Boris goes London - Country review

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Ožu 2019.
Someone commented on Reddit that outline of my eye was almost visible in the thumbnail. We cannot have that! So I fixed it.

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Boris goes London. There is Vidcon London 2019 taking place. Met with "Music by Blanks", Tomska and others.
uamee - BEAT FOR BEAT 2019
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  • Boris has eyes?

  • wait boris have eyes?

  • 5:48 is that theodds1souts aka james

  • E Y E S

    • I wasnt the only one that noticed.....thank cyka

  • Hey, Boris... I know it a bit late but you have missed a country of this series... AUSTRALIA BLYAT, can you go there? (Hopefully to Melbourne) Cmon we have a lot of beer

  • I want to squat with boris 😭😭😭 Covid is crushing my dreams


  • there is tomska

  • I wonder how many people called the police reporting an IRA member at vidcon

  • Why is boris eyes have edited eyes in the picture but the other time i watched it theres no edited eyes strangeeee?

    • Hahhaha

    • Someone on Reddit noticed that you could see his real eyes through his glasses. So he covered them up.

    • Yeh man I was looking for someone to say that

  • went to this video to check if he actually changed this video's thumbnail


  • Noticed that Boris changed this Video thumbnail

  • The thumbnail change... 👁👄👁

  • boris decided to give us nightmares with this new edited thumbnail

  • What is this new thumbnail? xD

  • борис ты лягушка твой российский флаг ссср

  • most of my videos are demonitized anyways oh youtube. Almost like the american stalin

  • Don't forget to drink Vodka Cold if hotel have no refrigirator then ask for refund -Life of Boris In Moskva Slav Life

  • So Boris is bulgarian?

  • I can't stop laughing at 06:10

  • 0:10 little boris in high pitch voice, when he gets thrown: AY BLYAT!

  • 5:15

  • у тебя сильный русский акцент, я не русский кстати мне нравятся твои видео

  • BORIS it makes u look like a bulldog when u wear that head gear. BORIS !! I think u might be a woman SLAV trying to fool all of us ? The reason I say this is when I get a glimpse of ur hands they look delicate a response would be appropriate

  • I like how he always mentions lada, back in the day everyone used to have shitty ladas in the UK. Until everyone realised how shit they were.

  • Did anyone else notice TheOdd1sOut?

  • I want to see Boris in Australia

  • Ey gopnik! My sister and her Friends are coming over, and I have to spy on them. Do you suggest i go stealth mode, or sneeki breeki?

  • No one literally no-one: Airplane pilot: DiNg DoNg CyKa

  • Well this is good and i saw doll and phone wait u gonna call stalin from ded?


  • 3:41 when first time he saw drink with out alcohol

  • 0:48

  • I'm a simple man, i see tomska, I clicc

  • 3:07 your avatar in a serious cutscene

  • Try slavcon in rusia

  • Mercedez blinz


  • Tsar Alexander made his way to Paris

  • Mercedes Blinz Ah HAHA nice!

  • Ah yes the Nokia 8110 Banana phone 4G edition

  • 6:32 sad pandemic noises

  • Is there anyone here who's Russian-speaking? And yes, the Russians aren't really like that, so I am, if anyone thinks russians like Boris.

  • Boris: This west, why not east?

  • 0:22 watched this video five times did not notice he said kurwa mać. xd just saying tho it's not a polish accent but Poland is big too. ( Conspiracy theorists no he probably just trying to do something new)

  • Next time: not California.

  • 5:47 why does she look like Rebecca Parham?

  • SLAV!

  • 0:21 best word ever

  • 1:49

  • братан, этот парень действительно забавный ютубер

  • Every country should have its own Boris.

  • Me: **sees Tomska and Boris** Also me: **cliks in a microsecond**

  • Kids : Mobile Phone review Adults : Gaming Setup review Legends: History rewiew ... BORIS : COUNTRY REVIEW

  • Can you go one time to Novosibirsk and meet Edison pts it's my second favorite youtuber the first one is you chekkibreki

  • who came here for the booty at 4:06

  • Ah blyat, these were more simple times

  • Something tells me boris is from the outskirts of London, so not too far to go for this video.

  • Does HRdown Will Shutdown? I hope not :( if youtube does not shut down i can go there :D

  • Im so.mad so i rewatched this and im mad it was in aneheim i live near there

  • Aw man I wanted a cheeki breeki hat, but it's not in the merch store! :'(

  • If you are a slav, then where the biln is the saying hello to down stairs neighbor dance!!!

  • Indonesian subtitle please

  • Mate are you really russian

  • London of all places? You come Hollandland!!!

  • Is it me or is that Daz Black (Daz Games) at 6:50 in front of Boris with the hat on? 😂

  • bruh wtf is this

  • Absolut vodka A new brand blyat thing to grab when u got blyatside

  • Any chance of a Skype meet and greet? I’d pay for the privilege of having a few shots with the Shashlik King via Skype.

  • Have you ever thought youtubers like him have the highest risk of their identities being shown while travelling internationally?

  • That Tom guy makes pretty funny videos, you should check him out

  • I wish i was one of the crowd ;-;

  • черт возьми, ты хочешь его

  • What the heck in United States Of England? Heh heh!

  • That is the capital of my country (UK)

  • 0:22 XD

  • *N O N A L C O H O L I C V O D K A*

  • I refuse watching this video idk why. Like i havent watched this video in almost a year

  • japierdole dis na minaturce XD

  • I’m a bit sad no one asked him to sign a bottle of mayonnaise

  • 100 :')


  • 0:23 polish course blayt

  • Lol

  • "I always look right" I am wearing a pure Slav :)

  • Yo Boris why did you take a woodoo doll of yourself?

  • Че ты творишь. ахахахах лучший канал

  • Hey boris... in the uk it's the tube not the metro

  • I just realized he zoomed into LDshadowlady a Minecraft youtuber lmao

  • Mercedes- we need a new name for our new car launch Boris- Mercedes blinz ??

  • They all white people. Where are the blacks? They should give a chance blacks and muslims.

  • Wait is that Tom?!

  • No vid con this year corona


  • "some people do phone review bu this guy does a country reiview"

  • Kurawva mac is polish not Russian

  • do you like AK 47

  • why quiet THEN YELLLL! it all vodka... sometimes i think you are really US college student....then i think no. GIN??? not gin....

  • Ey im from russia how do i buy ur ushanka i dont no if it will not sent to my cyka country