Boris and Anatoli, tank operators - War Thunder

Datum objavljivanja: 8. Stu 2019.
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Boris and Anatoli take on the War Thunder collection of vehicles. MiGs and T-34s are being warmed up as we speak. Come join the battle.
Music in video:
uamee - IL-76
uamee - BERLINER DISCO (instrumental version that only Boris VIP has access to)

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Intro music:
Gopnik McBlyat - Snakes in Tracksuits
Outro music:
Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem


  • is anyone going to mention he's playing arcade.

  • I didn't know that Anatoli added an anti air weapon to his potato truck

  • s p e e d b o a t t i m e

  • I didn't know Boris played wt

  • very funny hahahaha

  • When Boris play War of Thunder Me :My life is better

  • 0:19 how dare you shoot your comrade

  • Boris!!! i need help! I downloaded War Thunder on my xbox one but i didnt use the link is there anyway i can still get the boost even tho i already played to game a little?

  • ..................Russia ?

  • If u guys want to add life of boris as friend... here is his name: LifeOfBoris_

  • Spetsnaz tanks are да best.

  • In other region is Samsung In Russia is slavsung

  • 03:22 03:22 03:22 03:22 03:22 Thank me later

  • i would get it but i keep getting download error :-(

  • Wtf antoli have mig-15bis ISH this plane just came out whit new power update and this vid is 1year old

  • 7:39 Enemy: drops bombs* Boris: uh no thank you

  • I only Play with the Soviet T-34 tank

  • Dont give Anatoly a MiG blyat

  • 0:05 Boris:I should have brought back up Anatoli:You said?

  • Do you still play war thunder?

  • I love boris, but i wouldnt trust him to formation fly if his life depended on it.

  • *i like yer accent g*

  • *B O O L E T S*

  • Ka-50 oh god not that monster....

  • Red squatter one hahahah

  • Sneaky breeki 😂

  • Boris should of change the video name to war slav.exe

  • Ah, 2019, a ordinary year

  • Russain tanks not always best german op

  • my new pickup linewill be, "can you be my red squater 2" if they are confused then i will have to show them you

  • i will strive to stomp low level servers like you, on this day i downloaded war thunder, i chose the tank.

  • Anatoli: *Brings APC* Boris: "Bring tank next time kousin" Anatoli: *Brings Anti Air ZSU Tank* Boris: *Suprised Pikachu face but with ushanka and sunglasses*

  • arcade mode is for filthy casuals

  • **hardbass intensifies**


  • 4:53 “What the hren is that?” ‘Hren’ is German for ‘listen’ BORIS = GERMAN CONFIRMED?!?

  • Alguien que hable español/castellano

  • Woah, hold up. When did I ever miss that Boris uploaded a video on my thirteenth birthday? Damn, hope he uploads one of my fourteenth.

  • NO. This wasnt a year ago...

  • Boris blyat why you don't play world of tanks Blitz

  • do counter strike videos

  • Борис ты лутший

  • Unbelievable

  • What is the name of this cheeki song I must know for my tank sessions

  • Such a nice tank reunion

  • I like how they give a reserve tank as a part of a "special pack"

  • which is better, realistic battle or arcade battle?

  • How to be a true slav on war thunder: 1.always use soviet vehicle

  • I really want to know what thing he is playing on, the tank cannon shooting sounds better than the one I’m using

  • this dude covered the back vent with a jerry can

  • Me laugh: we have American computers we don't need vodka cooling 2 seconds later nothing happens because I don't play on it that much my PC

  • I want to squat at the front entrance for the entirety of Slavcon 2020...

  • Whenever you dive with a plane put the throttle at 0 so you dont rip your wing of or crash and die

  • 2:00

  • Me as a REAL War Thunder player dam boris is luck a luck russian boi in war thunder wait and c boris another 3 or so years with playing that game and ur life is done for chap STAY AWAY FROM THE C A N C E R IN THERE ONLY USE RUSSIAN SEVERS THERE SIRIUS EU AND AMERICAN SERVERS THERE CRAZY and good luck in the battle field comrade beginner

  • 9:27

  • I've never heard of a tank operator flying a fighter jet... Oh right. It's russia.

  • This video was, uhm released 10 months ago??

  • Imagine all the popular russian youtubers united


  • 10:53 why is "boris boost" made up of american vehicles?

  • 1:44 no it isn't ;-;

  • Me: *searches heinz doofensmirtz* HRdown: no no no watch boris

  • 'Rank does not matter' Ahh gaijin

  • i swear, every time he says sneeki breeki, its just the best.

  • Boris please use GAA ZAA in battle

  • "Oh look it's Vadim's house" *blows up Vadim's house* *realises Vadim's house is also his house*

    • Goat Productions OY BLYAT

  • Ironic this got recommended to me when i was watching "girls und panzer armour piercing in a nutshell"

  • 2:35, Boris will be getting a lot of friend requests now!

  • Sadly I couldn't find you guys but im stll happy I know this game :3

  • German vs soviet

  • I wanna some times take 2v1 with u guys

  • This sponser is war thunder

  • Me and Boris with 45,500 tanks heading to Germany


  • idk why but i feel like your to dangerous to hold a plastic knife

  • this guy actually has vodka in his pc

  • Boris and anatoli are like phinease and ferb

  • Life of Boris Sticker enhances dmg by 1000x

  • I got a War Thunder advertisment while watching this lol

  • I swear when Boris sees Anatoli everything just goes wholesome

  • Boris: *exists* Me 163: *B.O.O.M*

  • 8:52 Map: Poland "Inferior non-Soviet tables"

    • SirHell western spy tables


  • Can you teach me how to play ?

  • *Pig's are flying*

  • Oy Boris collide with the American not too aggressive troll "PhlyDaily", we would love the Biology Interaction. Thank you.

  • It will take me YEARS to get to the tier 7... Game itself is good but why all they add is on tier 7??

  • He stopped saying the s-word because that is used in American culture. Boris is one smart Slav King.

  • You know when you see a battle ship DRIFTING on the water with a 20 plus kill streak then you know this is boris driving XD

  • Igor's Samagon recipe when??

  • 3:22 so this is what *Laughs in Russian* sounds like 😂

  • I love this game , boris play at 200 fps I play at 30.

  • what song at 0:12?

  • Boris try out the German T-34-76, its acctualy best 76mm T-34 in the game, along with the KV-1s

  • life of boris 10:23: speed boat time *laughs in iran

  • F in the chat for anatoli

  • Ahh! This is what I subscribed for... *glorious...*

  • Oo look its vadim's house Ahahahahah

  • дрель, почему вы не используете ноутбук один раз