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Datum objavljivanja: 19. Kol 2020.
Boris teaches Boris the basics of HTML, the building blocks of the Internet. The wild west of the modern world. So to stay safe, go to and use code LIFEOFBORIS to get 68% off a 2 year plan + 1 month free. Stay safe! Stay cheeki breeki!
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    • IDEMO


    • Llll

    • Need MOAR programing with boris.

    • Sooo happy for you add brother! Stack those fucking ruples

  • WHERE IS Visual Studio Code ?????????????????

  • Well, if we continue with Boris's example, then hacking is the brick that you throw at the brick window, lol

  • Does anyone know what adidas tracksuit hes wearing ?

  • *_boris is that "teacher" who would always allow you to use the bathroom, no matter what html stands for or if the class is going on for more than 5 hours......._* *_"ALWAYS!"_*

  • my brain before watching boris: smol my brain after watching boris: uh oh oy blyat too big

  • wow, i love your channel but because i doesnt learn HTML so i ignored this vidio BUT NOW WHO IS COMEBACK TO SEE THIS??? YEAH ITS ME DIOOO

  • 4,000th comment

  • FunFact : *He Is Actually talking English

  • Hha why every Russian videos always make me laughing

  • если вы говорите что мы! Русские хакеры эта обидна скорее вы хакеры и потом вините нас! ))

  • When’s the sequel I just want to make my own website for free

  • Can we all appreciate the fact that Boris makes Actually decent Tutorials?

  • Pff,i will not use a vpn just for security,there is TOR BROWSER -Boris approved! Take my money and shut up

  • hi there~, thanks for the sharing. waiting for the next videos. i'm still new in this, need support.

  • OK I made my Rick roll website how do I make it online to Rick roll others.

  • 90% of my problems will solve just by having this guy as my teacher👏😂

  • Instead of joining online class, I just watch Boris programing videos than my school... Boris is even a professional programmer than my computer teacher

  • Boris you can you Python for that its easy it has Auto save

  • 0:34 wtf hahahahh

  • wait what, i use sublime text 3 for html and other coding but i got it for free, hmm. interesting.

  • It's all cool and stuff, but HTML is not a programming language :/ It's a markup language xD Stick to teaching Java, it's better for everyone xD

  • Deu booeeldeenģ błox of dee eentærnyæt -Boris

  • its been a few years since i learned basic html in school thx boris for refreshing my memory

  • wait wait wait 3:25 why do you have arabic language there hmmm

  • if ANYBODY wants to learn html... this is your best way

  • that was not that slav style, blyat

  • Sublime has a free version Boris

  • 🧢 📬

  • You can see boris face at 11:05

  • Boris please do video on Java programming for beginners !

  • just use ctrl u

  • Where is part 2 Sadge

  • Not gonna lie this video helped me complete an assignment 🤣

  • I’ve learnt the same amount in this 10 minute video than I have in a semester of computer science

  • Dear boris shoud i learn node js or PhP I ask you this because you are the best slav programmer .

  • You could installed Visual Studio Code instead of Atom, blin!

  • Hmm yes rickroll

  • thanks, your better than my actual computer teacher lol

  • Lol, love how “the internet” is the “inter нет”

  • Part 2

  • Comerade explains on how to program the gopnik coding for super slav scientists.

  • "IE 7, if youre crasy" ehehe

  • Boriz iz a Real Software Engileer

  • is this the same guy who cut a cake with an axe

  • c++ is a lot easier

  • I have learned more in 10 minutes than in five years of computer science college

  • I want to go to this school

  • I've 25 year experience of web development, still watched the complete video. Didn't even skipped a bit.

  • Be Careful, you can hack NASA with that

  • Thanks for the VPN, now I can watch PP vids peacefully (cz they are all banned in my country)

  • How about DJ boris?

  • boris can you teach how to edit html on websites (like u change it and if u reload then its the same and it stays forever) because if u teach it then i can do good things with the site (and funny things)

  • Leo tolstoy

  • The student just sounds literally like a baby

  • Best HTML first tutorial ever. And I've been a web developer for 5+ years, plus I've taken computer science university courses.

  • Pls do some more programming videos

  • now i want to learn java with you

  • How can you talk about text editors without mentioning GNU Emacs, and Vim?

  • Wouldn't it be cool if Boris made this a real series of tutorials? Like that video helped me not be completely behind in my IT class just before attendance classes started again 😅 I know those are just the basics that Boris showed but hey! It helped!

  • Make a html series

  • i love your lessons bro

  • With Boris, anything is better!

  • How does he manage to make the clearest ever html tutorial while being a funny video I'm done he's the best youtuber ever

  • Boris : **Explaining in english** My Brain : Oh this language is russian


  • Considering how laid back and fun this was, and that it was accurate and concise......Boris could make oligarch money with full programming tutorials.

  • I really want a part 2 for this...

  • instructions unclear I made google 2.o instead......

  • Of course Boris didn't mention western spy program Microsoft Visual Studio Code

  • Boris I give you the most important piece of advice Remove the 'The' Just SlavBook *crowd bursts into applause*

  • I did it once before with my slav friend but we realised that HTML is not a programming its a markup language but still cool haha I love the life of boris!!

  • 10:03 The quotation marks are optional, but you should still ALWAYS use them. It makes your HTML much easier to read and understand and helps you avoid some bugs.

  • 4:07 correction: Not all tags need to be closed, but all tags with closing tags need to be closed (includes most tags). Some tags are self closing such as , , , , . With these tags you CANNOT have closing tags.

  • VS Code is a much better choice these days than Atom. It's faster, more lightweight, and very easy to customize with extensions to save time (ex. with live server, tabnine predictive text, and more). Also Atom lost support when GitHub was acquired by Microsoft.

  • UTF-8? You from Germany

  • Lol in Serbia we dont need VPN , you can do whatever the fuck you want on internet 😎

  • want more coding please. hoping for more uploads in the new channel slavtek.

  • link to download for html program??

  • If you did a Masterclass of programming, I'd watch

  • use wix.

  • C:/brickhouse/mybrickhouse.html Chrome:TAKE IT DOWN VADIM CHROME:TAKE IT DOWN VADIM BLYAT

  • Legend is, Boris is still working on The Slavbook to this day

  • but I have Sublime for free? does it mean I didn't read a license and I will lose it eventually?

  • I made this file:///C:/Users/abcle/Desktop/coding.html/coding.html

  • This is the first time in a really long time that I've commented on a youtube video but I have to say as a CE student this is the best HTML guide I've seen (your C# video is amazing too), Boris keep up the programming videos you're a fantastic teacher blin!

  • I learned more from Boris just now than all of my CS classes..

  • no likes on my comment wow

  • this guy cracks me up... "internet explorer 7 if you are crazy!!!" just too good.

  • Love ur videos

  • This is exactly what happens when your teacher pairs you up with the other Gopnik in the class for a school project


  • Im a full stack developper and U MAKE ME laught when time is hard

  • Шаг


  • 0:57 that is by far the most dissapointed tone that I've heard from Boris

  • You can use Notepad++ dark mode by going to style configuratior

  • is that vadim

  • This was really good.

  • I'm a web programmer this is very accurate. just one more thing: when you are a real developer, you almost never use html documents