Coding on cheapest laptop ever! - Programming with Boris

Datum objavljivanja: 10. Sij 2020.
Coding on cheapest laptop ever! - Programming with Boris
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In this video I teach you the basics of programming with Java. I try coding on the cheapest laptop ever. It's a Slavtop from eastern bloc costing only $200. I am here to prove that even the cheapest possible laptop on the market is enough to start coding, for studying and even professional programming work.
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  • I just came from uamee Tu-142 hardbass video


  • Why is this actually a really good introduction to Java

  • I have a Toshiba computer from 2013 and yes the agony of waiting 10 years for everything to start is horrid

  • Ok blin give me code now

  • nice you know programmming

  • This is an Brazilian laptop blyat

  • The only thung i couldnt uderstand 12:20 to 12:34

  • Boris I want more programming videos.

  • if true return false

  • Fundul tau de fund

  • not programming on linux. dislike.

  • Seriously, In India You get Great Laptops for 150 $

  • you can also make this is python *this is a cry for help of a python beginner who spent half a day to make it*

  • Lol I have120€ notebook double thic as that you have

  • what is russian laptop website?

  • Plot twist: It was Vadim

  • I got my lithuanian laptop for even cheaper 145€

  • I was right about Anonymous being Slav people wearing adidas hoodies

  • Python is better

  • Лучший видеоурок по программированию, спасибо Борис

  • You may be screaming at home, fluffery why linux are you crazy Yes

  • "Pítôn" lol

  • Is he speaking English???

  • at least link the laptop dummy

  • От этого инглиша у меня ......... ну даже не знаю чё сказать)))))

  • *laughs in toshiba satellite 220CS*

  • can't you just use IDLE or IDLE text editor

  • shih dont undershvand your lanvguch

  • This is the best Java tutorial for beginners that i've ever seen

  • Me: No one can make a cooking machine Boris: Are you sure about that one you complete debil

  • 1:06 It's not Chinese, but it made in China 😂 Please don't hate me...

  • lmao i had cheaper laptops than that

  • You can try installing Gentoo Linux and code in Vim for true Slavic minimalism

  • Didn’t know the prime minister could code

  • Your izolenta isn't blue! What's your problem?

  • congrats, thats actually a really good intro to java

  • is not the cheapest laptop ever 😂😂😂😂😂. buy a real cheap laptop xd

  • InteliJ users : sout

  • gak habis thinking ni slav bisa ngoding Nice from Indonesia

  • The Code actually looks gorgeous.

  • 3:08 i can envision his shit eating grin as he said that

  • YEEt 🐍

  • 11090 rubles whatdefok

  • write slavtop the stickers

  • Boris should make this vidios on slavtek its funny to learn

  • Многие думают: "Где же живет Борис?". Но цена в российских рублях и эльдорадо никого не заинтерисовали.

  • Hell, I live in Cyprus

  • Cypus???????!!!!!!

  • This man and this video started my obsession with coding

  • Java: You need to import something to get an input python: has everything

  • the password into the laptop is Vadim

  • My laptop costs 100$ can u compete

  • After watchg this, I'm gonna start seeing ads about programming lessons aren't I

  • "We'll be using Java" Me: ok bye

  • 0:53 "will get me revealed faster than running trough moscow metro again ***again**** what the fuck

  • what did i just watch? wtf man, I mean idk, but it's just fucking hilarious, definitely like

  • This man can cook, can drive, can sew, can play games, can make videos, and can code holy shit Boris is a Super Slav confirmed. He's like a human multitool!

  • I can now speak and understand, Russian.

  • I bought a laptop a while back (new) for $129 lol code on that pos haha

  • Watching you put the else statement on the same line as the closing bracket of the if statement is driving me nuts... XD

  • Face reveal on 5 mil subs????????

  • Ay, blyat! Boris forgot that he could type 'sysout' and press Ctrl + space to get System.out.println on Eclipse. Vadim must've gotten to his head, cyka!

  • i'm watching this on an $85 laptop.

  • But, Boris... pinebook is the cheapest laptop.

  • Это троллинг высшего класса

  • perfectly Indonesian subtitles. so perfectly subtitled

  • its hard to understand your english language

  • I would install Linux on that laptop for code xd

  • I have learned more about Java by this video then my entire college class. I wish you were my teacher lol

  • I had alcohol-free vodka once, and it was just an empty shot glass. Also, I use only most premium laptop.

  • There's a 140 chromebook

  • 0:50 Once my laptop falled on the ground. I was scared if it broke, then my dad said: If the screen is fine, then the whole computer is fine.

  • You can just type: Scanner userinput = new Scanner(;

  • Hahahahahahahaha

  • Why not just ask how many blins a user wants at the beginning? Its much more efficient The basic formula is 4 blins = 1 egg, 200mL of milk, 100g of flour So u just take the num of blins, multiply by the min amount and divide the product by 4 thats much easier...

  • I bet this laptop will be much better with Linux not Windows :D

  • actually i dont get what Boris said, but it just funny to see it

  • Я ору с него)))

  • Deben poner subtitulos en español ☹️

  • i coding in 65$ notebook :(

  • Круто выучил Java за одно вилео

  • Hah! I code on a laptop that is 80 bucks cheaper with cardboard mousepad and low-end 'gaming' mouse! Also, Java is for cheap indie game devs in 2010, Python is for chad software engineers of the future.

  • His hilarious accent just amazing subscribed

  • I am a Statistics Student somewhere in Asia, and I find this very entertaining and educational at the same time. My college teacher can learn one or two things from the slav king Boris

    • Question tho, what's your opinion regarding other programming languages such as C++, R, and Phyton?

  • // Portion of code you, who's copying, need to fill in parts so its a full code, thank me later // ey i aint doin all the work for ya blyat package blinmaker; import java.util.Scanner; public class cooker { public static void main(String[] args) { int eggsAmount; int eggsMin = 1; int milkAmount; int milkMin = 200; // milliliter int flourAmount; int flourMin = 100; // grams System.out.printIn("Hello Boris!"); System.out.printIn("Blinmaker is starting up.."); System.out.printIn("How many eggs you have?"); Scanner userInput; userInput = new Scanner(; eggsAmount = userInput.nextInt(); Systen.out.printIn("you have " + eggsAmount + " eggs"); // eggs done // (Ok now just copy this last section 2 times and change up a little as shown in the video) // (Now when thats done...) // main code here if (eggsAmount System.out.printIn("no blin today :("); } else { // calculation flourAmount = flourAmount / flourMin; System.out.printIn("you have " + flourAmount + " portions of flour"); // (come on i wont do all the work here) // find smallest number of all 3 int smallest; if (eggsAmount

  • big brain

  • Perusahaan kampret, ekspetasi tak sesuai realita.

  • this guy taught a whole semester in 1 video. again

  • 7:20 THANKS now i understand why it not work for me x) (i write printin and not println)

  • In Soviet Russia everybody cook as many blins as he can, and everybody eat as many blins as he need, as great Lenin bequeathed

  • I am legit using this as a lead for my assignments in my programming classes :DDD

  • BuT BoRIs, cAN iT ruN CrYSiS¿

  • Prestigio is a bull$it. The russian label by the way.

  • It's like a disco for programmers.

  • this is actually a good program idea

  • He is so russian that he is speaking english in russia.

  • I'm using a Chromebook. That's not the cheapest laptop ever.

  • LoL

  • I got my laptop new for $150