Building the Ultimate PS5

Datum objavljivanja: 12. Vel 2021.
The dbrand Dark Plates:
The SSD that SHOULD work with the PS5 on Amazon:
Hard drive to play PS4 games on PS5 on Amazon:
PS5 cooler on Amazon:
PS5 charging and cooling dock on Amazon:
PS5 DualSense controller shell on Amazon:
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  • Sadly that cooling fan completely negates the point of a cooling fan... cuz it pushes air in through the exhuast...

  • Their nothing great about this...

  • Make an ultimate xboc series x

  • can i please have a ps5 austin

  • Austin Evans you’re literally the Jake Paul of tech youtubers

  • *Only 825 Gig of ssd* Bro thats more than my fricking laptop.

  • Fuck building the ultimate PS5, I wanna know about that screwdriver!

  • He is genius but how does he charge it

  • From our sponsors youtube absense ad starts playing lmao

  • You should've been in the music video 'Homicide' by Logic.

  • best fortnite player ever


  • I've never been so much prouder of you than this moment austin, congrats buddy.

  • Whenever a PS5 Pro releases it better be black I swear to god that looks sick.

  • Don’t celebrate a game of fortnite if you played with 2 brand new accounts, the game places you with bots if you are new, so you have a chance at winning

  • How r u supposed to charge the switch

  • I have swich and you can turnit on whit a littl hause

  • ;_; ive been trying to buy one and u got 2

  • I’m pretty sure the first game you play you get in with bots

  • I was expecting the most advanced, high-tech ps5 setup, everything built to be as powerful and useful as possible, and can i just say i much prefer this glorified shitpost.

  • right after he said "a sponser from youtube ads" an ad came up

  • I hate rich people they got 2 ps5s when I can’t even get one

  • Lmfao scalpers gonna Scalp the Face plates next

  • Amazing you guys can get your hands on a PS5 and I still can't 😭

  • Amazing you guys can get your hands on a PS5 and I still can't 😭

  • Gaynite

  • Is that a ROUTER lol

  • Idk why I haven't subscribed yet but I just did

  • Even welders don't have a mask that big

  • The switch would die lol

  • They make Fortnite sound like the old times haha.

  • .

  • I cannot believe logic retired to do tech reviews

  • Consumers will kill people. I want it black But it's only in white. Some cunt will make all colours though. Ok, I'm down with that.

  • We love this, please check our channel for more tech updates!

  • We love this, please check our channel for more tech updates!

  • wtf you have 2 ps5

  • Can you build the ultimate Atari 2600?

  • 10:45 one second later.. :))

  • Was

  • and this is the exact same as marques brownlee's ultimate custom ps5

  • 10:45 right on que to an ad poped up lol

  • Ps5 comes sad part all games cost to much PS4 more games and less money

  • fun Fact : it was bots

  • Our sponsor HRdown Adsense... No ad, no ad blocker on my phone. RIP Austin

  • 7:43 I got this digital edition ps5, MIND BLOWN

  • Omg the horrors, all those wrong accessories with fans blowing the wrong ways. Can't watch this anymore.

  • Looking to donate that digital one lol

  • kinda of a asmr

  • those are legit all bots

  • ken is growing a beard? 🤔

  • Please don’t do me

  • Fortnites lobby’s are all ai so ya not that hard to win

  • ASSsd Caddy

  • Ultimate ps3 please 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Everyone:rushing at store to try to get ps5 Austin:casually buys 2 and acts like nothing special happened

  • 3:29 I have no idea why but this made me laugh so hard

  • “Switch-station 5”

  • they won fortnite with power of friendship!!!!

  • How will they be sold out when no one have a ps5 to use

  • this guy again opening a hardware ?

  • IS THAT A GAMESPHERE!?!?!?!?!?

  • 10:43 when you said that I got an ad

  • It hurts me watching this man destroy these PS5s when I’m not even able to buy one. Feels bad man

  • the first round is all bots lol

  • To be Honest, The Black PS5 Loks pretty lame. The original design can never be defeated.

  • Austin has a wife?

  • Buyer Beware! DBrand will NOT take refunds or returns! I bought a skin for my laptop believing that it would fit and it did not. DBrand will NOT take any returns if you take the skin off the 3M backing! Ridiculous! how else would you know if there are any fitment problems or issues? What if you find out there was a scratch on the skin AFTER you take the skin off the backing. My skin is in perfect condition as well and still they wont take a return. I have bought several skins before for several phones and this was my first time requesting for a return or refund. No Customer Service for a large company. Buyer beware!

    • order the correct product 🤷‍♂️

  • Me: searching far and wide to find a PS5 These guys: ruining the system I really really want

  • Austin's my favorate Nerd

  • Is this serious?

  • Can I have a ps5 please or a pc much appreciated

  • vim por causa do Sidão Game

  • Thanks for wasting my time

  • could you send a PS5 to me

  • Hi Austin is it alright if I could lend me the ps 5 I've been really wanting one since it came out. Tankyou.

  • Video marked for ADULT CONTENT! "Ring-a-ling the Ding-a-ling"

  • He won in a bot lobby lol

  • Who is here after MKBHD video 😂

  • "theoretically"

  • Steve from Gamers Nexus is typing.

  • Awesome

  • Esta loco

  • 6:40 I got my PS camera adapter when they put it on the site Took about 1 and a half months to arrive and guess what Dont trust FedEx Thing was literally smashed in half and crushed

  • He was put in the game with bots haha

  • I must say... This... was... Actually very very interesting and funny, take the like man pity i can't spam it lol..

  • I'm crying on the inside

  • I love your channel I am a huge fan

  • My PS5 runs a lot faster after ordering the plates for some reason

  • Can I have one ?....

  • Most pointless video I've seen in my life. 15 minutes of my life i'm not gonna get back 😪

  • 4:52 "Oh hoe!"

  • me over here wanting a ps5 then Austin brings out 1 ps5 then he brings another one out

  • Hey yall in 2024. This will for sure scare you

  • Here we have our NAKED PS5

  • Ahhhhh

  • In all fairness, he seemed perfectly aware that the cooling items were gonna be useless.

  • Linus is going to be pissed

  • 15:15 Fortnite addict

  • bruh watch gamers nexus the cooling fan in the back does nothing -_-