COLLECTING my 1 of 1 BMW M3 G80 Individual Zanzibar II by AutoTopNL

Datum objavljivanja: 3. Tra 2021.
COLLECTING my 1 of 1 BMW M3 G80 in BMW Individual Zanzibar II by AutoTopNL
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  • Oh to be a trust fund baby

  • what's back music name?

  • Congrats! You've earned it!

  • King BMW

  • You guys deserve it, i have been watching your videos since the beggining and your unique, hope you enjoy it and we hope for a review, cheers from MEXICO.

  • Who cares about carbon is so unnecessary spots black diffuser looks even better in my opinion

  • Damn! That's a true smile and pure happiness! Congrats!

  • Proficiat kerel! 🌠 Dubbel en dik verdiend! 💪✨ Geniet ervan! 💖

  • I would need a minute also for that ugly as grill wow and the car behind is much more better looking, and color nah needs wrap asap

  • Beautiful

  • Zalige auto man! Wel verdiend!

  • Wow, congratulations! I see in Netherland you guys indeed like orange color

  • The G80 M3/M4 is the epitome of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” because this is such a step away from traditional M design that it borderlines an abomination. For 5 generations this car was the pinnacle in its class in performance and design... sadly that reign has come to an end.

  • Congrats man, love your vids. The new BMW's are ugly as fuck. Enjoy.

  • That collor and that gorgeus m3 booty

  • Fully deserved. We all love your channel dear. GREAT content

  • Echt heel tof gefeliciteerd en veilige km toegewenst

  • Erg dik! Voorkantje went wel, zeker met een plaat er op.

  • dik verdiend abnormaal wat is dit zo een perfecte samenstelling, geeft mij alleen maar meer energie om keihard te werken voor deze auto.

  • Man, that's one seriously ugly car, BMW have lost it, so sad to see :(. But still, it will drive fantastic. Congratulations!

  • I'm sooo happy for u man! By far one of the best looking cars in the market, simply stunning colour as well!

  • Congrats, great spec!

  • Song name?

  • 't Gaat lekker met AutoTopNL BV als je €150k kan stukslaan op een auto. Well done!

  • Gotta love an M3 but that new front grill?... 🤨🤔

  • Congratulations omw the new car dude! 🙌🙌🙌

  • Very nice! I feel like I’m losing at life now 😂

  • We all can be very happy about the fact that it's a one- off. If it was the only one produced in general it would be even better.

  • Contracts bro , but the bible says let no unwholesome talk come from your mouth so we shouldn't swear

  • Aight, Echt is voor mij om de hoek. Misschien kom ik m nog eens tegen! Niet te missen lijkt mij... ;)

  • So youre telling me you cheaped out on the carbon pack?

  • Gefeliciteerd man, ik zie hoe gelukkig je er van wordt :-)

  • The girll only looks good without front number plate. When you put the plate the car looks like shit

  • I live in an age where men worship inanimate objects,that another man built with his hands!

  • That's one dull ass color. Sorry. True.

  • congrats!

  • Paid shill. Any influencer who parades with this abomination was paid off.

    • Nope, he bought it with his own money, not paid nothing

  • name of blue car behind this m3

  • Nice car with most ugly front grill in the history of BMW.

  • Any stock gtr or nsx autobahn run in this channel?

  • That color looks like the shit I took 20 min ago

  • It's like getting the perfect woman with buck teeth, even though everything else is beautiful, you just can't stop looking at her teeth.

  • Man the E93 Grill would look so good on this car

  • Congrats, but still is an ugly car and the colour you chose definitely didn't help. Love the content though, keep it up!

  • Gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe M💪🏽, veel veilige kilometers toegewenst!

  • The spec!!😲😲😲🤩🤩

  • Can I ask why the stick version when it's down on power and torque compared to the auto? Also, did you consider the M2 Comp/CS with manual?

  • Now i love the idea of a brand new car that's a H pattern, most fast cars m bmws, audis are paddles, i don't care if there faster i want to rev match i want to slam them gear's, 👍💯🏁 congratulations i could kiss ya for demanding a h pattern

    • All fast audis and mercs are auto, only bmw still gives the option

  • That M4 colour in the back speaks more to me. But still congrats man, I'm jealous :D

  • Congrats, finally a real driver! Long live the manual transmission! Tell us full price, because I know in Nederland,cars are much more expensive !

  • Congrats! Does manual gear box has value?

  • Unfortunately no carbon pack. IMHO it is a MUST on the new G8x. Changes the look completely to more aggressive and matches the big nostrils and the front spoiler much better.

  • The car is hideous stop this the grill looks like a catfish face 🤣

  • It's beautiful...takes time to get used to that grille but once u do...u fall in love! Congrats!

  • ooyy!

  • I wanna see you mash the crap out of that gas pedal!!! ALOT! It deserves that much!

  • It looks like voldemort after a tanning lamp

  • This is the first m3/m4 that i like with the new grille, stunning !

  • Personally, any YT creator that says a brand new car is "ours" before "mine" is all class. Top work Chief, you deserve it more than ever

  • Manual Transmission!!! yes!!!!!!!

  • Very unique spec m3 car. Can’t tell if I hate it or if I love it.

  • Starting music sounded like @nour hummadi music

  • Would have never thought of getting that color but wow it's beautiful

  • $100k+ worth of plastic cant wait to oil leak like there is no tomorrow

  • the big nostrils look is not for meee

  • I like it way better in blue as the one behind

  • This is by far the best spec I've ever seen 😍

  • Great looking vehicle, but I think this whole 1 of 1 thing is starting to lose meaning. It’s an M3, there are plenty of them.

  • Nice.

  • Gorgeous

  • The nostrils 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

  • Still a 1700kilos car with a "special" front grill. Color is great. 👍👍👍

    • @lolly pop the mercedes grill is to huge same goes for some audis and yes im sure merc said that

    • @Turismo 2t for the New C ? Sure ? 🧐 And the Mercedes Front grill still looks better.

    • Better than mercs 2t 4 cylinder c63

  • Gefeliciteerd man. echt een mooie wagen en prestatie!

  • Once proud nation slowly getting destroyed 🎱🎱

  • Ugly grill, but for the rest it's a beautiful car. Why people like a manual stick, you never can shift with a manual faster then a automatic gearbox.

  • Financed by youtube subs

  • Congrats! Stunning spec. The M3 sedan stands out as more of an M car than the M4!

  • A face only a mother could love

  • Alguem brasileiro

  • Wow.

  • Everyone hates on the new grill but I think it’s smart move and looks decent and not like regular 3 series...

  • Parabéns, o carro é lindo!!

  • Tts the most boring presentation......

  • Congrats. Not so sure about the color choice

  • That grill is so crazy ugly

  • Congrats. Is it legal to drive without front license plate?

  • very gay car

  • Absolutely amazing set, and this man. gearbox. Mad M3. Congrats mate.

  • Keep it stock. Don't ruin perfection.

  • Well deserved, i like your taste, congrats from Croatia!

  • Who is We? Your car or not?

    • Yes, completely his car. But dedicated to the channel

  • Van een X-type naar dit. Congrats man.😍

  • Looks so good with the interior color.

  • Congrats on the new toy ❤️

  • Love the manual gearbox in this car

  • So cool when don't need have a front plate 🤩 Congratulations from 🇷🇺

  • Sports cars in Europe are finished..inflation, opf filters, rev limiters... US still got much more to offer.

  • Congratulations ❤️❤️

  • Congrats mate! The big grill is for me beautiful tho!

  • Gefeliciteerd echt heeeel vet!!! Trots op Jullie!