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Datum objavljivanja: 30. Lip 2020.
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Boris reviews the tastiest memes you have posted on the Life of Boris subreddit. Completely normal phenomenon.
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  • In OUR finnish comedy show we had this guy who was sober when he drank alcohol and the other way around

  • LOL 1:53

  • I got the Russian tracksuit

  • 1:58 Funniest part of the entire video P.S Everyone is asking who is Boris, all I ask is how is Boris Really I want to know

  • OK here’s a helpful reminder Mississippi is spelt like Miss is I ppi

  • How dare you fuck up on my home state!

  • love, love, love to U ---you safe my life in the hard conditioned work in krass germany/berlin---you guess what I mean🧝‍♀️😎😅be guarded U & your komrade beloved🧝‍♂️🐈I gave your YT link to good komrade of me- the brave strong kev😎from bln💫😇🦋godess & babushka save us🕯🙏🧚‍♂️

  • everyone: B O R I S: this no stray dog this are chemically enhanced chickens

  • 8:33 Make as many cooking videos as you want, we love your content Boris!

  • get the ZIL 131 in put out the graphite fires at chernobyl blyat

  • You are my favorite russian brother pozdrav iz Slovenije slavic brother blyat🤗🤗🤗😎😎😎😎👍👍👍✌✌✌👌👌👌👏👏👏💪💪💪💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚😂😂😂😂

  • Boris if you slow your accent by 1% so you wont need subtitles we will enjoy your videos 1000% more lol

  • Mmm jes internjet

  • I'm not one to joke or make memes, but Boris, you have litterally taught me how far a 8$ bag of Potatoes and few Onions with some butter can go. Massive respect for saving my stomach as and mind!!!!!!

  • 2:02 I can’t stop fucking laughing🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Суги пула вадимм

  • The mighty Russian Federation reverted to capitalist democratic liberalism for a reason... so that Boris and Vadim can produce videos. (We are still watching, comrades, always watching. be careful)

  • The only way to pay for nationalised healthcare is capitalist liberal democracy. Other means have been tried and they had 'mixed' results.

  • 0:04

  • the police: we...wooo.wee wo sad BORIS: WEWOWOWOWEWOWE

  • Original: Hello everyone, this is your daily dose of internet Meanwhile Boris has a Slav Version of Saying Daily Dose of internet

  • When your Babushka says: " Go play with neighbour kids " Neighbour kids: 0:01

  • You know how to eat?

  • anyone else on an old boris binge? also boris's laugh makes me genuinely smile and that rarely happens

  • boris: "-and i will be... always" *depression 0*

  • only your comrade has never end

  • He said Mississippi before he said it wrong

  • Best quote ever: You know it is quality meme when it has hammer and sickle

  • XD

  • Patient: Hurry up! Call an ambulance Doctor: There's already an ambulance Ambulance: 0:01

  • 0:00 - 0:07 this slav man has made a old joke become gold

  • I player this video to my cat. Its girl now Its become natasha

  • Someone please remix Boris' "Wee Woo Wee Woo" to sound like DOOM's cultist base!!! Just like the Patrick version from spongebob. This needs to happen!

  • my name is ivan bljat ivan and VADIM!!!!!!

  • bmw is german

  • i have a spetsnaz uniform my comrade i geuss krgy

  • да драгоценный

  • Fridge button its free 2:01

  • the 0.4 million watching :( 0:30

  • No more slavsuits?? Nooooooo

  • 2:09 that killed me blyat

  • Boris when vadim is drilling holes in wall for 89472947261543837108th time in the past hour 1:59

  • This ak is yigoslavian

  • Im sout slav

  • Boris where is your discord plz make it

  • There is no "n" in İstanbul but I'm more concerned about a car ride from russia to İstanbul that's a lot of fuel man

  • 2:18

  • 5:34- I’d be joining in on that with my flute or me knowing all the lyrics in Russian.

  • Time for slavs

  • When the Russian kid joins Xbox chat 1:59

  • Never reveal your face, blyat! You represent noone, you represent EVERYONE!

  • Me: sitting on toilet Boris meanwhile:VADIM BLYAT

  • Бояis, you the mэn! Too bad CA trip didn't happen. I may have gone to meet n greet the Adidas tracksuit-clad Slav superstaя! 😿 Maybe some other time, Komrade Kat

  • Привет с Украины :D

  • American : internet Russian : inter-nyet

  • 1:59 what is this called o really wanna find this

  • what if Boris is Putin


  • The only nurse I want to wake up to

  • Me:drives a T-34 and hears a *c l o n k* somewhere in the tank *Me: **5:25*

  • Intronet For the introverted spavs

  • Quick question , The song part where he looked on instagram, what is that original song

  • chekee brikee

  • 2:55 Я смотрю это с АК 103 на коленях XD

  • 0:00 he's on vodka again i bet

  • Why doesn't Boris get a Discord server?

  • 4:31 $$$$$$????????? western dollars blyat?

  • Ali Inter Nyet xD ahahaha When the net connection falls

  • 1:58 XD

  • Boris at 10:02 : AND TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF WHEN YOU GO HOME Me: I thought you were Russian

  • interнет lmao

  • Boris, best cooking recepie for 0.20$ at the end of month is 2 or 3 grated apples and 3 spoons of sugar in a bowl... u will like it

  • 100% true, the only internet service that is where I am is called slavnet.

  • Why do Boris have capitalism horse light on sofa behind him?! HE IS SPY!

  • 5:35 If you do not know, that is a cover of the song "Катюша" or " Katyusha" I am not slav, but asian, and i do not know how the complete урод i know about this stuff

  • Boris: welcome every 3 million of you. That 0.04 million people ;-;

  • 6:03 the car represents Germany bc BMW is a German made car

  • @+*###1/$€÷#¥#£#¥=££÷+¥×&';/,*#¥+¥×¥¥÷£@£@£8\{\8\{\\9>¤♤¤●8□{《■¤{[~\♤♡•[☆♤○[○{○

  • Boris

  • Boris getting caviar The secret is crime

  • 8:29 this not stray dog just chemically enhanced chickens

  • Türkler yine iyiyiz asın bayrakları

  • this is really late but considering he made stew with a chainsaw next is probably stew with like a fuckin hyper death laser 3000 or something

  • Where can I find the video with the sounds at 1:55 ?

  • I'm not to sure what he meant when our cars have hips but I'll go with it.

  • subscribe now

  • every time i play warthunder i play anuu cheeki breeki hardbass in the backround B)

  • You see Ivan, when attach self to T-64 cannon and shoot you are of become cannon and guide boolet. Kill western spy fastar

  • 5:34 replay button for a masterpiece. Doing my job As a comrade

  • 2:02 stomach demands input, but fridge say no. But this no problem. BORIS HERE TO HELP! *blows the fridge up* Boris: *slav laugh*

  • Should do some more

  • Lithuanians created the first vodka

  • Does anyone know where I can find this specific original song?: 5:35

  • Boris be looking kinda sexy in dat nurse hat😜

  • Father: +falls+ Me: *calls ambulance* Mom: WE HAVE AN AMBULANCE AT HOME le ambulance at home 0:01

  • Inter nyet 🤣👍❤️


  • That wee-woo killed me

  • Stead of a face reveal how about a foot reveal

  • Its pronounced miss eh sip e