Chicken kotlet of Kiev - Cooking with Boris

Datum objavljivanja: 16. Ožu 2019.
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Kiev kotlet or Chicken Kiev or simply Deep fried butter wrapped in chicken is a slav dish made of breadcrumbs, eggs, some chicken and of course the lot of skill.
Is not very hard to make. Just make sure you do not cook them too long in the oven or they can start spilling the buttery mix from inside.
Serve with.. a fork.
Shopping list:
butter (250g)
chicken breast (one full breast makes 2 kotlet)
eggs 6
1L oil sunflower
Track in background:
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  • if boris say it is strong it's probably clinical spirit

  • Your mayonnaise looks so much different than ours.

  • 7:43 Was the drinking to prepare for the hardest part? Previous time I heard this it made me confused

  • Gotta love how Vadim is always to blame for any food or drink that is ever missing.

  • Hey Boris, we neeeed more merch stock on your website! I was just trying to look for the cutting board among some other items and there were none!~

  • Boris in Lebanon and Syria we have something similar called kibbeh

  • Watching with my cat Arya and she is now a happy cat UwU

  • Fucking love this shit bruh

  • I finally understand the cutting board

  • What a waste of time to watch clenched jaw uttering and lots of knife wielding. It's a joke video

  • I find the mayo sound satisfying. Boris should do Mayo ASMR

  • I admit to being tempted by the cutting board with shot glass holders.

  • Love your videos. I had this dish in Kiev at a brewery on Khreshchatyk. Fucking delicious. Tried to get some in Russia but got detained on suspicion of being a spy before I could sample too many restaurants. Did manage to do a fair amount of damage on the steak houses in the Bryansk and Moscow area.

  • Some white powder Some black power "Hears boom in distance"

  • Где русские комменты?

  • Oh my God 😱

  • "What have i done..." "Oh yes, Chicken Kiev." nice one, boris. nice one.

  • "now I like a good large breast"

  • Tough Nokia phones

  • blyat wrong white powder used...babushka is eating the couch

  • Hey Boris how many kvass do I need?

  • 3:21 vadim blyat easter egg

  • what is the hard bass in background when video starts?

  • I didn't know so many people didn't know what chicken kiev was I live in Scotland and you can get this at like Tesco (A popular supermarket in the UK)

  • Slav kitchens must be what nightmares are made of if they all cook like this

  • in poland this is "Dewolaj"

  • Next time you make it try putting some ham in with the butter

  • Top 1p biggest anime plit twists:"HAH IS BOOTER NOT MARGARINE

  • western:cordonblue russia:cordonRED

  • White Powder: In my head: Cocaine Black Power: In my head: The one used for old TNT/dynamite/explosives

  • thought he was 100% about to smash the phone into the cutting board

  • "Artyom looking around like is predators in house..." **s i l e n c e** *"ᵛ ᵃ ᵈ ᶦ ᵐ ?"*

  • **Pootis intensifies**

  • 日本語字幕が途中までしかないのはわたしだけ?


  • instead of pickle juice I added some beer, worked really nice.

  • Wow, after watching almost half of your cooking videos, i thought to my self, why the fuck i'm watching theese, i dont need theese videos now. And i'm still watching. Woah, its probably something in theese video's that code's me to watch more and more.

  • This is very blyatful


  • You could also just fry at 180 C and play it safe to avoid burning or eating any burned oil, which is really unhealthy

    • @Vin EuroDiesel true that.

    • This is basically a deep fried block of butter and grass, burned oil is the least of your worries.

  • gordon ramsey ad on video coming to learn from the master himself

  • This scene discribes why Boris is best 10:10

  • Never stop Boris. I will support you on patreon as soon as I'm able to!

  • Maybe boksana is his axe...

  • It suprises me that Boris didn't put any kvass in the butter mix

  • Breaking news: local drunk man cooks some chickened butter

  • I have finally heard his not russian accent

  • 7:02 Boris is gonna get cancelled.

  • So this is what that dish is called. When I was a kid we always called it butter chicken but since moving out all I could find in takeout and restaurants was that orange indian chicken, with the orange coloured sauce, nice but not what I was looking for.

  • So De Voliet?

  • I’m watching this as part of catering course, thank you boris

  • In America you butter your chicken In Soviet Russia you chicken your butter

  • 7:45 Boris you should have poured some of the strong kvass into the egg mix

  • Обожаю киевские котлеты больше всего на свете. I like Kiev's kotlets more than anything else in the world

  • Magda Gessler by chwaliła

  • pootis

  • boris : artyom looking around like is predators in house also boris : *realizes who always steals his sosig delivery* B o r i s : v a d i m . . . ?

  • boris how do u sharpen your knives? как вы точите ножи?

  • What do we put for the oven meaning what heat level

  • "Also do not forget the white powder"

  • Hello Boris ! As a butcher in France, I may be interested into doing your recipe to sell more easily chicken fillets from now on. I'll let you know of the customers later on ;)


  • Love you man but this is the ugliest chicken Kiev I’ve ever seen

  • boris taking more shots than the minutes in his videos

  • I wasn’t ready for the “butter hah” on the butter

  • Nokia phone lol

  • Saw this once to many in watch this on HRdown, will tell if it was worth the time

  • kitty!!!

  • Используйте деревянную ложку, чтобы проверить масло, ложка пузырь, когда масло готово

  • urrhhhmmm 5:10

  • Boris Cooking Videos: 1% real cooking and 100% SLAV

  • борис)

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  • Good thing he didn't go drunk from drinking to much kvass

  • I heard: "some parsley to go with debil" A Y B L I N

  • Question ? What if u use the whole entire chicken or two chickens and double the other ingredients and eat all of it? And drink a whole entire bottle of vodka in one sitting? Just wondering

  • I always would order this in restaurant, never thought it was that simple to make it

  • I have that phone on the start

  • just like salt and pepper, we are all just spices in a chicken kiev.

  • the chernobyl nuggets

  • Oy, comrade Boris! My college actually serves chicken kiev for meals some days - Wednesdays I think. And bliiiiiiin it is good! Not nearly as green on the inside as yours is, sadly, but still delicious.

  • Где блять всё славяне ?

  • Trying to think of a Slav joke...

  • Chickenobyl

  • how to quickly season a cutting board.

  • Nobody: America in 2020: 7:01

  • We used to get served this at school with cheese an butter and it was magnificent

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  • "Babushka's Arsenal"

  • When he took out the butter and said that it was margarine, I started to get a heart attack.

  • “Mr. Chekhov who is this man?” “I don’t know sir, but he is wvery Russian .”

  • surely that wasn't enough garlic!!

  • So basically, if you drink along while cooking, the end result doesn't matter.

  • Lol! I love this guy!!!!

  • Boris: 2 piece garlic make you strong Me: *use whole garlic like any asian*

  • You have succeeded in making my mouth water. Every time. Forget hamburgers

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