Cooking with chainsaw

Datum objavljivanja: 18. Svi 2020.
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Cooking with splitting axe:
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Boris cooks soup by using only a chainsaw and pure slav skill. There is potato, carrot, cabbage, meat and.. of course the bay leaf. Delicious as always! Enjoy.
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  • Boris with chainsaw shirt here:

  • Next cooking with Steal people phone when he Slav

  • i dont watch boris just for the content I watch boris to learn new Russian words and watch his content

  • Next episode: cooking with Adidas- pocket knife

  • 4:48 foreshadowing maybe

  • Next video: making food with a tram

  • Now cook with a Kalashnikov

  • Did it taste oil?

  • Next episode: (pls do this one) cooking with flamethrower

  • Next challenge: cooking with a hammer and a sickle

  • boris, do a babushka reveal pls

  • cook with kalasnikov

  • This is by far the best thing on utube I have seen in a long time. How did I not see this sooner? Thanks Boris from Ireland.☘️🥃

  • 0:39 Who else got scared for boris when he pulled out that chainsaw

  • Slav Ramsay

  • We are not saveges

  • Me: Okay, just one more video and we go to sleep. Me 3 hours later:

  • 3:32 ,,We are not savages here” as the previously whole carrot now has a bite taken out of it


  • pro tip: if you make enough buterbrod, you don't even need to lubricate the chain

  • Challenge idea: cooking with a claymore (the sword)

  • ,,potatical art"... my favorite kind xD

  • Boris : We are not savages here Boris once again : (cuts carrot with a chainsaw)

  • El viejas probo un poco de vodka

  • It's a good sign that boris's humour still makes me laugh even after the first time seeing this video

  • .

  • Imagine being his neighbor hearing a chainsaw going off and immediately know he's making soup

  • This was the first video I have watched on BORIS

  • So i made this soup (removed some ingrediense you know diffrent countries different taste) it was very good also i dident use chainsaw due to age and it was delecious

  • ''we're not savages here'' cuts carrots with chainsaw

  • The chain bar oil is babushkas secret spice

  • OOPAAAAA... Some Slav Food !!

  • Gordon ramsay in russian mode

  • Boris took k Cooking to the extreme It is blyatiful

  • The Gopnik chainsaw massacre.

  • this is acualll cooking in 1900

  • Make a cooking channel

  • Runaway Potato

  • *Slavs are blyatiful*

  • How sanitary

  • ok i get that he said hell do cooking with brick and really did it but how do you go from axe to chainsaw to brick

  • You should open a restaurant

  • fav song: delet this нахуй with a chinsaw following the rythm

  • Big spoon. yes.


  • I don’t know what I was expecting from a Russian man xD

  • Dear Boris, How do you decorate gingerbread house with boxing gloves on?

  • I cooked this for my sister, she's becoming slav...

  • Boris:today comrades we make gulash with chainsaw Vadim:BORIS BLYAT

  • 7:23 That's what she said

  • When will artyom t shirts be in weslav again

  • This why I like Russia

  • Yeah in Tagalog u call it tabo Wat do u call it in English Borisa A big spoon

  • Good you've not shown yourself cutting the meat with chainsaw. Not just because of HRdown, but because it's quite brutal if you think about it...

  • Im brasilian, ah one thing CYKA BLYAT

  • not gonna lie that looks delicious. now i want some pork soup.

  • Other people when food falls on ground : ew i am not eating that Boris : EARTH SPICE

  • cook with gun blyat

  • I feel like the only Lady Gopnik here XD

  • can someone tell me the necessary recipes for this I plan to make this for Christmas so my family can eat this slav soup

  • Ze sawdust is just extra fiber

  • what tipe of apple is it with out a apple

  • Make pizza whit knife

  • Next do cooking with hammer if you did

  • But I’m allergic to mayonnaise

  • Cook with an ак47

  • ey boris, i have a smol challenge for you, cook with nothing but a brick. 1 make butterbrod 2 make a full on meal

  • Amazonh

  • "but we are not savages here" *whips out chainsaw*

  • Do cooking with brick next time

  • There was no do not try this at home.... *Ferb I know what we are doing today*

  • Boris you absolute madlad

  • Babushka: what kind of soup is it if it doesn’t have cabbage in it ? Also Babushka: *don’t play with your food*

  • Professional Chef: "We'll be using hickory wood chips to add a smokey flavor to our main course". Boris: "Sawdust come from chainsaw, adds hair to comrade's chest".


  • Why that axe on the log while Boris squating ?

  • what else can he possibly cook with **holds tank**

  • 2:56 Potato with extra wood crust

  • 3:52 slavic vegetable "onion"

  • make borsh with a lada

  • О Боже мой

  • i hope he replaced the bar oil with olive oil or sunflower seed x)

  • Cooking with lawnmower would be interesting. I hope "lawnmower" does not mean "sheep" or "goat" in...slavic.

  • this guy is my new idol

  • don't know if you still care lol , but КОВШИК is like a "ladle" in english love your videos btw 🤙🤙

  • I wish Russian Borris replaced the prime minister Borris. Oh how fun that would be... Next challenge: take over the UK

  • Is a profissional débil

  • where not savages here *uses a chain saw to cut carrots

  • Aww man, cutting the meat was the bit we wanted to see most

  • I'm just a little bit concerned about how much fucking dirt I've seen him eat on these buterbrod lmao

  • That would be a good idea if you open a Soup Stand, Boris.

  • Blin 1,2 million views in 5 month

  • Now we need cooking with Kalashnikov or cooking with ushanka or cooking with balaclava

  • Only Russians can power a chainsaw with one yank

  • Ay comrade give me two pots of that i can eat this all in one go *blyat i spilled it*

  • Next Challenge: Cooking with a Power Drill, No attachments

  • That should have disgusting taste

  • Vadim:- Boris Blyaatt!!!!

  • What a legend 😄

  • Hurt himself from fire and not the chainsaw ah yes true Slav