Cooking goulash for whole crew

Datum objavljivanja: 18. Lip 2018.
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Goulash is a dish originating from medieval Hungary. It is a soup made of meat and vegetables, seasoned with paprika and many other spices. Goulash is a popular meat eaten in Central and Eastern Europe.
1kg good beef
some cooking oil for cooking
1 big onion
2tbsp sugar
2 cloves garlic
1tbsp garlic powder
2tsp cumin seeds
Some water (to cover the meat)
2 bouillon cubes
2tbsp paprika powder
black pepper
bay leaf (or maybe two)
some wheat flour
1tbsp marjoram
Bread and butter for buterbrod
Cooking takes 3-5h depending on your hunger
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  • я и мальчики отдыхаем в россии, делаем всю еду, чтобы мы не голодали, как мой отец в cccp Fun fact: I don’t speak Russian I use google Trans for this and copy it

  • only a slav would butter bread in such a barbaric fashion

  • this is not good gulash boris

  • Ey boris make more world of warships videos

  • Я голоден 😋

  • 3:24 relatable

  • cooking goulash for the gulag

  • bruh imma actually use this recipe

  • Wait this beef cost arm and leg?? Hmm in what alchemy does it cost like that again??

  • lol what an absolutely abysmal dish

  • thats not even goulash that looks like stew

  • Ja jedem goulash bratan

  • I love goulash, so probably good to see a regional way of making it :) My recipe is... a lot of Hungarian Paprika and onions and beef xD Edit: I was joking... but this is basically how I make Goulash... I am worthy!

  • some legends say that that butterbrod is still on the ground

  • Mmm, that looks good, Boris!

  • I love this so much! So funny, and food looks delicious! ^_^

  • No raw onions. Yes sauteed mushrooms

  • omg i love goulash cuz im south slav reeeee

  • He did not put mayonez even though he said it would come later in the recipe

  • Dear Boris My name is Sotos and my family doesn't trust me to cook [they say that i may poison everybody ].So can you plz make a video or reply to this comment to give a good and simple recipe that will make my family say [nice].Please respond to me as fast as possible With lots of love Sotos [To Boris]

    • Buterbrod is best meal

  • **Cooking Goolash For The Whole Crewmate**

  • Your pan is bigger than my future 😭.

  • jes

  • That is the most lazy buttering of bread I have ever seen

  • I know this is stupid but i also have that identical bowl set at 9:35 does this make me a slav even though i'm an asian

  • Camered boris you eat all that sandwichs alone next time i can help you ;)

  • I showed this to my grandmother and now we eat this for dinner sometimes.

  • Boris, you go outside and cook goulash in cauldron and fire, what are you doing inside crazy man

  • Boris do more Hungarian dishes like Somlói Galuska or Főzelék or maybe even Túrós csusza

  • Imagine shunning a youtuber because he didn't make the "proper" Soup/Stew SMH.

  • Major Ram reporting for duty! 😆

  • росия страна террорист

  • "2000 other spices"

  • "where does boris work as a chef" im telling you all now, not a chance is he a chef 4:45 no chef cuts stuff with his thumb sticking out primed for slicling

  • if i - a non-russian - said your goulash looks too watery, would you kill me, Boris?

  • I got a minute into the vid before I realized he was speaking English.

  • every hungarian: THE POTATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terrible english 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • That first slice of bread he buttered got absolutely yeeted

  • disgusting variation of Gulasch

  • Yes Boris pro gun

  • Boris... WHY SUGAR ON ONIONS?! :'V And why bouillon cubes? I'm sorry to tell you this but this recipe is wrong... Whre are potatoes....? The "raw vodka"...

  • A lelked mélyén Magyar vagy Boris!

  • Congratulations,you found that one fragment of the intro

  • someone bring this madlad to Hell's Kitchen

  • Boris can we see your gf

  • Its goulash? and not gulash?

  • boris is my new cooking teacher

  • You need to make a cook book boris. I need most of the food you cook

  • Pls dont waste food :(

  • OHH i love goulash with potato pancakes!!

  • Don't Play With Your Food.

  • my mom is cooking goulash


  • No potatoes

  • *major ram reporting for duty*

  • Boris you missed to put potato inside, at least that's how we make it here (south slavs)

  • I followed the recipe but I did it with beef and I didn't add the flour mix, and I didn't put 2 Bay leafs....I added 3. IT WAS DELICIOUS 100% gonna make it again!

  • 2:43 its PANablosm holy crap its late

  • You made my day

  • It's not truly Magyar unless there's like... 2kg or more of paprika in it.

  • If the spices do not include Vegeta, can you even call yourself a Slav?

  • Where can i buy the dragonov

  • Ooo I see the developer took 100 years to develop 200 see ok.

  • I'm watching all of your cooking videos one after another and I gotta say I don't think I've genuinely laughed this hard and deep in a very long time. So thank you for that! Lol! Also I'm definitely gonna try a lot of these recipes in the near future. My eastern European DNA is tingling watching these lmao!

  • The best cooking videos i`ve seen in my whole life.... XDDD

  • My Babcia never put cummin seeds in her Goulash LOOL.

  • Major ram is that Bollywood reference 🥩 Main hoon Na

  • -cries while screaming someone kill me in hungarian-

  • "I wear short sleeve in every weather!" "...Actually this might explain my pneumonia."

  • Thank you comerade for making our famous soup recipe.

  • Looked bloody good

  • Look at those arms Forget life of Boris Should be called THICC Boris

  • Put potato in goulash and thank me later

  • Mmmm gulaž

  • Hmmm.... Nem hiszem, hogy ezt így kell főzni.

  • 7:07 Boris wearing long sleeves

  • воды дохуя добавил по-моему

  • nobody: Boris cup: The BOSS

  • Too bad the intro only lasted 2 months. It was my favorite

  • este tipo no es el don comedias?

  • Why you cutting your meat with a bayonet? Don't you have regular kitchen knives at home? 😂

  • I swear I saw Boris put a piece of raw meat in his mouth during the time lapse

  • nobody: litteraly nobody: my retarded ass thinking "goulash" was "gulag" for a seccond

  • "The pan may be big, but not as big as yout ambition." I left this video a changed man

  • He really likes bay leafs

  • I smelt the onion

  • That looks like some amazing goulash. Thanks Boris!

  • On my grave my quote will be "tears are not on the recipe"

  • This was painful to watch as a hungarian

  • *Cough, cough* But Boris, this is not true goulash! Every Hungarian knows that to make true goulash, you have to travel back in time and topple the Hungarian government, create a communist utopia, visit your mother in law to get potatoes, and then start a communist revolution in America, that's how you make true goulash - Literally most comments on this video.

  • Always thought BPM stands for beats per minute, now I'm smarter. Its' Butterbrot per minute. Thank you Boris

  • Boris are u still alive after eating this???

  • That goulash is runny needs more flour

  • Every time Boris takes a bite out of raw onions, I literally shudder and have to pause the video for a bit to recover.

  • I cooked this recipe for a final test in middle school, the teacher told me that I was crazy for attempting a recipe this hard and told me to cook western spies chicken soup instead, she also told that i wont pass, well well im proud to say the amount of goulash left in the pot says otherwise

  • Instead of "goulash" I readed for a moment "gulag"

  • чё за пиздец

  • Simmilar s polish Gulasz

  • Siendo de cierta parte de latinoamérica se me hace muy extraño que no coma con arroz o pasta acompañados, aquí una comida no es comida sin pasta o arroz.