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uwu lux player
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  • That SAO soudntrack at start wins

  • We need an omelette flipper compillation

  • omg your laugh is so cute.

  • If it twas too fast for u to see... "dont ship me and garen! >.

  • 5:30 Ok, I have 2 potion charges and I can choose lux form, which one should I do? Pianta: Let's Choose the green form, maybe that would heal and save me.

  • What is the song at the end called?

  • Me thinking was the first larissa video Me seeing the best pirate ever (after luffy of course)

  • Riot when trying to make a fiddle rework, watching him stand still and act like a scarecrow: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN!

  • AAAAAAAAAA fuck that i can't see what it says at 5:11

  • 3:25 Brian simping for garen in chat

  • 3:20 - You alright there?... so it wasn't wuhan unless pianta lives in china


  • uhhh isn't garen lux's brother??? ... oh well (sweet home alabama plays)

  • At the beginning I thought fiddle was veigar

  • Music of 5:35?

    • SAO ost kirito fight epic

  • This thumbnail will be stuck inside my nightmares now.

  • OmleteFlipper: Stands still as fiddlesticks *11 months later* Fiddlesticks literally gets bonuses when he stands still

  • 4:14 lux is garen's sister

  • The music at the very beginning?

  • 1:48 the making of drax

  • Wait at 4:45 your W literally disapeared when morde ulted???

  • Anyone know that jazz song that plays at 4:37 when pianta gets dicked by mord and uwus garen? Really digging that song :,)

  • You not taking q first hurt me so much

  • Those fuckin JUKES bro 😂

  • i had multiple strokes reading that thumbnail

  • Why do you have Doran's ring

  • He ulted for that last kill ahaha, its 4 am and that broke me

  • 5:30 just saw that but he got the time to upgrade his skin form while running away xD

  • OmeletFlipper straight up predicted the fiddles passive rework

  • I ship Brian and Garen

  • His waifu uwu

  • whats the name of the background music

  • Are we just gonna ignore that this degenerate lux tried to hit on his brother garen?

  • Brian+Garen=bragren


  • Okay, so after the game garen and lux hooked up, but they're siblings. Sweet home alabama

  • e first like a true e girl

  • 6:11

  • 0:07 music plsss

  • คนไทยป่ะหรือว่าเราหูฝาดไปเอง ได้ยินว่าเอามันเลย เอามันเลย 5555

  • "they can't see me" threw me

  • Lol, what's that ads...?

  • 3:20 Holy shit Pianta Stop pretending ur s girl ffs

  • Are you describin lilypichu??!

  • When ur trolling but it turns out in your favor

  • The sword art online music at 5:35 tho

  • Aren't garen and lux siblings...?

  • The first town? The background music

  • Did Pianta forget that Lux and Garen are siblings?

  • Predator Fiddle is something you'd expect on halloween.

  • bro im feeling called out we playin lux mid tho 😔🤚

  • a lOT oF GooD mAGeS oUt tHeRE

  • Y'all shipping Pianta and Garen tho

  • Epic lux escape xd

  • Can we just have a moment of silence for that eve that Noone leashed lol

  • OWO !!!!

  • Why does the shit likely this works. How do are you're getting away with this. I try hard in my games and still lose. Maybe I should start just playing like I don't care and win. Good video very inspiring

  • Continuity errors completely ruined my immersion. 3/10 - IGN

  • When Lux about to die but boss SAO music starts playing AHHH THE FEELS

  • this is pretty hilarious

  • Lux and Garden are literally brother and sister....

  • >3

  • "U got it garen if we win i ll add u after the game bad boy" Fine

  • u don't know how much u've cured my cancer that is caused by me watching a video of yamikaze before this i love u my savior

  • That thumbnail makes me want to slit my wrists

  • Patreon

  • /all xd noob

  • The end was BEAUTIFUL!!! XD

  • I utterly despise lux players, such as myself.

  • cock head garen 520 rp

  • Every time i see your videos, is like. 2 minutes. But actually 6/7 are passed. I wish my job was more like this wtf, it happens only with you

  • the perfect HRdown thumbnail doesn't exi-

  • more videos with that guy please

  • A Lux player playing at hitting on a Garen player.... When you accidentally WINCEST.......

  • I love how he put a song from sao ♡♡♡♡

  • River Tenmo

  • Lux is garbage

  • so funny

  • Cutest fuckin thing ever

  • I need to use more uwus in game

  • Don't suppose anyone knows the title of the piano bgm at 3:09?

  • No Lux player is cute, they're all devils

  • Anyone wanna send me Elementalist 😭😭

  • A double rainbow is a phenomenon of optics that displays the spectrum of light due to the sun shining on droplets of moisture in the atmosphere.


  • One of my cousins used to have a very unstable connection and he played Fiddlesticks a lot, so sometimes he would just stand and say nothing on discord, and we would be unsure if he was doing it on purpose or he actually disconnected.

  • >lux support. > buys doran's ring > lvls up E

  • 5:40 skillet-hero

  • The most weeaboo text ever shown in a thumbnail. I think that may be a world record!


  • I expected more of the dance and music u usually edit it with but ok

  • Definitely one of my favorite league youtuber.

  • you should make a one piece team: zac (Luffy), yasuo(zoro), caitlin(usopp), nami(nami) and udyr(chopper)

  • Try rageblade on teemo works well :3

  • haay do you give your top 10 (at quarterback) rewards?

  • River shen

  • Im here after watching like 4 minutes of Tentatcle Goddess slap slap slap from Feb, and i swear to god Pianta if you do white text on a white background with blackbordering the text imma ruin your elo

  • River Shen

  • Thank you for all your videos, i love you

  • teach me how to play teemo