Closet tour. Boris style.

Datum objavljivanja: 28. Lip 2018.
Thought I make something for 1.5mil sub special.
This is a style channel now.
How to dress like slav. A Boris slav.
Music in beginning: DJ Blyatman - Sapsan
Rest of background music: DJ Blyatman - Chernobyl
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Intro music:
Gopnik McBlyat - Snakes in Tracksuits
Outro music:
Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem


  • This is everyone's dream vloset

  • Guys who from Russia also me?

  • 2:50 Äänekosken väri ja tapetti = Carpenter equipment shop in town called Äänekoski

  • gopnyk shoes? painfull adidas shoes ok but doesnt give much damage as well defense But better then gopnyk steel boots ahhh perfect

  • Wait are those all duplicate Adidas?

  • 5:04 What political flag

  • 0:31 proof that boris is a western spy

  • aha!

  • This man is the one that's going to end your possibly straight sexual orientation... I mean look at his biceps

  • Adidas tracksuit and weslav ushanka 👌 Best combo.

  • Question.....did Anatoli serve as an enlisted volunteer or a mandatory conscript service ?

  • 6:23 very nice murder kit

  • i think you are from sweden becuse you had a felix ketchup in the video when you did the noodles


  • He actually has some fire jackets.

  • I need an ID on those black boots Boris has on at 6:19 chief

  • i'm part Slav. i need to get me some adidas

  • Boris drink vodka gopchyk

  • *Why Boris didn't have Basement Tour?* The CIA spies are watching... Kalashnikovs, Dragunov, Tsar Bomb and Babushka's Cookie Jar is hidden inside locked.

  • the thirst in these comments

  • 6:26 I see what ur into Boris 👀

  • Give us a 2020 closet tour

  • I had the green Adidas pants to that green jacket. Very Comfortable to squat in, and one pocket can hold over $2000 in random bills while working a door. Without looking obvious or vulnerable. That was a crazy night. Not even a second look from the guys lighting pools of gasoline in the parkinglot.

  • Stay cheeki breeki

  • boris, I'm a gopnik from Germany and would really like to suport you, but the things in the weslav shop are far too expensive for a real gopnik. why is that?

  • борис Я гопник из Германии и очень хотел бы поддержать вас, но вещи в Веславском магазине слишком дороги для настоящего гопника. почему это так?

  • I know that Boris that he is thick boi. Cause of *our* Babushka's cooking blyat

  • This is like iron man suits collection but *RUSSIAN*

  • GooooooooooD Job

  • One day Boris's children will find that box and know that papa is slav superstar shashlik king Boris

  • Where to buy command masks?

  • Man im glad im not the only one who buys tracksuits from secondhand stores

  • that finnish track jacket is insanely cool

  • I know this is flattering myself, but when I saw you in the adidas tank top with a balaclava on I swear I thought I was looking at myself for a second. Your build/body shape is very similar to me and all the men in my family my mother's side, which is where I get my slav genes from. I never realized we might look like this because of our russian ancestors, I thought we were just really strongly build Norwegians haha DM me if you need a body double with a western passport ;) haha

  • My guess from the wig, is that Boris is bald😂😂😂

  • dont you own any pants?

  • 4:27 Anatoly is in da army i didn't know or was he joking

  • I wish that was my closet

  • 0:31 he did the western spy squad



  • I did not say that

  • Okay so what we have is cemetery is that jazz about the resurrection of Lazarus threw the choir.. idk I'm drunk trying to help fund the orchestra

  • You know what's truely very funny kind sir? Is literature says that there is no benevolence in Marxist doctrines.. no.. they just adjusted for international .. getting docked on shipping"

  • 06:22.. hmmh? Dvai . Want those more than ushanka

  • 4:50 "but people tell me I look like". Charlie Brown my friend .you look like Charlie Brown..

  • Blue looks good on you my friend..

    • Is proper colour for slav which stakes claim to tsar because propoganda

  • ... girlfriend? Get me.the fvk out this country... ? Shut.. girlfriend

  • That finnish thing is very rare and valuable

  • I once have a tracksuit , I still wear it

  • “Hey that looks like that ancap flag” “And I never use it again” 😂

  • Goes to Club , sees a chick, gets her Oh no no wait Boris needs to Change Puts Up the leatherjacket

  • One hand is holding my phone The other is holding vodka

  • 2:53 that is some og finnish stuff right there.


  • Ahhhhhh, the flag of Deathstrokia.

  • aw I was hoping for some Weslav underwear collection

  • Since this was for 1.5 million subs you should do pt2 for 3 million subs


  • He looks so odd without his ushanka

  • The pelmeninator inside the coat😂

  • In that Finnish shirt there is paint commercial and soccer commercial, and it's a commercial shirt :D

  • hoodies and ushanka

  • A drawer just for fase masks!

  • JESUS that maybe soo expencive... HOW do you save the money for all the adidas and the hat but i still like the adidas 😊

  • I bought a tracksuit all I need is the Adias socks shoes and socks and baliclava

  • Laughing at the Finnish tracksuit jacket thing. It's for a local sports team, seemingly a football club. Huima from Äänekoski. The rest of them are sponsorships. SH-rengas is a tyre shop. Tourusen Linjat is a bus company. And on the back is the logo for Värisilmä, a paint store franchise. Well, they sell paints, wallpapers, possibly floors, that sort of thing.


  • Are you kidding me, pussy riot is badass!


  • were can i get gas mask

  • The "new moved" comment section SUCK

  • For a second I thought it was a new channel

  • Blyatiful

  • 6:24 kinky? Disguise kit? Junk drawer? You decide...

  • I want to learn Russian, but all I need to know I Blin

  • The red one was a western spy hoodie

  • Boris do you really only have 1 pair of pants

  • Boris, cyka, I need your help! Im from Serbia and when I go to store, there is no adibas hoodie! should i buy merch from your store or keep searching))) *blyat*

  • 6:31 He is as thicc as anomaly. Maybe he is anomaly


  • Yankee flag: Stars and Stripes Gopnik flag: Squats and Stripes

  • Boris, I want a gun cabinet tour

  • What kind of currency is Boris holding at 5:13

  • Damn that advanced gopnik workout session really beefs you up...

  • How to get Yellow Tracksuit by me: 1. Get yellow spray bottle 2: find Adidas tracksuit 3: Tape the stripes to not ruin them from the spray 4: spray the tracksuit Thank me if it works.

  • How many addidas have you it

  • I see 1,2,3,4...1 million adidas shirt.

  • 6:19 I need those shoes

  • westren spy squat boris what is dis ????

  • What about the shoes tho

  • What about the shoes tho

  • sample text

  • What do you wear in the winter???


  • How come I haven’t seen this until now? I swear I thought I watched all of Boris’ videos.

  • How are you Boris


  • this is the video with the new intro

  • Anatoli is in the army wtf....