Horse Girl Award | Ep. 20 | Minecraft X Life SMP

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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
Today I'm building a giant crazy horse race course for my friends to participate in a multiplayer horse race!
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  • Leave a like pls

  • Ik I am watching this late but I so far I have very enjoyed watching this series!

  • Your horse dose sink but when it gets deep then I SUDENLY dismount it

  • Great commentary, Lizzie 👏👏👏👏

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Who ever who or looked suspicious cheated

  • Moon sun moon moon

  • ok

  • Did anyone else see oli say ‘uwu’ XDDDD



  • As an actual horseback rider, I rlly like it! I like how you made it look cute but use actual horse racing courses like the rainbow jumps!


  • Scott gets to be the dragon king in cute craft so Lizzie gets to be the challenge queen

  • omg i love how lizzy just suddenly changed her voice when she said " the mines...... " it made it sound so dramatic and made me laugh 😂

  • You should give them a break to switch horses before they start the jumps

  • Which means... I got bingo!

  • I love your video’s

  • Nobody: Ollie: uwu ( 11:12)

  • Thank god you didn’t come up in an alpine biome *Intense kingdom craft flashbakcs**

  • Lizzie: Im gonna make a water elevator for the horses!! Me: *flashbacks to kingdomcraft*

  • Forse ur freinds to race 😂

  • Gud job cpk

  • Lol 😂 This video is so funny

  • "now we're going to make it cute, to hide the deadliness" -lizzie 2021

  • What texture pack is this

  • 4:30

  • When Lizzie was building this and I was part of the horse thing I would’ve just watched her video so I could cheat... AND WIN

  • Lizzie : Somebody cheats Chat: JOEYGRACCEFFA has left the game

  • Can I compete with the horse race PLSS I LOVE HORSES AN YOUR VIDEO S

  • Jimmy has the slowish horse

  • *CaN yOu HiT sOmEoNeS hOrSeY?* Demon Scott.

  • Does anyone know what the mod is called for the pastel trees?

  • I love this series ( kid just using my dad’s account)

  • Me happy then he Kills the horse then becomes sad straight away 🖤💔💔😿🙀🥺😢😭 Horses are magnificent even if they are slow

  • play adopt me on roblox freind request me lillyanaxo24

  • Please please make a huge house build

  • What mode is this

  • I wish I could have won horse girl of the year -v- :3

  • I love you! Been here since shadowcraft 1

  • Me: looks at her level Also me: my highest level was 22🙄

  • 12:28 I love the amount of people that jumped to rescue Joel 😂

  • Omg lol oli said uwu

  • I love horses soon much and your such a good HRdownr and I wish I was you BFF and could play with you

  • what is your texture pack called?

  • :D i don’t know what to comment

  • That bubble elevator gave me kingdom craft flashbacks.

  • Love horses 🐎💕

  • Whats you texture pack?

  • DID YOU KNOW ld shadow lady is the definition of cute?

  • why is cpeak waering a dress that soo funny

  • oh crap. i just binged all 20 episodes like a sitcom... now what???

  • It is now 11:53 pm, and I believe I can finish watching this series tonight.

  • I want to join the race to my horace's name you're done you're gone

  • The bit where you said Ollie has the horse with the legs really got me 🤣🤣😂😂😂🥲🥲🥲

  • i know that you are probably not going to see this but i used to watch a lot of your videos when i was younger and recently i’ve been feeling really down and saw one of your videos pop up and so i started watching your videos again and doing that has really been making me smile and laugh so i just want to say thank you

  • Scot=Animal abuse:(

  • Lizzie:makes a bubble elevator to get back to the surface Me: has a flashback of what happened to Mr. Boneigh during KingdomCraft (rip Mr.Boneigh)

  • Plz shout out my comment,

  • What mod is that called?!?!

  • Why do you sound British???

  • hi there

  • why does it seem like lizzie has been the serial killer of xlife-

  • LDSHADOWLADY: you should play a big game on the server a big game of hide and seek

  • I am your biggest fan

  • I was just watching the conversation in the chat the entire time😂 Also Rest In Peace test run horse✌️

  • jimmy really taking slow and steady wins the race to literally XD

  • I put capshions on and- and- it said "Hey guys whats up ld charlotte here". Like what-?

  • 4:30 uhh

  • OrionSound: imagine not coming top 3 :s Me: Ikr 😜✌️✨

  • not me wondering what would happen if you put the lasso joel was in with him init

  • Lizzie is so good at making challenge

  • I’m almost finished with x life and I love it so I’m kinda sad

  • 4:08 Fall Guys Vibes

  • I love her energy and how she always tries to get everyone together with a challenge!

  • Lizzie: it looks so cute also lizze: cute squeel

  • I just wanna say if I made a horse racing thing I would just put 5 horse jumping things.and then I’m done.But she is so extra she’s just like well let’s do ice and rainbow and underground and some pits. Me just like :o ummm how .and she makes it all pretty me Il’l put 2 oak trees and maybe horses on a leash.

  • When Lizzy test out if their horse is safe to go up the bubble elevator Me: I remember the last time she did that and it did not work out well * Cough * kingdom series * cough *

  • i want to go to sleep.😭

  • 4:48 aww she sound like a cat

  • I saw fwip cheat he was in the hole in the start then put his buffalo up the ride it so did get the bingo😊😉

  • Is this a coincidence or what I like horses and this was posted on my birthday how did this happen?


  • Everyone's doing SMPs

  • What about adding falling debris like sand or gravel

  • Please keep making this sires 😭😭😭 I LOVE IT

  • Life history: 🧡🧡🧡🧡 Ended by: Something 💗💗💗💗💗 Ended by: Something Jack = Something

  • i love ur videos!!!!

  • You should catch some exotic animals to tame

  • I think the “somebody cheats” one was referring to Joey, but I’m no scientist or anything....

  • I saw the water elevator with the horse and I had deja vu (is that how you spell it)and flashbacks

  • ur my idol im a fan page .what should i post thats you,ll be ok with

  • Noic

  • My dad‘s name is Joey ok 👍

  • I love you 😘💕

  • you should make a butterfly Conservatory

  • Wacky races soooo nostalgic

  • Lizzie for the next ep can you make a library where you wright and sell books you made and maybe some enchanted books too.

  • What mods do u have in Xlife??