Boris visits Tatratea factory

Datum objavljivanja: 13. Vel 2019.
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Boris and the Tatratea factory
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I was invited to take a look at how Tatratea is made. Tatratea is a drink I have featured in both of my Slovakia videos so far. I take a look at their factory and ask a few questions. No Borises were hurt in the making of this cheeki breeki. Enjoy!
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  • Man you really got the royal treatment by Tatra

  • Since they use teas, I want to challenge them to try and make a Matcha-tea based drink.

  • Wait, Tatratea is only 15 european Peso's in Slovakia? And we debils pay 37€ in Germany for one bottle

  • So happy that Borris had a good time there in Slovakia and also so disappointed that he had had a terrible time in Czech Rep. Maybe next time, hopefully, you'll visit Czech Rep. once again but not the tourist traps and scams.

  • everyone slav till the bartender pulls out a six shooter.

  • blin on a bike, a bottle would cost me £60 to get :(

  • “Served with the shot of the gun” *Casually shoots gun* Now that is true slave power

  • boris doesnt want give the viewers face reveal while drinking Teas. So, boris decided cut a small hole in his mask for his mouth to drink the teas.

  • This is actually in my country which I found pretty cool

  • "I came here completely sober!" So you KNOW Boris took this seriously.

  • Boris with frowning mouth hole reminds me of Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys for some reason..

  • Its Holland

  • i think the teleportation is that you blackout and then you feel like you were at the party but next minute at ur house

  • this video is so wholesome i cannot describe it

  • What is a boris and how do i order one

  • Boris: Please look away if alcohol is a foreign concept Me a Muslim: i about to end this mans whole career

  • Teeth Reveal

  • HAH! Us Georgians are the spirits of whine and alcohol.

  • If you ever get the chance too, after this quarantine stuff is all finished for good, I'm sure Australia would welcome a visit. :) Also; I can't wait to finally get hold of this wondrous elixir, only problem is, what if I end up in the middle of the ocean? Pfft! That is for future me to worry about! :D

  • 7:03 since Boris drank that, he is now immortal and the next Russia's greatest love machine

  • Never go to someone with empty hand! Eastern Europeans will agree...

  • *2:28* is this warcrime?

  • So from what I understand, tatratea is alcoholic tea?

  • Visit The least slavik country (Germany) but there are some slabs in Saxony

  • You guys, I'm getting the feeling all the flavours were not totally completely different.

  • Boris lip reveal. My life is complete.

  • Seems I cannot get Tatratea from, neither to Finland. snif.

  • Imagine running into Boris while [time]traveling...

  • I´m from Slovakia :)

  • Tatratea Blyat!!

  • I had no idea what tatratea was, now I want to visit Slovakia for scientific reasons obviously.

  • "served with the shot of a gun" Proper Slavs

  • Dream come true! Molodetz!

  • I saw his eyes through the glasses... THATS ONE FOR THE BOOKS

  • is there a boris coupon code?

  • I think Davidoff is Anatoli

  • Pls go to serbia

  • And serving with the shot of the gun 😂

  • Greetings from Vladivostok )

  • В Словакии меню на русском? 10:30

  • He actually did this for the free drinks

  • Good one. I am of legal drinking age - LOL

  • Another good reason to visit Slovakia

  • ooooh, chaga!

  • Every time I watch your videos I learned a little bit of Russian


  • My dad has been drinking alcohol almost all day for the past 13 years😎😎

  • Boris wears masks everywhere at all times?.... coincidence?

  • “Serving with a shot of gun!” Americans: IVE SEEN THIS BEFORE

  • Me watching this with my daily glass of Tatratea...

  • pretty dangerous to be handing out so many samples and then make you walk down so many stairs

  • Please tell me I'm not the only one who is weirded out seeing Boris' mouth moving when he talks.

  • Boris never disappoints. Came here for some blyatiful education and laughs, was not disappointed

  • *lights drink on fire* Me:okay pretty crazy but normal "It is served with gunfire"*begans shooting* *O N L Y* *I N* *R U S S I A*

  • I'm exactly 25% Czech and identify so much... why?

  • "Teleportation Juice".... Wtf?? LOL.

  • And serving with a shot of the gun *literally shoots a gun*

  • 2:28

  • boris likes tea, this means he is at least 25% british

  • That serving.....with gunshots....why?....just why?

  • I love you Boris and your life is Blyatiful.

  • , _,,)\.~,,._ (()` ``)\))),,_ | \ ''((\)))),,_ ____ |6` | ''((\())) "-.____.-" `-.-, | .'\ ''))))' \))) | | `. '' (((( \, _) \/ |)))) `' | ((((( \ | )))))) `| | ,\ /(((((( | / `-.______. | | / `. \ \ (((( | / \ | `.\ | ((( \ | | | )| | )) | | | | || | ' | | | | || | | | | | || | | | | | || | | | | | || |

  • "Serving with the shot of a gun" How Russian is that?

  • UK: i have the best tea! Slovakia: Am I a Joke to You?

  • I think he was born in 1991.

  • This is much better than Willy Wonka

  • Escalation - tea honey Lemon ALcohol GUN FIRED!!!

  • If I open a bar, every drink is served with one shot of a gun.

  • Boris teeth reveal

  • Up until now, I thought this was gonna be a pleasant video. "Served with a shot of the gun." A'ight. Nevermind.

  • 5:57 "Samples. I like samples." -Boris 2019

  • Love my country🇸🇰

  • Jan -you don't have to drink everything Boris- I'm gonna end this man whole career

  • Alcohol and guns. Name a more iconic duo, I dare you.

  • Who is from Slovakia and hi Boris 🇸🇰🇷🇺

  • Spent all my money on tatratea and now I can ez get to my work in one shot, travell the world and do other stuff. Just remember komrade, it'll take you a while to learn how to control the power of teleportation. Thnx to Boris and Tatratea, I became a billionaire by saving money on public transport.

  • "you don't have to drink everything" -My mom at every family gathering to me.

    • My dad after 5 shots: "help yourself, son, don't be shy"

  • Chin and mouth reveal done, now we need the rest

  • Slovakia has the best beer hands down

  • Bruh, Boris mouth with the entire rest of his coverings is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

  • did the dude just straight up shot a gun or is it something else

  • These types of videos are always interesting. I'd love to see more distillery/brewery tours from this area of the world because it is legitimately interesting. I wonder if they do international sales?

  • Anyone know where to obtain teleportation tea around world?

  • *9:25** teleportation ladder.*

  • I'm really impressed at how good slav people are in speaking English.

  • 09:30. Oh look a ladder where do you go.. mhmm.. nowhere..

  • 5:30. "is there some giant gopnik stirs this with a spoon..? ". Not anymore 200 years after the industrial revolution we put in a machine..

  • Swear to beer I shall kick John David in the jaw through his groin yet for never telling me about this when I was a kid when he taught me to drink and shoot a rifle.

  • 1:10 boris plays around whit fork and a woodpick i dont know

  • I'm 40km from Slovakia and here I am drinking Żubrówka . Gonna have to tank up Lanosik tomorrow.

  • And now, for somerhing completely different

  • Alchohal not new to me ive been drinking beer since i was 4

  • This is the only channel that makes me laugh

  • I really want to know the recipe of that, we don't have tatratea here and i'm dying to try :(

  • I live in slovakia 🙃

  • Muhahahaa, Awesome video Boris! 💪🏻😎 I want to go to the Tatratea factory too

  • How did he find a gun

  • Vadim to murmansk

  • Ah yes Slavic heaven

  • It was all just a test to see how many samplestudents it would take until you couldn't walk up or down the stairs