COUSIN ROYALE with Anatoli - Cuisine Royale gameplay

Datum objavljivanja: 20. Pro 2019.
Get the game and jump in: on PC, PS4 and Xbox One!
It is free to download and play. Add "LifeOfBoris_" and "anatolithecousin" in game and join the fun.
Brought to you with the support from friends at Gaijin.

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Intro music:
Gopnik McBlyat - Snakes in Tracksuits
Outro music:
Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem


  • Those plague doctor cosmetics make me want to dive right in :D

  • This game on consoles is super absolute trash

  • hmmmmmm that colt should've been picked up gopnik

  • The amount of views tho...

  • The song playing throughout the video is called "Movin' With It" by mike Franklyn if anyone's interested.

  • “Yes, I do feel like playing as Uamee” This made me smile because I found Boris by Uamee.

  • Those plague masks were a prophecy of the year to come. 2020.🤖

  • Cuisine Royale is Pay to Win

  • You should try playing dayz

  • I love Cuisine Royale. I even made it to diamond tier (or whatever the top tier is) once. Took me me awhile to grind to it, but I got there in the end. Haven't played since. Need to get back into it.

  • bep bep


  • Who came here for the light theme clip?

  • 7:17 im dead XD

  • I want to hear Anatoli even if he dosnt speak english

  • Little did he knew when he wished new year....

  • Пасаны он русский?

  • That 1911 comment cuts deep.

  • hahahhaha i have no friends :D

  • pubg in better (xD)

  • I tried to purchased the game in the ps4 but its not in the playstation store tho??

  • I just realized this was posted on my dads b-day

  • "The Gopnik Express" *Where do i get the ticket?*

  • "gopnik express" while driving a German kubelwagen (from ww2)

  • discord light mode _inhale_ how

  • Next time use capitalist guns boris, you was playing with western guns (maybe you are a traitor??😱😭🤣for the uk or usa)and you was using German guns 🥺😢(it's fascist guns engineering 🤣🤣🤣 (kidding)

  • Name song between game


  • when Boris said a nice year of 2020

  • cusine royal is strategic Boris goes krrrrrrrrrrrrrt

  • What idiot clef this cuisine royal instead cousin royal

  • Its actually cuisine royale 😂😂 still very funny

  • Prom dress. Lol

  • Damn it Gaijin, first Wat Thunder now this. What the blyat is this

  • Next do ENLISTED after it’s finished, same creators as cuisine royal and war thunder

  • not wanting to look at a mans ass the whole game is the reason I play only female characters .

    • I really want the biker queen suit but im not spending 30 bucks for viper's ass I want it cheaper


  • they put the HRdown subtitles in Russian

  • Cousins coming out thw gate with great reasons

  • 0:01 footage of soviets in captured kubelwagon running around destroyed Germany 1944-45 colorized

    • Lol just realized cousin Antonio had stahlhelm when they hopped in at 2:30

  • me: adds boris boris: ignores

  • Is this battle royal hmmm yeah

  • Do you have a Xbox?? If you do can I be one of your followers??.

  • Dying in Royale games: Some gamers: *rage at death and blame the game for them dying* Boris: ......I guess I not got this.

  • That moment when Boris uses more Nazi German weapons than slav ones.

  • My system is Win7 64bit with 8Gb Ram and IGD/IGC 1Gb/VRam no Graphic Card, as can't afford 1 , city is far and the price quite high Blyat! 🤣

  • Compatible*

  • Help! I Got 1 Problem! "This Game Required A DirectX 11 Computable Video Card" but my IGC/IGD Is 1Gb With 8Gb Ram 6.89Gb Free Of 8Gb... Along With Intel HD Graphic Drive... Can't Afford To Have Graphic Card GTX920 or Higher..... Awww...

  • 6:14 this part knocked me out😂😂😂😂 What a frackin minute THIS VIDEO WAS CLOSE TO MY BIRTHDAY-

  • I don't know if he meant to put cuisine in the title XD

  • Only western spy use dark mode on discord.

  • "Wait, this is empty" *Samovar flying* "Hahahaha"

  • boris blyat why do you use discord light mode!?

  • This looks a lot like enlisted

  • Boris: Come on cousin we're late for prom! Me: MY elementary school prom was cancelled. Blame the coronavirus. EDIT: My elementary schools last 9 years. THAT'S LONG BLYAT-

  • Play pubg

  • 5:47

  • Boris uses light theme.... Unsubscribe

  • 3:55 is that gta 4 reference

  • I died of laughing at 7:24

  • Those are ww2 guns

  • Im listening to this and sitting onvmy roof

  • I have been playing for a few weeks, and I did find a Kalashnikov (AKM), but it had no ammo so I couldn't use it. At least they have Mosin-Nagant and Tokarev pistol

  • By the name of the vodka the god of russia i order u to stop making this kind of videos . Blayt

  • M1911 sucks use the m1912

  • Eh y is boris using german mp40

  • Boris, is this playable in first person shooter?

  • Gaijin Entertainment? Aren’t those the guys who made Crossout and War Thunder?

  • Prom is something where highschoolers (senior high, grades 9-12, whatever you call it) have one night per year to get with someone and it is like a dance/party and near the end, you vote for a prom king and a prom queen. (I vote Boris for Slav King!)

  • Spanish subtitles

  • Game: Cuisine Royale Me: Cousin Royale

  • Is it free

  • Soviet secret moon landing 1969 colorize: 9:49

  • Soviet secret moon landing 1969 colorize: 9:49

  • 4:07 is this what vadims apartment sounds like?

  • Discord in bright mode. Why

  • There are kalashnikovs in game now.

  • 3:56 cousin let’s go bowling

  • I could have watched 3 hours of this and not been one second bored!

  • 4:35 seriously how the fuck did they do this

  • Boris is game free

  • Do you play pubg

  • 4:03 Boris and Anatoli: **plays pool** Vadim:

  • And they say "Fortnite is the best". You're wrong, cyka.

  • I cant tell if this whole channel is a meme or not.. Either way its amazing

  • Play again cyka

  • You and Anatoli are real life Roman and niko

  • Holy shit where did you get that Sister of Battle gf on the thumbnail?

  • I don't understand why you would get this game when there are several other free battle royales that are much better

  • "This scope so good i can see the future" Ahh i had a good laugh

  • *cousin hold on, I'm being consumed by capitalism* I died :)))))))

  • Why does boris have discord light mode on, that is very non cheeki breeki

  • “You can take your frozen wiener I don’t want it!” 😂 5:35

  • The video has been sponsored by uamee

  • 4:27 Me when I run out of toilet paper.

  • Boris is gaijin confirmed.

  • Boris you need to play COD mobile

  • Boris' slavic laughter can cure COVID-19

  • Would this run on my potato pc

  • Time of the video's release: Plague doctor. 1 month later: Coronavirus doctor.