1!

  • 2:27 song name pls help

  • 3:57 enemy team is like "dafuq she doing down there"

  • what is that bradio song ? help :(

  • That clip at 6:10 of TKA tho

  • + are you alright? - shkipy :333

  • That yasou k/d/a


  • Guys, seriously, can we petition Riot for a "You're already dead" emote with Tristana? She's got no emotes, only the Little Demon summoner icon, she needs more representation in this game for how long she's been part of it.

  • 2:26 song? :'

    • Yoruha Kimi no sei - Bradio

  • N A J Z : D

  • What's the music??

  • what song is this 2:27???

    • @Allen Tayoto yea its normal

    • @ReckLess if you looked for the song Pianta's vids shows up 😂😂😂is this normal??

    • @ReckLess Thank you so much, you're a life saver. I had been looking for the song but I can't find it through lyrics alone.

    • Yoruha Kimi no sei - Bradio

  • he uses music eerily similar to david dobrik, is it stock music or somethin?

  • Can u at least put the songs u used in the description??? Would be awesome from u.

  • I was so hyped when i demon hunter music started then lmao'ed hard when you cut it suddenly XD

  • 1:23 isnt that German??

  • 03:07 me every lol match

  • Who are the random German boys in the background

  • Demon slayer


  • okay but the music at 4:25 what is that? It sounds so damn familiar

    • Sascha Sajek I‘m ashamed to admit that no: I didn‘t know it from lala land bc I never watched it but from a german commercial that made a parody of la la land but thank you!

    • You may know it from the Jimmy Fallon Open Theme For Golden Globes 2017 or just from lalaland because its the soundtrack of it lol youre welcome

  • 2:18 song ?

  • 3:51

  • me while listening to the Bg music. My mind: NEZUUKOOOOO!!!

  • 0:52 song, ?

  • 3:58 still the best.

  • Holy shit this trundle! D:

  • I missed this music haha

  • 5:20 whats the music?

  • Demon slayer episode 19

  • 2:30 what’s that song called

  • 2:25 what song??

  • Song of 04:12


  • 3:41 Is no one gonna about that He Stands 3/14 with yasouuu ?😂

  • what a legend for using demon slayer music

  • What song is playing at the end

  • musul-man

  • Great video

  • 2:30 do we just gona ignor that flash ?

  • Yes demonslayer OST

  • 2:29 Dat rek flash xD

  • anyones know that song 02:11

  • River Tenmo

  • 2:57 i laughed so hard Perfectly cut

    • Ty for the replay button

  • where is the new video? YOU WANT TWO WEEKS VACATION???? BISH!!

  • You totally sounds like Enardo, i Rust youtuber. Same person? O.o

  • where is he new video????

  • Ass violin? 😂

  • Is that yasuo literally 3/14??

  • Kannste deutsch

  • Afghanistan Tristana

  • Here's Riven Shen God from Poland :D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D:

  • river shen :o

  • pianta im eune can u give me some yasuo skin codes :) i dont have any yasuo skins

  • Sauce for show at 2:10?

  • LMAO!

  • Brian stop screaming all the time pls :(

  • What’s the music that starts as 4:13 called

    • Another Day of Sun- La La Land soundtrack

  • today is my birthday and no one gives a. shit

  • Does he have a discord?



  • whats the name of the song at 3:50?

  • Woah 1:02 Brian's racist!!!!

  • Play darius

  • I saw "EXPLOSION" in thumbnail and expected Megumin "EXPULOOOOOOOOSION!"

    • Yoo me too is it like a disease i hear it everytime now

  • Will you bring back lawn mower garen with the rework on pbe?

  • While this may be strange can you make a video of a teemo killing pantheon to make me feel good.

  • 2:13 allahu akbar