Coding on a 15 year old computer - Programmer Boris

Datum objavljivanja: 15. Kol 2019.
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Programmer Boris is here! I had to get some floppy disks and a new drive to finish this video so it took 3 whole weeks to finish. But final product is better than ever!
In this video I am teaching to code in a very easy programming language - Python. Python is great for beginners and written in a very logical way. Once you learn the structure of this language, it can be applied to other coding languages as well.
This tutorial shows how to use "if", "else", "while" and some basic functions.
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  • russian video with russian ads , EXcelent

  • Hujnya!


  • at least, rusians more funny than i though

  • 1:29

  • And now the computer is 16 years old.

  • смотришь и вроде просто, а с нуля сам сунулся изучать, так мозги опухли)

  • lol russian scripter teaching

  • IDU

  • Look radal

  • Now I know ezpz python code

  • Comrade can you actually code

  • i watched this video before learning how to code, then i learned how to code and watched it again. i now i realise how basic the code he is writing is

  • WoW, I actually learned something! Thx!

  • Russian when the pc blue screen::ты видишь мой ак47?

  • Православный канал

  • Damn. I just wanna make some insane moves with the music.

  • "You are now over-qualified..." hahaha, God Bless you, Boris.

  • what the toy name in 1:44?

  • привет Вадим

  • роог ытсн

  • Surely, "break" ought to be pronounced as "бряк"

  • it was the fastest 10 minutes of coding in my life

  • Can't stop laughing 😂👍

  • Zdrastvuyte VADIM BLYAT.. iz mouslemskij, Moskva!!!

  • after this everyone will think Russian speak like that. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Мда

  • "Don't worry if you see this screen - it just means virus is installed...." *video cuts* =))))

  • Am just c++ dev

  • Борис - высший славянин

  • poor optiplex coin battery probably leaking all over it 😔

  • What computer is that?

  • government pc starter pack: -windows xp (obviously) - 4:3 monitor -only good for working or playing online games -internet explorer -viruses, lots of them

  • бля ну не понятно вроде русский ну сука англечан

  • Can I just say, *I have the same PC right in my damn shed.*

  • Blyat Code!!!!!

  • That csgo 1.6 tho

  • братан,это офигенно

  • It actually help me with my college class... What the fuck boris XD

  • Go drink vodka please

  • Why did I listen to school programming this 11 minute video could've saved 4 years of highschool

  • I know lua coding and so basiccally all proggraming languages are vary close alike

  • Im from java

  • 2.7k people are jealous of boris pc

  • Congratulations! You have generally learnt the beginer level of Python 3.

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  • сколько иностранцев ты уже русскому мату научил?

  • i actually like cyka blyat

  • Эй, русские.Тут есть русские?

  • That pc looks like my Xbox 360. Opa!

  • *While learning python in another place* teacher: *asks me a question* me: *answers it correctly* teacher: where did u learn it from? me : comrade teacher Boris...

  • this is still the best and easiest python tutorial. No joke.

  • i have learned here more coding than i did in 10 yrs of school

  • Ты не Борис придурок ахаххахаха! не обижайся, я шучу!)

  • print ("lea ti crasa") :)

  • why czech republic

  • Uh blyat

  • Твой голос похож на голос RachelR Your voice is similar to RachelR's

  • Наш парень, русский)

  • Boris: **Speaks** everyone: I like your funny words magic man.

  • The real question is how are people still playing CS 1.6

  • Alright,this vid inspired me to start programming COMRADE TEACHER BORIS IS HERE FOR OUR FUTURE

  • Not bad Operation System choose!

  • This video is easiest way to learn python

  • This file is fine.. This is fine.. NO NO WHAT THE BLYAT WAS THAT?! Ah, it's probably fine...

  • Ah yes.... CS 1.6 the classic one.

  • oooh fkz 🤣

  • Im from Czech, am i a slav?

  • Так вот откуда они так думают про нас...

  • Thanks to you comrade, I can now start making programs!

  • Прикольно, я поржал

  • hmmm why does he not know about висвал бейсик

  • Came for memes but now I work at google

  • Nice, a computer same as my age

  • Ты либо русский либо очень хорошо стебешь русских)

  • school computers be like

  • For those noobs out there who want to know how to make the program in the thumbnail (in python): while True: print("Vadim Blyat")

  • i am doing python at school and all this was in 4 months of it please help

  • are you a russian? im questioning because of the music and language...

  • enough to hold my rage when bug appear

  • jedag jedug lagunya banke wkwk

    • i was going to put aleatory letters but now i'm afraid that this could be an actual language

    • Emang lu Ngerti Dia Ngomong Apa?

    • @Nəth iyy

    • Itu hardbass hampir sama ama jedag jedug tapi versi russia

    • itu nama nya edm makanya jan dengerin lagu dangdut mulu

  • Me who has a whole career of game coding from a 90s calculator - *pathetic*

  • донт синк эбаут зис комент

  • О ебать норм контент

  • Водочная система охлаждения, он гений

  • Damn that's like half the core of programming in 10 minutes

  • Русские тебя тоже смотрят

  • You Are A Good Russian Teacher

  • The only youtuber having demotized video but stil 3 million views.. !

  • But Boris, why not assembly?

  • Tried it and it didnt work

  • Я знаю, ты русский)

    • О, граффити дивы)

  • You are real funny russian. Я тоже русский

  • Alternate title : drunk slav tries to shitpost, accidentaly makes useful video instead.

  • Boris being suprised every time he finds a smaller Matrjoschka just really made my day :D

  • Hey its cheating python3.4 wasn't out back then October 8th, 2014 was when it was released , you have to use python2

  • When my kid asks me how to program I'm just going to show her this video and we good, comrade.

  • These Track Suits of yours Boris seem to have been perfected to The Taste of The Slavs, Addidas was good...but not much compared to “ WESLAV” Slava WESLAV

  • This is real funny content XD, keep up the good work. Good luck

  • This guy is a S U P R E M E KING