Cooking with splitting axe

Datum objavljivanja: 11. Stu 2018.
Cooking with chainsaw:
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Cooking with splitting axe
A comrade called Kailan sent me a challenge to cook with a full size splitting axe. No hatchets allowed. I took this challenge. Went to babushka's house. Built a fire and cooked some meat. With buterbrod on the side. It was glorious. I named the axe The Gopnik Butterknife.
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  • 1:42 "EXTRA STRONG KVASS" 1:43 *"S T R O N G A S S"*

  • Ah yes, the fire is made out of vodka. * R U S S I A N A N T H E M INTENSIFIES*

  • 1:57 Boris: *trying to make fire but fails* Me: *Gets my dad blowtorch instead of matches* >:)

  • 7:20 R.I.P finger Boris:AY

  • Boris i have Challenge for you next time

  • You said my house I thought it *OUR* HOUSE

  • 3:21

  • 0:42 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • 🥛 🥛 🥛 🥛 🥛 🥛 🥛 🥛 🥛 🥛 🥛 🥛 🥛 🥛 🥛 🥛 🥛 🥛 🥛 🥛 🥛 🥛🥛 🥛 🥛 🥛


  • Hello comrads!!! Im from russia!!! That video is "PIZDESH"(analog bullshit). for real russian cooking in the forest you need vodka,axe and saperka.

  • *When the SLAV man Boris is serious about cooking......*

  • please tell me you didnt eat that shit

  • 10:17 Artyom's neighbour

  • 8:11 is how they made minecraft hit sound

  • .

  • Slav version of Gordon Ramsay

  • This is how corona virus appeard,from this food

  • btw "ey shpion " means "hey spy"

  • Slav way of coal baked potato is baby way arab way we just shove it in the coal with skewers

  • 13:09 *NOTE *No screams means potato is done*

  • I like ya cut g


  • And ofcourse we wrap the potato in "aluminuminum"?

  • This is not little boys cheese, this is MANS CHEESE

  • Now this is sLaV

  • What does gopnik mean

  • This is not an axe

    • No its a slavs butterknife

  • What is gopnics butcher knife?

  • Normal people: "Light the fire" Intellectuals: "Turn on the fire" Boris: "Cook the fire"

  • Lmao nobody said you have to take a super swing every time

  • I thin bori aded too much earth spice 😂

  • eating buterbrod and watching boris

  • You notice how Boris cuts a piece of bread off and then just starts beating the shit out of it?

  • How did COVID start grandpa??? ... earthspice greatest invention great for body

  • i love mayonase

  • Lenin And Stalin: My son is blyatiful

  • “...and with Papa’s help...” the only man Boris asks for help.

  • 6:00 laughed do hard at that

  • How to cook with aditional taste of graas and dirt.

  • Bushcraft with Boris

  • You like communisn. Controll the masses.

  • Am proud of being Slav

  • FORK?!

  • You are VERY BAD MAN! Da? IMHO

  • he used a bayonet at one point!

  • Ah yes, the famuos metal, aluminiuminium.

  • now that is what i call perfect accuracy

  • Hey Boris you should try cooking with a karambit


  • Yeah, if you leave the butter out it becomes way easier to work with.

  • try to coock with spoon only :-) or with Lada vehicle tools only (if lada is sold with tools - i dont know. But maybe a spare wheels is always around:) )!

  • Yummy🤤😂

  • Food challenge: only eat bay leaf for 2 Months, other foods are prohibited in this challenge

  • Campfires were made 1.6 million years ago People before 1.6 millions years ago:

  • song ; cities of sand and apple thief dance by mike franklyn

  • A fire axe

  • Ah, I rember so good time, when I was in the babushka country. I was like 11 years old, my grandma let me to cut some firewood for a bath. And when I started, I missed, and axe like fly into my leg. Now, I have a big scar on the leg. It was so good time..

  • And the three ingredients

  • Where is the sausage in the meat

  • Do not try this at home!,!,!,!!💀💀💀💀☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

    • Try this at school

  • Food: *drops on the ground* Girls: "ewwwww I don't wanna touch that, let's just buy another one." Boris: " *haha earth spice go brrrrrrr* "

  • Какая боль😂😂 я жрать хочу как собака, а тут такое😅 Борис, ты бы поменьше earth spises добавлял🤣

  • Tu esti inima russiei

  • Did Boris the professional slav just try to light a fire with a match? No Boris you must go bigger.

  • thats no vodka thats COCA COLA.

  • Food challenge. Cook a meal using baseball bat

  • i haf extreme challenge cooking with hands

  • lmafo, this is gold

  • "Extra strong kvass" E X T R A K A S S

  • Boris: **puts potatoes in fire** Me: DO NOT BURN POTETO!!!!!! (Boris plz pin me if comment c0ol)

  • I was born in Siberia, and have been wanting to try Russian food from my homeland for a long time, maybe I’ll try this.

  • this guy makes me eat grass

  • gordan ramsy would pitch a fit

  • But can you split with a cooking pan?

  • good job once again oppppaaaa davai ya ushev

  • Is not butter brod, is dirt brod

  • Me:*food falls like 1 centimeter away* ooh snack *Boris cuts cheese and some cheese falls down to the ground* ooh SNACC


  • isnt this just how normal slavs cook?

  • Dear Slavrad, while this video is glorious, everytime I watch I can't help but wish you had eaten some at the end using only the gopniks butterknife.

  • Blyat!

  • Damn, you are so dedicated to ur fans borya

  • He eat the mosquito

  • I can't get over the strong russian accent. Hilarious.

  • 6:46 this got me... this really got me...

  • Came here just want to see what boris papa look like And he mention that on his new video " Boris reveal 5 new fact +qna"

  • Hopefully the wood he burns isn't pressure treated.


  • Boris: Makes M & M bread aka. Meat and Mayonaiz

  • 11:10 Boris:wohh extra meat Mosquito:hellp mee!!!!!! Im burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • When your wife leaves you and takes the knives

  • 5:20 "What is this now? Make nobody proud with broken sausage." 😂😂😂

  • I enjoy that every video I watch teaches me just a little more russian

  • Boris: "We are not savages here." Boris five seconds earlier:

  • The way you say "nice" has that steveMREinfo1989 vibe to it. Nice

  • I know damn well that jar of "mayo" is the jar of miracle whip from your fan mail video, you can cover the labels all you want but the lid and jar neck give it away. At least it didn't go to waste haha

  • Every time i see Boris make Buter Brod, i just get sad that we dont have doctors sausage in the US

  • You slav no russia but with adidas pants Ты славы нет Россия будет на Адидас 👖 0:41

  • That bread is full of grass and dirt