Cheap vs expensive shashlik - Cooking with Boris

Datum objavljivanja: 2. Lip 2018.
How to cook shashlik two ways and drink tea at same time.
Is expensive lamb the best or is pig bits on a stick the way to go?
Cooking with Boris never stops to explore new ways.
I don't really remember. I did not assume anyone wants to make expensive paprika lamb with caviar and semechki..
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  • You won't be able to taste the difference if you drink a bottle of vodka beforehand

  • I saw that western mayonnaise, what is going on here?

  • Do a face reveal

  • Lada means peper in indonesian and boris has say a few indonesian leanguage so basicly boris is indonesian Conpiracy

  • 03:47, for the Peugeot shaker

  • Ah Boris back at it again I see blyat

  • "Liberal communism" Romania 101

  • 3:51

  • Boris in a nutshell: -Drives a Volkswagen -Doesn't accept Peugeot mills

  • healthy dose of mayo ? more like overdose

  • 2018 : Boris doing coking and doing some gopnik shit 2020: aw shit here we go agein.

  • "They say plastic wrap destroys nature. That's why i use it at home." Boris ca. 02,06,2018 (colorized).

  • Автор русский?

  • Ору

  • Come and watch us play with our food on ChewyFoodMaster dot come

  • Eto bila blyatski shashlik 🤣

  • 5:48 Omg boris i live in pakistan and i have the exact same plate

  • Останься, Чики Брики!

  • thank you for including the prices in bitcoin

  • ALMOST 500 PESOS woah lamb is expansive thanks boris for taking time for calculating price.

  • whats the difference between turkish kebab and shashlik

  • All pork and poultry should be brined. It's not hard, it's not expensive and it will change your life.

  • HRdown getting comfortable with those double ads.

  • Ey Boris, why don't you show prices in Republic Credits? How am I supposed to make Bantha shashlik?

  • 4:47 "You can hear birds screaming at eachother in distance, a nice summer day" 🅰️

  • Liberal socialist recipe uses most expensive pound-for-pound foodstuff on the planet. Exclusively produced... By Gopniks. Blyat

  • Try comparing expensive vs cheap doctor sausage

  • This is like souvlaki

  • woot AUD got a mention

  • English auto-sub is useless against Boris's English.

  • I'm gonna show this to my vegan friend

  • We eat it in iran

  • That isnright viewer, your Mom knows Boris. ;)

  • Slavic Sate Amazing Komrade!


  • That's what you get for trying to cheat the shashlik gods with all that fancy crap! the OG shashlik shouldn't cost more than 100 hryvnia, that includes the vodka.

  • Gourmet meat could've gotten me 1 week or 2 if it desperate supply of ramen.

  • Wasn't interested, and then he said "taste of Slav in your mouth" and had my full attention.

  • Powdered flames, my sides, hahahahah!

  • I an still waiting for that shashlik winter edition that you promised.

  • There is bitcoin in there😂

  • Terminology is amusing,I mean..Well you should get it

  • I love how he just cooks great and its very funny


  • Why did Masha leave Boris?

  • boris just baking to meat maybe taste good

  • 12 AUD for lamb you got a bargin there bud

  • Thank u for putting price in Polish zloty big help. Solidarnosc Fuck Capitalism

  • Even btc lol

  • well no one realize boris skipped step 3 for a reason XD

  • i can't believe you called jerry can mystery liquid

  • Boris is banging along at 93, drinking tea from the kettle with one hand and driving with the other. Damn, son.

  • 3:48 xD

  • shaslik is türk

  • Boris why are u driving a Western car?

  • 2:33 This might end up shit

  • "Blyat these mosquitoes!" 😂😂😂

  • Here in Brazil we have something called espetinho where its basically sashlik but they place porkchop,chicken's heart and,steaks in wooden sticks


  • Capitalism-sends u meat with bone,communism- sends u bone

  • Maybe the luxury lamb just needs some mayonez.

  • 2:27 covid

  • 2:27 covid

  • I think, your grandfather cooked for Stalin xD

  • Soublakios :)

  • Boris, where is your old shashlik video?

  • I rather have lamb with the cheap recipe because I can't eat pork because it's a religion thing

  • 6:11 introducing genetically modified mosquitoes by Vadim blyat

  • In hungarian shashlik means eagle butthole

  • 4:19 Me as a German Where's the joke?

  • Boris! You need to add lemon juice with the vinegar when you make cheap shashlik. I made this and I added lemon juice and it was even better.

  • 4:51

  • Your marinade from a cooking perspective did not make sense at all. Especially the caviar. What?

  • 1:30 20 *sex*

  • Souvlaki in greece

  • blayt why you use hellman capitalist mayonaise

  • FUN FACT: Pork in Ontario, Canada is worth the same amount as the lamb from where you got it

  • We had the same plates at home.

  • I was gonna ask how you can afford lamb and caviar and everything and then i thought... No, you probably can't, end of month will be dreary stay strong tovarshi

  • This is just a slav howtobasic

  • How do you have the same plate as me blyat?!

  • Boris: *makes shashilk* Whole crew: *OUR SHASHILK*

  • 3/10 too many mosquitoes

  • No INR??:(

  • Your thick russian accent made me a little tired but you are so funny :)

  • Wow, this is actually the worst recipe of shashlik that i've seen in my entire Russian life. I even feel offended actually)

  • 1:30 where are COD Points

  • What is the background music that plays DURING the video

  • That is what we call H A N D M A D E

  • You see my dad actually is a butcher so can I look...?

  • Sorry I'm late but lamb meat or any halal meat is quite cheap in Muslim countries. Lamb meat is a bit expensive compared to others though.

  • 6:16 florida in summer be like

  • 5:22 Is the implication that Vadim is a debil because he's a vegetarian, or does he get the vegetarian option because he's a debil? 🤔

  • Russian use Dutch Mayonaise :) Good Russian .....

  • rsd is best curency

  • You see when someone cooks Shashlik you eat it.


  • So the moral of the story is that the more expensive the ingredients,the shittier the shashlik,so don't be a debil and spend your hard earned rouble on fancy ingredients when the best shashlik is just pig bits on a stick.


  • Wait was the lamb actually nasty tho??! Bc they both look bomb asf