COOKING WITH BRICK - slav survival tips with Boris

Datum objavljivanja: 11. Ruj 2020.
Cooking with brick? OF COURSE. It was not really a challenge. But it is also not what I had planned. Turned out to be some solid forest survival tips.
Cooking with axe:
Cooking with chainsaw:
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  • Cook with the klashkinov

  • Cooking with AK 47 chamber in 7.62x39mm

  • Cooking with hatchets as hands!

  • MY SUGGESTED COOKING CHALLENGES: *Cooking with mayonez, cooking with ak-47, cooking with a vodka bottle, cooking with semechki, cooking with unshanka, cooking with a sickle and a hammer, and finally... cooking with potato.*

  • me when i see u cooking in the forest i am in like 20 meters apart: oh hi boris

  • Pretty much just cooking with rocks and a hand axe.

  • Now cook with a Kalashnikov

  • Now cook with a Kalashnikov

  • =)

  • Cooking with Kalashnikov.

  • Cooking with Kalashnikov

  • Boris: regrets Fans: ooooo yeaaaaa

  • In Indonesia Cooking With Brick Is a normal Activity

  • time to break the brick with brick

  • 2:49 later gets samminella

  • Cook with a mokolov cocktail

  • The kalashikov would be kinda easy, just heat up the barrel by firing it and put something on it

  • I'm pretty sure those mushrooms are highly hallucinogenic.

  • now cook with kalashnikov.

  • 3:04 *note: this is not my first time washing a brick * XD

  • the way he chopped and burned the wood triggers me great cook still boris

  • Cook with a shovel

  • Egg from chicken ✖ Egg from tree ✔

  • Now only a TRUE slav, could cook, with just air.

  • "Starvation is what we have" Sounds like the Soviet Union, alright.

  • Cooking with kalashnikov. Best idea.

  • Cooking with kalashnikov bullet

  • Boris if you found 12 bricks you could make a rocket stove. That would have cooked your egg in seconds with the right mesh top. No need fir cement just place the bricks on top of each other making a sort of fire place then mesh or tray ontop and you have Rocket Stove. Love the videos 🇦🇺👌

  • What's next? Cooking with Kalashnikov?... ...Oh no *Famous last words*


  • Cooking with a cordless drill is not advised

  • Perfect, now cook with a T34 tank.

  • Please cook with Kalashnikov, who is very sad.

  • Boris Next cooking video cook with a Bm21 grad

  • Cooking with wood Mc let's play when

  • Real Slav always improvises.

  • Next challenge: cooking with gun

  • Cooking with Kalashnikov?"

  • 0:53 amanita muscaria (fly agaric) isn't poisonous, but you can trip with it

  • _b r i c c_

  • How many times has Boris washed a brick?

  • Agree cooking with Kalashnikov

  • That's some fine ass amanita muscaria you have growing there. Definitely poison, but fee free to touch it all you like, mushrooms only poison if ingested.

  • What the hell did you cycle out of your gun? That’s not a cartridge

  • This needs a crossover with favela cooking


  • Cooking with Kalashnikov please


  • I hope I encounter a Boris cooking an egg in the forest

  • I came but was still called a British MI6 Spy, any more survival tips?

  • Fun fact: The Mushroom that Brois found in the forest at the beggining is one of the most poisoness mushrooms in Eastern Europe

    • It's not, though. It's a misconception. There are far worse offenders.

  • so when is cooking with Kalashnikov coming out?

  • Biris the ak 47 now

  • kalashnikov will be proud of the food he will make

  • So when is the Slav Rainforest Review coming out?

  • Ad: want to learn how to cook like Gordon Ramsey Me: I'm poor Boris: I'll show you how to cook with a brick Me: now we're talking

  • Cooking with lada

  • Cheeki Bricki!

  • 3:29 i thought it was an actual bullet, lol

  • ngl the stuff boris makes looks pretty good

  • next video: cooking with water bottle

  • Make a "Cooking with a Bark"


  • Still waiting for the Cooking with Kalashnikov.

  • Cook with Kalashnikov

  • Boris: *Hits brick with bullet and hamer* Vadim: Not bad,kid

  • "We need to clean her up" Brick: Did you assume my gender?

  • What about cooking with kalasnikov?

  • Cook with vadim but at the end you beat him up

  • Cook with kalashnikov

  • Oh yes good idea boris cooking with Kalashnikov then cooking with nuclear warhead

  • I love how he already has a Kalashnikov ready for this comment section

  • Cook with vodka!! BLYAT!

  • You almost said cooking with Kalashnikov (ak-47)

  • Cook with kalash, i will show the video to my kalashnikov, natasha

  • Cooking with bricks just like in 1945 berlin

  • Next is cooking with angle grinder.

  • Next calaxnikow

  • What's next? cooking with kalashnikov? oy cyka I'm in

  • What's next cooking with klanshinklov The comment section: oy cyca Boris: AH VADIM

  • 2:19 the best sound

  • Boris, come to America, and we can cook with Kalashnikov.

  • @Life of Boris sadly Great comrade Mikhail Kalashnikov has passed away meaning you cannot cook with kalashnikov

  • boris: cooking with brick, more like normal tuesday. whats next? cooking with kalashi- boris: (realizes what he has done) boris: *oh no*

  • boris: no no, that was not a challenge. *YOU CAN NOT COOK WITH BRI-*


  • Just imagine Gordon Ramsey watching this

  • easier than expected

  • Boris: what's next? cooking with Kalashnikov? 800,000 people: oh yes Boris: o_o well Cyka.

  • Cooking with kalaschnikov bullet

  • i want cooking, using vadim blyat

  • Cook with a shoo next time

  • Blyat when is the *Cooking with Kalashnikov!?* I'm ready for the Slavic-style cooking blyat!

  • Cooking with kalashnjikov bljat

  • I googled forest of Chernobyl

  • When is cooking with kalasnikov coming xD

  • Those mushrooms only grow in Siberia

  • Well the brick quality already better than i found in my country...

  • Now you must do what your fans ask *cook with kalashnikou*