Boris reveals 5 new facts + Q&A

Datum objavljivanja: 7. Srp 2020.
5 facts that make you go: hmmh i did not know that
0:00 Intro
1:18 Fact 1
1:59 Fact 2
2:51 Fact 3
3:16 Fact 4
4:07 Fact 5
5:12 Q&A
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  • Leave a comment if you want to see Boris do a deep voice book review of the Roadside Picnic featured at 4:45

  • can you show your face

  • Alert! Alert! Alert! Boris indeed has eyes, you can see the white part of the eye right here 2:56. This discovery is revolutionary.

  • Come on boris is obviously from Slavistan

  • At the beginning, every child has done that before in a Rollie chair

  • Is that my bother went missing in Chernobyl? 0:25

  • ?τήξη

  • I need the cookbook 😅 🙏

  • I have no allergic aswell

  • You go outside and take a breath No no no not here you dont

  • Hey u know where Sergei lives the fuck happened to him

  • Suka

  • Hmm.. 🤔

  • Я ручкая такой смишноё

  • I bet Boris is fucking handsome and good looking in real life.

  • You being a cat person just made my fucking day💓

  • you are anomaly

  • Boris has a dope Russian accent mixed with english 😂 i love it!

  • I would like to know if his svd/dragunov is real

  • I talk a lot with my hands as well. Pretty sure I aquired it from a teacher and it eventually became a habit in my IT work.

  • The A of AK-47 stands for Adidas

  • Fact #6 Boris likes THICC Mashas

  • Fun fact: Most foreign people say that we portuguese sound like russians talking to each other. And we have our kind of Gopnik breed too...

    • @shouko no it is not. It's portuguese with russian accent!

    • It’s Spanish with a Russian accent lol

  • 1:42 Oof. Dimitri Petrenko, you've been called out.

  • Reading books in dim light will make your eyes go more pizdec, than by screen. - Boris 2020

  • *intro* boris plays Mario kart in real life

  • Do you force everyone who takes a pic of your face in your basement and make them squat and drink vodka and listen to hard bass?

  • His face revel is going to be a accident... We will find you Boris

  • Hmmmh I did not know that Boris does not like SALT!!!! HOW?!?!?! Boris, try eating as much Salt as you do MAYONEYZ

  • I talk loud and I also talk with my hands

  • Nice secret labs chair xD

  • Wait i thought speaking with your hands was considered normal

  • Boris: im not allergic to pollen German fans of Boris: 0_0

  • idk for others, but i dont want to see Boris face(mistery hardbass dropping) (idk does mistery hardbass song exists)

  • "You see, where I come from you do not use 1996 and buying in the same sentence" being from the Balkans I felt that lol

  • Upload - "you press it and they give you money, until they do not" :d

  • 9:54 you smell the food you already say thank you

  • someone make this beautiful man a custom gaming chair

  • question, can you name all your friends, and show pictures of them, thank you.

  • Comrade Boris did you ever peel potato in Lada or t-54?

  • the slavs have such loud voices when ever one of my friends are over they always ask why are my parents yelling at other even tho its how we talk...

  • Fact 3 same

  • As a Russian citizen I can say that Boris is not from any of Cis countries. So technically he might be a slav but culturally it's just for a show . Cuz slav reality is much more doomed and grey while Boris is really positive. If u want to see real slav life, I'd like to recommend a HRdown channel Андерграунд. Ofc this channel about marginals but at least 13 millions of Russians are marginals

  • i play games 12h stairght,never sleep,just a 10 year old,i live in china the whole time,but i think im american bc i speak english the whole time,rest of my famlly,speak chinese.

  • Category: Educational. And as funny as it may sound, you can learn so much from this channel, than you can from most teachers in schools

  • I've been a nurse for an eye doktor for 10 years. Take a few breaks from the screen. Even just, once an hour, look away at a distant object for 15-30 seconds. The fatigue is reduced 😁

  • "There is a button on the page that says "Upload", you press it and they give you money... until they do not." Boris, 2020

  • 5:10 that reminded me of the 2018 compilation beginning where the plush boris had a robot voice

  • 00:48 u fcking killed me boris xD OY BLYAT

  • LUMIX GH5!

  • I can relate to not being able to sit still while playing. I never sit normal

  • Explain to me how a Facts about youtuber video and random viewer questions is so much better than a lets play

  • Hi there, just subbed! I'm from Canadian Siberia's, Quebec, and lots of your video relates so much. Potatoes are life. I'm gonna try to do Doctor's Sausage!

  • @ where is seirgi

  • 1:21 damn that was smooth

  • Chair fun..Immediately I felt like I do when I spin on chairs,OMG I love this Video

  • You don't mix 1996 and the word "buying" together ahahhaha

  • Discovered your channel about a week. Been binge watching it ever since. I'm sure it has been asked before, but why so much Mayonez? I mean, I love it too, but not nearly as you, Komrad. Anyway, stay cheeki breeki. Cheers.

  • The intro song is 7447

  • hey boris youll probably never read this but have you ever fired a Makarov Pistol, a Dragonov, Ak-47, AA-12, or Saiga 12?

  • we need Gopnik Supreme merch

  • Me when school starts and I'm late 0:48

  • "Russian"

  • i make candy kvass i think

  • "No, you see, where I come from, you do not use 1996 and the word "buying" in the same sentence." That actually caught me off guard, well played Boris

  • Hm, now that you say it... I need to watch my Russian friends more closely, when we skype. Btw, do you know what we call it in western Europe, when an Italian man has both hands tied behind his back? - A 90% speech impediment ;-)

  • 4:27 and Italians

  • Yah... 1996 was not a good time to be Russian.

  • 2:54 You can kinda see a bit of Boris' right eye

  • 7:00 ah money

  • 5:10 Vadim did black magic

  • Boris: And to celebrate 400 mil views on the channel I have finally upgraded to a chair I can actually fit in. As you can see, there is some fixes done. It is second hand- but this is fine! As long as is sturdy no fall over, is fine for me! Also chair: How about no?

  • how is sergey doing ? i know he was cameraman

  • Ok so why am I like 80% like Boris. Except the glasses part

  • slavs 🤝 italians gesturing wildly when talking

  • 11:42 Debil, you wrote Vicon


  • Called it. Boris was Alpha Group. Boris! Do you have a preference for Kalashnikovs in 7.62 vs 5.45?

  • Are you who you act like

  • No allergic to Poland?

  • Boris man cmon portugal isnt spanish t-t cool video though

  • I also talk with my hands. Love you and your work Boris

  • It’s glasses for your glasses

  • 5:10

  • В Твиттере, Фейсбуке и Инсте он есть, а тру славянскую соцсеть ВК не скачал... Не по мазерлендски...😠😔👺

  • 5:44 “I do have necessary training” Boris KGB spy confirmed

  • I learned english only to fully understan russian jokes in your vidios

  • Laughed so hard in 5:10

  • boris asmr

  • 7:17 Wait, Igor is debil? I thought Igor was urod!

  • We are 3.12 million subscribers, i suggest we all go to Patreon and send $1 dolar at the same time

  • Can confirm quite a bit of slavs talk with their hands. And meaybe rarely you can even get a baltic that speaks with their hands.

  • 0:26 h m m m

  • 0:38 lol

  • Those answers for the questions are so brilliant might as well learn as it may save me one day

  • So thats why my eys ar pizdetc

  • Just don't speak spanish

  • Adidas will colab with some straight up nobody weirdos but this guy with this many subs and views doesnt have official adidas merchandise? Big L for adidas

  • ah yes, the first ad i see is about di4k pics wonderful.. i will began hating my life now..(I didn’t see anything it was just a Girl talking about it)