Breathe in the STALKER: Dead Air

Datum objavljivanja: 23. Kol 2018.
Like hunting rats with paint brush..
This is giant huge STALKER mod called Dead Air. Boris searches for toilet destructibility.
Mod here:
DJ Blyatman - Silk Road
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Intro music:
Gopnik McBlyat - Snakes in Tracksuits
Outro music:
Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem


  • Omg lmao what are these sticks in ground? *BOOOMMM* Cyka..

  • Mosin Nagant *Moist Nugget*

  • Dead air what a stupid name, oh god...

  • 1:00 that was the best roast i ever heard in my life

  • I need to play more stalker

  • So, in west game, named RO blocks, I was playing a stalker game and some blin say “moist nugget best gun.” So I thought ‘is this blin talking about moist McDonald western spy chicken food?’ And they say “it have (many pizdec problems).” So I say “but moist nugget is western chicken made fried food blyat!” And then I see this pot of kompot, and I think, “oh”

  • я русский!!!!

  • A fully loaded Moist-Nugget.

  • If thats the typical mosin nagant mines fuxkin perfect.

  • аминазин в помощь...ты в аду надеюсь..сталкерском)

  • where are you guys getting this game for free?

  • "what these sticks on ground" *BOOOOOOM* lmao


  • Soon comrades.

  • Oy blyat i miss this voice

  • Stalker 2nd incoming blyat prepare breath !!

  • the funny thign is first time i was plying stalker i dident even knwo about english version so i played the WHOLE stalker game in russian text and sound it was hard and i still cant speak 1 whole sentance of russian

  • Hey, i'm trying Lost Alpha in my laptop. My laptop is Asus with GeForce 560 with prossecor 2.3 GHz in Windows 10 Workstation, but never getting crash or any problem

  • Need more videos about free barely known games, my friend Boris

  • Opa cool content!

  • Чики брики

  • Those boxes were never openable, right?

  • Mosin nugget new red army rifle

  • perfect...nothing to say

  • Выбрал дорогущий перк с комбезом и все время ходил не надев его жалуясь на перегруз. Кек.

  • You should try the Call of Chernobyl mod, assuming you have call of pripyat legitly, it adds a lot of stuff and is even easy enough for my technologically illiterate ass to install.

  • -mosin nagant- moist nugget

  • ahhh the famous moist nugget !

  • A over rated and bad mod, its just MISERY with new graphics really. Stuff like Anomaly or CoC with addons is a better STALKER experience.

  • im going to download this blyatful game, then i'll level up to Slav A+ tier

  • That computer must be really good

  • you know the old saying of X-Ray engine...its fickle and impulsive like masha.

  • Boris duhovni vođa... Samo stalker!!!

  • Wear the goddamm sunrise Suittttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • I sense that one day it's gonna come out that Boris is actually a Mexican doing a funny accent.

  • "Fu-cking Scamerovich!" Truer words were never spoken. XD

  • Какого хуя в коментах нет русских?

  • Is stalker compatible with Xbox one controller

    • Not compatible with any controller

  • alt-enter does not work to fullscreen?

  • 1:00

  • Fully loaded moist nugget

  • Сразу видно наш, даже свой родной акцент не скрывает))

  • 4:36 dude managed to get the gas piston dirty even tho mosin has no gas piston. true gopnik

  • Itnsays invalid paremeter when i click on ok


  • котелок means pot or kettle.

  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Dead ass

  • "A normal Mosin Nagant." Хахахаха! Правда!

  • blyat your pc`s wallpaper is very blyatiful! i want wal paper like you !!!!!!

  • Boris is actually, a gopnik capitalist

  • 7:00 maybe that is hard enough. when i was sildier, i was m60 shooter's assistant. but my shooter is kinna shitter even he was Technical Sergeant. so, oneday he left his rifle and me and m60 and his duty. so i brought his m16 and my and m60. less then 100m my leg said "stop. how dare you." because there was top of the mountain{1465m}

  • Ey, comrade boris. what does КАТЕЛОК mean in english? im now making subtitles but i dunno what does that mean. is it military pot like mestin? or is it boiler like Печка?

  • 7:19 It is not a niva´s rear axle, it is a Tie Fighter early alpha prototipe. XD

  • Russian dude Plays Russian game Switches to English so his viewers dont bug him when they dont understand a russian word 10/10

  • I'm also using Dead Air 0.98b

  • What happened to clear sky letsplay???

  • Now there's a game I haven't seen in years

  • "what is this sticks in ground?" Lol

  • Thats not a regular mosin its a new one

  • So Boris is actually British

  • Hello im blyat my goes to 10000 celsuis like BURNDY ah blyat

  • Dead Air version 1.0 is about to release Boris... He has made the game so much prettier, and added a lot of new stuff. As a man who enjoyed Misery so much for the atmosphere, how the zone feels like a depressing, miserable place to be, only out for your blood, and not too proud to cheat it away from you with a 'silent' cat (they now meow quite loudly to scare you away from their territory), or however else it wants to. The game now also gives you a bit of a playstyle choice: in cordon, you are trapped between military by the entrance to cordon, and bandits by the railroad. You can: A: go guns blazing B: go sneeki breeki around the fence, watch out for cats! C: pay your way through and remain neutral with bandits. If you choose a or b, you might as well fight for your rubles.

    • Also the game items in the game make a lot more sense now. Why carry around a sleeping bag and all that? Well, because if you try to steal a bed, the owner will slap you awake and out! Get your own bed, stalker! You might also want to try the new 'master skills', which add extra options to right clicking items in the inventory. As an inventor, your ability to disassemble, repair and create things is much greater. You recieve more spare parts, use fewer, and succeed much more often. The game, as a whole, feels like misery liften by the power of two. Misery². Call of Misery. Dead Air.

  • 03:36 did you heard that ?

  • Да

  • are you aware that all we want is you playing the game normally, with a normal video edit, talking slavic but with normality? im over this hardbass chiki briki shit, i just want you to play stalker and talk like a ukranian and or russian, all this silly shit throws me off your channel dude

  • Where can I get that wallpaper? I freakin' love it!

  • *sneeze* sorry, Im allergic to bullshit 😂 I will copy that one, blyat

  • 1:18 1:39

  • Костюм одеть надо было

  • You need to play max payne 3!!! Maybe the first two as well!!!

  • boris normal day 1. wait that guy die in vain 2. steal his guns 3. profit lol

  • Damn it Boris, if you equip your clothes, you wont be getting tired.... have you ever played Stalker or what?

  • what does "katenok" mean?what does "katenok" mean?what does "katenok" mean?what does "katenok" mean?

  • Boris play Narodnaya Solyanka Cumulative Pack 2, let's see if you are a true Stalker or a stuffed bear

  • When you realize he's speaking english

  • 7:01 moist nugget


  • allergic without vodka,boris

  • Also I have a friend that watches your videos in the hallway of my college we will walk in the hallway saying cuka cyka blayt over and over again

  • I lived in one of the coldest parts of Russia for a year and I were old open my windows and sleep in a short sleeve shirt blayt

  • dude, you are golden! lmao

  • so basically normal nagant


  • 4:38 how thw blin can a mosin nagant have a dirty gas piston when it is not gas operated blyat

  • Is that favorite hardbass Silk Road blyat?

  • 3:05 Dude is Marcus from borderlands 0w0

  • (heavy breathing) ey bo... ey boris ey boris! (sniff) (sniff) this.. this is gaming video why you upload this here? this is not gopnik gaming! (gets pan on head)

  • 4:35 Frankly, the only thing that make a Mosin-Nagant malfunction is...lack of Mosin-Nagant. Still able to kill even with critical components missing, such as bullets. Can't say the same about modern western firearms, can you?

  • Like hunting rats with paitbrush. I'm using that.

  • "What is this sticks on ground?" *explodes*

  • Why dont you actually go to chernobyl

  • Since when does a mosin nagant have a gas piston?

  • it s fucked

  • Why does he prefer English over Russian blayt

  • ""captions: Italian"

  • Please Play Escape from Tarkov

  • boris could you please try 'Survarium' on steam its almost stalker but more action :)

  • Looks like Sidorovich sold his ASUS laptop for the interior design.