Chocolate sausage, The Slav budget dessert - Cooking with Boris

Datum objavljivanja: 17. Sij 2020.
Chocolate sausage, The Slav budget dessert - Cooking with Boris
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Today I bring Anatoli to assist me think of a gift idea. Anatoli has the great plan to make some Slavic Tiramisu. It's basically like regular Tiramisu but is not. There is butter, condensed milk, cookies, marmelade candy and sugar. This recipe is also known as Chocolate Salami or Chocolate Sausage in Russian - Шоколадная колбаса.
Also I show you how to open tin can without a can opener, but instead with a spoon.
Anatoli is teleported to us today in a bathtub with a Russian carpet. Good.
100g melted butter
150g vanilla cookies
1tbsp sugar
2tbsp cocoa
50g condensed milk

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  • Бля, а чё тут нет русских?

  • Thank you...this will be made at my family's Christmas.

  • Where the Scheiße is life of Anatoli or whatever that white gopniks name is

  • Me: I wonder why Russians put alcohol in everything. Also me: Russia is very cold

  • The mix is not the same amount like anatoli put on the mix

  • 0:34 The Wither ---------------------------

  • nice sound brother

  • he made the mask cool before it was a thing

  • Virgins: condensed milk Boris: S W E E T M A Y O N E Z

  • i showed this to my mom - now she is my babushka

  • Hahahaha, bruh my stomach hurts, i cant stop laughs, summons gopnik, hahahha

  • boris stay slav

  • I would love a circus bear for my birthday 🐻

  • Ну давай

  • All jokes aside,Anatoli is really accurate Bulgarian,I am Bulgarian and I can say that Anatoli does,as us.

  • i'm tempted to eat this whole sausage.

  • I like how anatoli is white and black instead of Boris who is yellow and black clothing

  • Boris! Be cerful! Spoon is very dengores wepon,if you want you can take over Germany with spoon and two botles of rakia - Advice from a bulgarian gopnik

  • Is it possible to make this, but non-alcoholic?

  • Boris and Anatoli are like slavic Phineas and Ferb

  • 4:02 two shots of vodka *adds whole bottle*

  • What is the first music the scene when Boris is slapping the laptop 0:01

  • Why does Boris' kitchen change every other cooking video?

  • Nu blyat

  • h

  • i just love how Boris say "sugar' idk why

  • Quite possibly the most unique intro to a video I've ever seen, and it almost made me spit my drink. Almost. No point wasting good kvass.

  • does the cold dilute the alcohol in this blyatiful chocolate sausage?

  • In Italy we prepare chocolate salami, which is chocolate that remembers salami in the external part

  • richtig geil, ich bin dabei, dawai dawai dawai!

  • Ah my favorite dessert ever 😋

  • i swear to god, every episode where he cooks i feel like im bout to die I NEED TO CLEAN THAT FUCKING KITCHEN SO BAD IS DRIVING ME CRAZY AAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Child friend content

  • It worked but anatoli accsidentygot stuk in samagon divice and drink all samagon

  • My mom and brother got me an axe for my 16th birthday, best gift a girl could have; weaponry

  • I wouldn't mind that gift to be fair😂

  • Ey Boris! Hope you doing well! Could you (or someone else who reads this) tell me what this candy is, you saw in half?? I really wanna try this recipe but I can't find anything about it. Tryed searching "Marmelade Candy" (and also the equivalent of it in my language) but google couldn't find anything! Blyat! Take care of yourself! Greetings from east Berlin!

  • Thats one sharp spoon innit

  • How to summon a gopnik. Fuckin epic!

  • Blyatiful

  • Looks like anatoli couldnt say no to babushka's cooking.

  • How long can they lay around until pizdec

  • 0:35 how to summon a gopnik good idea

  • I think I can make this, but I don't wanna use vodka, what can I use as a substitute? Chocolate Milk perhaps?

  • “Two shots of vodka” vibes

  • Hey Boris biggest fan my brother bought ur jacket and hat! He also has the glasses

  • "how to summon a gopnik" I tried,it went wrong and I rather ended up with a western spy

    • Davai you got wrong vodka which is made in USA! There are traitors creating vodka there or some copy rights of the Slavic Vodka

  • Or maybe 3

  • 4:00 That's more than two shots.

  • Three holes with the bayonet will get you the condensed milk no problem. Call it the Slavic Church Key.

  • Now that's what I call a shot.

  • My grandma is called Svetlana. My grand grand mother was Russian, im Serbian :D

  • 3:01 everyone please smash the like button of this video like this so boris can make more videos with new characters

  • I tried the summoning, then suddenly the entire house was all covered in mats and an old man showed up eating an entire brick of butter with a small slice of sausage on it and he called it: *BUATTERbrod*

  • 72 % tatratea ? cyka

  • what can we use as substitute for the tatratea

  • 0:35 10 hour version nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Harry potter and green fireplaces? More like Anatoli wrapped in a rug and teleporting tatratea.

  • Ordinary sausage

  • 0:22 instructions unclear, still works tho. So blyatifull!

  • Jesus that looks A-MAZING Im going to make this tomorrow, or maybe not, no fucking way I would not eat entire thing in one go.

  • 2:30 - My entire life I had no idea I could open a can with a metal spoon...thankyou for providing me with this ancient slavic knowledge.

  • See's guy wearing white unshanka and white adidas clothes. Boris: cousin

  • I'm proud to be slav ❤

  • That is my favorite desert

  • I thought Boris and Antoli was the same actors

  • Boris video on my bday c:

  • Help ! I summoned tooo many Gopniks but dunno how to un-summon it pls send help !

  • Dude what is that alchohol i want some of that

  • Not gonna lie, I almost drooled watching this. I'm gonna try it

  • Anatoli: what a blaytiful morning. Teleports to boris place. Anatoli: BBBBBBLLLLLLAAAAYYYYYTTTTTT.

  • Title should be "caveman opens condensed milk with a spoon and smashes crackers with a mallet"

  • @JustOrdinarySausage

  • 1:02 Ah yes the nostalgia of masha and the bear

  • I have been a chef for 7 years and I've never seen anyone open a can with a spoon its genius

  • Instructions unclear: I summoned Vadim and he's eating our sausages

  • I'd be FUCKING elated if my man got me axe

  • wait that's illegal


  • Looks like why my ass bleeds after going at the toilet

  • Why does it look like a shit

  • Boris is the defenition of fuck it

  • Boris had the same stove as my Babushka

  • Борис, а че делать если хочется без алкоголя, а то не хочу потом от мамки получать люлей за то что пьяный после колбасы?

  • What name of music in background is

  • Boris im disappointed, where are the carpets on your walls?

  • Знаете я сомневаюсь что "Борис" реально русский, уж слишком странный у него акцент, но в любом случае эго видео дико смешные

  • 4:57 that doesn't look like chocolate

  • This recipe worked like a charm. Thank you Boris the Shashlik King.

  • Svetlana the cookie slayer

  • "and not circus bear we dont want masha to call the police this time" XD

  • This should be called Slovak tiramisu

  • Unpopular theory he's secretly a Mexican that's why he wears a face cover 😂

  • Now make smoked chocolate sausage

  • 4:53 that just looks like of boris took a sh*t

  • In Estonia we call it "Kirju koer". This literally means Colorful Dog...

  • i wonder if 4 mil subs special will be Anatoli and VADIM voice reveal (VADIM BLYAT)

  • Instructions unclear. Couldn't find "One Anatoli"

  • anatoli is best girl

  • BLYATIFUL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣