Cooking with what you have - End of month special

Datum objavljivanja: 31. Kol 2019.
Cooking with what you have - End of month special
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Someone challenged me to cook with what I have. I decided to cook it at end of month. Now that is a true challenge. This end of month special is a bit more extreme than usual, but makes a hungry stomach very full. Cooking with what you have is a delicate process of not messing up your last components.
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  • 10:19 that "oil" sounded very american

  • Boris Live your life while you can The elephant foot is going to make Russia a horrible place :(

  • or you could just add flour and water

  • Surviving with Boris is a lot of Fun But if the fridge is Empty its Game Over, Than Atyom have to help to get Food cause Cats r lil Tigers and can Hunt Sneaky :D

  • "'Where did you learn to cook this?" Boris :>

  • Honestly that mushroom sauce on rice is out of this world delicious. I topped it with some browned doctor's sausage for protein and it was so damn goooood.

  • guys, i had a bunch of food on the 29th and dissapired in the 30th, help?

  • "Animal noises"

  • Ramsay boris

  • Thanks Boris. The adding flour bit......used it many times comrade!

  • 11:17 I just had a heart attack caused by the memories of my childhood evoked by this single action

  • everyone gangster till immigrants find this video...

  • Wasn’t until I watched this video that I realized how poor I actually was growing up. Salt, pepper, potatoes, and oil was our dinner for 4 months straight. I was born ready for end of month!

  • Понравилось видео

  • 0:49

  • is this the fpsrussia of food?

  • bruh as long as i have a bunch of flour cooking oil and salt im set for a few days

  • I can actually smell the poor gopniks mashed potato. I think I am having a very conveniently times stroke.

  • Showed this to my peigion Now its a pizdec

  • End of month, brings out a bag of expensive wild mushrooms

  • I Know, how to survive, or at least in my country. Just buy eggs. A lot of eggs, they cost only like 2 euros a 16 egg pack. Eggs have literally everything expect for vitamin C. So eggs and something with vitamin C = Perfect.

  • how would you not have potato at end of month?

  • Genius

  • Wtf are u kidding me? How can ı add heat in the food without gas. edit: Ah no problem, i burnt my wooden spoons for some heat.

  • boris reminds me of babushkas great cooking 👌

  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • When he was eating potatoless potato, I was screaming like great! Now add water and make a soup! What are you doing? Don't eat the soup base! What!

  • he made mushrooms in gravy

  • where is most or all of your equipment sold, if it’s possible to get it online

  • I wish this wasnt relevant to everyone on earth

  • At the end of month go to babushka

  • "As long as you not add flour to soup. That's not normal." What you never make chowder before?? Is very similar to Poor Gopnik's Mashed Potato. But is a soup!!

  • I tried the Jam Juice thing. Tastes like actual fruit juice! Спасиво Boris for teaching me something new!

  • Russian food looks so pathetic and sad. Perfect for me

  • You could have made a tortilla base with the flour at home for extra taste and put all the things inside

  • Thank you my tavarich im not hungry anymore

  • Mmmmm scrambled bread.

  • How he says "end of the month" scares the crap out of me

  • I actually make the poor gopniks mashed potato every now and then

  • 0:55 *insert a clip of a fridge getting explode*

  • Here an idea cooking with saw maybe??

  • I remember my mom having an end-of-month grater. I never knew what it was for until now!

  • 9:24 Those mushrooms are like 30€/kg

  • So this is how jesus fed 5000 people at once

  • poor mashed potato is what i only like

  • t h e b a y l e a f

  • don't starve together end of season food: great pink globs of greasy grimy glommer guts, icky sticky spider legs, scrambles rotten tallbird eggs, french fried eyeplant floating in a pool of mud, and me without my spoooooon.


  • Can you address the fallen sausage at 3:10 please tell me it made it in the pan

  • When you move to a non slav country and you can't find any real doctors sausage in the store so you resort to watching Boris' videos.

  • 3:23 "Remember not to use whole garlic, that is fucking insane." Me: **I don't have such weaknesses** (Yes I would cook with a whole garlic, I love the stuff).

  • I tried mashed potyeto without potyeto and i think its my fault cuz mine tastes like shit

  • I have no water, I HAVE MILK AND THE MYSTERY LIQUID (I actually meant green water that taste like plants)

  • Boris make banana flavour blins I made one And its really good and Im Polish

  • no

  • Blyat

  • they dont sell doctor sausage here in the states ;~; i guess spam will do

  • 10:00 Boris is the perfect mix of very judgemental but also extremely supportive and I love that

  • Instructions unclear: i made food enough to last me till the end of nuclear winter

  • Me: “Eww, that looks disgusting!” Gordon Ramsay: “Delicious.” Boris: “Delicious.” Me: “Delicious.”

  • Oil? Use pig fat instead for mushrooms.

  • You can make mushrooms with some rice. Less used mushrooms more food. If rice is cheap ofc

  • Idk why but it feels like Boris just made up the recipes halfway through filming

  • But Boris, you used whole garlic for plov. 🙃

  • Se

  • Been thinking about that cucumber and tomato sandwich the past few days that sounds so good

  • Mushroom sauce is next level shit

  • I call the jam juice and water the poor mans kompot

  • Dylantero ???

  • Hi

  • The youtubers dinner lol

  • Who does not have flour at end of month? Then you have not been to a supermarket in a slav country during covid. We don't even have flour at start of month, let alone end of month.

  • "So let’s see what we have" *music stops* "aha."

  • Почти ленивые пельмени

  • Protip for the 1st recipe: you can easily make pasta out of flour and tap vodka. Take 135 grams of flour and mix it with 1/3 glass of warm(!) water. Knead the dough until its smooth, then throw it in the fridge for 30 minutes. Roll out the dough, if you don't have a rolling pin, any clean and smooth can will work. Sprinke the dough with flour to prevent sticking. When it's flat, cut it into desired pasta shapes, then throw into boiling salted water and cook. Take half a glass of pasta water and add to the pan with garlic, onion and meat, then throw in the pasta and season while mixing everything on large heat. You'll thank me later

    • Thank you!!!nice little gem of a recipe.. god bless!

  • love the pots from ikea. really nice touch

  • 😂😂😂

  • Boris survived tasting this .....

  • sukses selalu good

  • 11: 22 I use sugar instead of salt

  • Watching this in Canada eating bread with butter as my wild mushrooms are drying in the background for winter. Blayt

  • How could anyone throw anything babushka gave you?

  • This guy's accent and attitude make the video. I'm dying laughing, dude's funny af.

  • Holy shit I'm not the only one who eats salt cocomba

  • Коротко о том как видят амереканцы русских

  • I make gopnik mashed potato all the time, but with summer sausage and smetana

  • Ironically people could actually learn a lot here, in regards to using all your food, instead of throwing stuff away. We live in a very wasteful culture. You can always make something with what you got.

    • i need to say that to my mom

  • boris cooking somehow feels like howtobasic but its not

    • howtobasic, binging with babish, life of boris and you suck at cooking. the holy.... trinity but not trinity

  • This is very healthy

  • My birthday is on this day when dis was realest

  • Не понимаю, почему нет русских комментов?) Не могу отделаться от ощущения, что это Баженов

  • Batya's soup guide

  • Boris is a 3 Mikhail star chef.

  • End of the month for asian Rice with salt Rice with light soy sauce Rice with dark soy sauce Rice with sweet soy sauce As long you've got rice you can survive

  • That was old polish money flying there at the beginning xd

  • I see you have SMEG kitcheware too sir XD

  • so if i eat lava ill not be hungry? because its hot? BRB

  • ay blyat the fridge is talking to me again

  • a lot of this looks like food I could tolerate

  • Ok, comically small grater, but hear me out: comically large grater