Cyberpunk 2077 Angry Review

Datum objavljivanja: 12. Sij 2021.
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AngryJoe takes on Cyberpunk, can this Futuristic RPG from the makers of Witcher 3 live up to the Massive Hype? Find out in our Final Word Angry Review!
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@maple_moomin Why do you Keanu?


  • Lol the bugs are a good distraction for CDPR; the story was lackluster and the gameplay was just as much.

  • Did the game not meet expectations?

    • Yes 90% of the features from the trailers are removed

  • Man... that intro hit a lot harder than I thought it would.

  • Ah Angry Joe, my hearts goes out to you man, you love games so much but they just keep on letting you down.

  • Yeeees old review angry joe is back! Long may he last.

  • Yeah he's has a point this game sucks

  • Can we talk about how theres no option to date Johnny Silverhand...😑

  • throwing this into the internet void, comparing Cyberpunk chase scene with Last of us part II chase scene, in both you dont need to kill anything.. in the last of us 2 you only have to kill 2 enemies, but the chase felt a bit more "Real" (havent played cyberpunk , just saw it and it looked funny) - and yet- you can feel the fakeness.. im not saying its a bad game or not , but there are holes in every game. i remember people praising KOTOR about choices, i once tested countless dialogues, important ones, where most lines would just lead to the same result (without making much sense) and yet the game was great.. so what does makes a game good ? :P

  • At this point i wonder if u can make it so the glitches r on purpose and u have to overcome some of them to progress in the game? Like theyre part of the story or something. 🤔

  • Got mine and it works just fine on mine. Maybe needed to restart less an 10 times but mostly really good. Just lucky maybe. Too bad. Universe had so so so much potential..

    • Well, they have been trying to fix it currently also it was a nightmare on launch day.

  • Even dead island done 100 times better than this. On ps3

  • 98% of the choices you make / the dialogues you choose have no impact in the story

  • I'm playing the game on PC, had bugs like texture loading , like in this video, people who talk, while lips aren't moving, but this is next level. Holy shit, so many bugs. At least it is playable , hope i won't encouter game breaking bugs that won't allow me to finish the game. Cause at this point it seems it is possible. I like the game, the atmosphere and sometimes it feels dead ( the world itself) ,but i like this game even if it has a LOT of problems. Stoped playing, waiting for patches.

  • Been playing this on PS5. Some minor graphical glitches, 2 crashes. It's such a shame...if this game had worked, it would be a masterpiece

  • 13:19 that was NOT a mistake. Mistakes imply unintentional behavior. Acting intentionally, with full knowledge of what your actions will result in, can't be called a mistake. CD Projekt Red can't possibly have NOT known the state of their own game prior to release, yet they chose to prevent the early reviewers from warning people about the full extent of the game's severely undercooked state, so the reviews wouldn't dampen the sales and they could ride the hype train to those sweet millions in profit. That was no mistake.

  • I just had a dream that Cyberpunk was back on ps4 and I was playing it as a non-buggy game and having fun... Shit like this is why I'm an insomniac.

  • Best part is 28:02 Other Joe is nuts. X) Also what is that music?

  • The game was not as good as I thought, but it was good. The biggest disappointment was that you could not do the side missions after the main story. You had to do them during the main story which took away from the focus of the game.

  • Damn other joes legs are 🔥😂

  • Ok, I don't know if he responded to this but... Were did he get that jacket? anybody knows? Thanks!

  • This game is so perfect

  • You need to spend a few weeks on a treadmill.

  • As AJ grows older he will slowly morph into mildly irritated Joe

  • I think my ps4 get something in latest patch,,its jamming in all games..

  • Deus Ex walked so Cyberpunk 2077 could crawl.

  • "HURRDURR THE REVIEW IS TOO LONG, GOTTA CUT SOME THINGS", proceeds to waste a ton of time with shitty sketches.

  • So, got a funny story about a glitch that happened to me. I was getting one of Delamain's cab for him, near the outskirts of the City, not in the Badlands yet though. Had to follow it on my bike until it crashed through an old shed. The quest finished, I got my money, and was turning around to leave. All of a sudden, a car pops in, upside down, right on top of me. It dug the front tire of my bike into the ground, and I couldn't move. Didn't even hurt me though. I was... really confused.

  • Back to Fallout 4 i go.

  • Sorry, but for a game with this many bugs I can’t call it a ‘good’ game. Nah, fuck it. CDPR outplayed themselves.

  • I gotta say, the cyberpunk jacket looks awesome, Joe! Great job! 👍

  • I still don't get what you mean by "knock 3 times". Were you trying to prove your choices do matter? Because that is a rather poor example since all it does is kill you and it loads the save before you die so you knocking 4 times is the mandatory option. They may as well have had V knock on it automatically

  • 14:40 - The opening to the movie Casino

  • the Codex version had close to 0 bugs on my playthrough. (fkng love that group ♥)

  • AAA titles have become synonymous with sub-par.

  • the let's eat grandma song gets me in my head when i'm driving through night city... aaahhhhhhh.. aaahhhh...

  • we all know is gone be 2022 or 2023 till this game is properly finished

  • When Joe mentioned cd projekt hid early access footage for pre-approved stuff, he said it perfectly with this. They knew what they were doing, period. They knew this game was a mess and was in a development mess as well BUT I guess they just assumed the classic polish saying of "eh, it will be alright" like they did with the Witcher 3 with patches. Problem here is cyberpunk was a different beast for them so in a way, they deserve the criticism here. Its a shame because they had potential to grow and show polish studios can be creative. Idk if they can bounce back from this, this game should have been released in the fall time of 2021. At least ac unity wasn't this bad lol

  • 19:25 Bro that sh!t got me laughing so hard. What's with that shit and that cheesy hip hop music that's playing? 😂🤣22:20-22:45 OMG!!!! I can't take it anymore!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • My mum brought the game for my dad recently and surprisingly I didn't see any glitches 😂

    • But to be fair he doesn't play the game that much. My dad doesn't even realise just how bad everything is

  • Got it in December (2020), waited for updates, playing it now (19 February 2021) on ps4. It's very playable. Graphics are kinda sick. Haven't seen too many glitches. Some things poppin up but overall 0 game breaking glitches. I rather like it. It's a super original game and above all, extremely ambitious. The story sucked me in from the beginning, the gritty city is very well designed with a non game like map. To me it feels like a city where you can get lost in, with all the stores and whores. The vibe super well done. Blade runner royale. Would definitely recommend trying it again. Sure it's not perfect but it's definitely the most interesting and cool game i played in years. The overall feel is like you participate in a Blade runner movie meets Matrix meets Gta. I'm really enjoying my time with it. Graphical and framerate nitpickers might want to skip the ps4 version. But personally loving it. It's 100% an experience every selfrespecting gamer should give a try.

  • I’d think corpo v would have easily gotten another job at another corporation like immediately. How valuable would it be for militech to hire a former ARASAKA COUNTER INTELLIGENCE OFFICER. Especially one with a grudge. The things V could tell them about could actually give Militech the upper hand in the corporate war Yorinobu seems keen on starting. I actually think it would have been so cool if you do go work for another corporation. It honestly makes too much sense. Too much for CDPR

  • Cyberpunk 76

  • this game is awfully terrible, if i could get my money back i would

  • CDPR: Should we finish the game or use Keanu Reeves? Everyone else: Finish the game! we've been waiting! CDPR: But Keanu Reeves P.S i love Keanu

  • Simple - NEVER PRE ORDER

  • when he say about gta 4 on roman calling nico to go bowling, that brings back memories

  • is that Joel Gertner in ECW lol

  • your best review intro yet, I laughed my butt off ! Thank you!

  • 31:08 Killed me when you went IN lmfao

  • hey mate where did you get the jacket?/

    • @Surokis it is etsy

    • I think its Etsy, but I might be wrong

  • I mean, focusing on the PC version and ignore the console versions is fair. All reviews for multiplatform games ignore the PC versions every time (if you can call them versions, some are shitty ports, specially for old games).

  • Just completed it on PC, I waited a few months as I knew it'd be a shit show. It's still an unfinished game, the story was immersive at the start but it fell off man I just stopped caring. Decent score, a good attempt but 5/10 I reckon. Doesn't even piss on the Witcher 3

  • This game was 3/10

  • That's why I don't buy games at realease anymore. Wait for that disccount and get 2 in 1. A fixed game at a cheaper rate :) can't thrust these game companies no mo'

  • I did enjoy much of this clip, but the content about GFUEL? Well, I have to say it made me never want to ever buy that product ever, in my life. I hope that was your intention.

  • the only issues I've had in this game is my player character getting suck on parts of the map I thought I could climb; like scaffolding. Apparently that's not mean to be climbed in 2077. I've not seen graphical glitches, no floating NPCs, or any weirdness like I've been seeing on HRdown. However, I'm NOT playing it on a console, which is where a lot of these problems are occurring. I'm playing it on a decently powered gaming PC, with a GTX 2070 Super, 8 core Ryzen 7 3700X, 32GB RAM, m.2 NVMe drives, and so on...

  • Popular opinion: Cyberpunk 2077 was best game of 2020 and will be best of 2021 after patches and story dlcs. All in all it is one of the best games ever made.

    • Lol, cybersimp Even if it's bug free, it's still painfully medicore

  • The bugs are part of the lore.

  • Bro 👏 bro 👏 this is pretty entertaining if I do say so myself.

  • Cyberbug 2077... Even if bugs were fixed it's still so fucking shallow.

  • WOW, they handed my man syringes and called it DLC and microtransactions🤣😂

  • 2:45 🍼

  • Man this drama was good.

  • "Knock 4 times. Make sure no one follwos you" - Cyberpunk 2077 "2/10 Console Ay Launch" - Angry Joe

  • 12:45 did anyone else get a weird dialogue from the T-pose guy?: he looked at me said "help me I cant move?" ... Im very sure this game was broken on purpose by the devs in retaliation

  • if rockstar made cyberpunk, there would be cybersharks


  • "Console ay launch"

  • Angry PS 4 User

  • Wtf is principal Joe doing in Mallory Archer's office?

  • at least piscal merch wasnt poo

  • i hope so 2

  • amen

  • and yes the interors are cool like dependin on if ya nomad v ya can have 3 cars with vs bobblehead

  • i mean i need a memory wipe just to put up with how disapointing thi game can be at times combat can be good and johnny silverhand quest stuff good aswell it needs to be accesable earlyer tho as his gun is a god send for early lvls and yes about dodge and crouch button thing i think they were high as f wile devin dis game

  • to be honest i wouldnt be supprised if johnny silverhand ant encounterd a bug like ths aka da actor who playd him heck id lol rofl if kenau ligit turnd into johnny silverhand and planted a nuke at cdpr to show them they are acting like arsaka

  • imean what kina crackhead shit weere they smokin too think this is okkkaaaay to do to ya fans cdpr

  • mor like pre alpha pre beta pre 35% complete verson

  • only 2 thing will save cdpr in my book ether fix game and add more judy stuff mabe make her male v romanceable in a actual dlc story or partner with a gta modder to make a full converson of gta to cyberpunk redo game as at least that will workbetter than thin game

  • and texture loading bugs

  • plus all da t poses

  • i agree full hardly cdpr dropped da ball hugh i mean no judy romance no truth in pre launch promesses even gta 4 is better than cyberduck 2077 in manny ways heck gta v was better than cyberpunk i menan at lest in gta 4 and 5 a single door bug cant prevent us from movin further i have a johnny siverhand buld carter stuck in door at the femail fixer with eye patchs place due to a door bug cdpr probally ant gonnna fix as they hope prob gamers will give up on em so they can forget this screw up

  • We will never get the game they promised. There ISNT ENOUGH TIME. THEY WASTED 8 YEARS even another 8 years can’t clean up the mess

  • I mean, in the title, it told you when it was going to be ready........ 2077

  • Its a the ppl who pushed cdpr fault

  • "Level o witcher 3 quest!" is this da level when you get to gnome house and door closes behind you and you cant kill npc or steel something from him so he would be triggered like it works for rest of the game and basically there are no way for failing quest and you can only steal his gwent card strictly by script and after stealing this card - house door magically opens? yeah - this level of quests :)

  • bad review for a great game played for 200hours and every minute was great.

  • Pre-ordering videogames has fucked gaming up

  • 14:36 Mike Lip’s Last Lunch

  • I'm thankful that I bought ghost of tsushima at gamestop instead of this game last december.

  • Honestly I felt the game was pretty good, def worth a buy .. on pc or ps5

    • Not at full price. It's a single player game. I wish I had waited for it to be patched and on sale. The story will still be there to enjoy then.

  • I lived though 2020 for this?

  • Dammmmmn, Joe done GOOD to get a girl like that

  • The irony is that I suspect that companies, such as EA, had no small part in the sudden media-wide hate bandwagoning of CDPR. Then, the investors got spooked by the sudden onslaught of poor publicity. Now, their intellectual property has been compromised and sold off - Meaning that whatever technical edge CDPR had, over the other corporations, is gone - Likely to be recycled and copy/pasted into generic EA copies. tl;dr - CDPR is probably done for and that just means EA and the other so-called "AAA" gaming corporations have even more control over the crap products they can shovel-feed their sheep consumers.

  • witcher 3 - legend? stopping watch this review. yes - you morons praised this game so much for this mediocre game that they received so many investments in confidence to try to pull off what they are not capable of. but witcher 3 is trash!

  • Endings don't matter whatever you do.

  • They 76'd us

  • my score: 12/10

    • impossible

    • @Shadow Knight okay let just say in my opinion the story was great. I don't say everyone must love it. I say I love it very much, and I read neuromancer at school in 1999. also huge fan of shadowrun stories. So I have some experience with cyberpunk stories. but if you dont like it its ok. just want to point that some people love this game )

    • @Viktor Solovyov nah man Story is completely lackluster It was boring asf

    • @Shadow Knight Uncharted was fun but not serious, God of war was Great but it is Theater of 2 people, world beyond them is empy AsF

    • ​@Shadow Knight I think story is great, when I was a kid I read a lot si-fi and fantasy books, so i have some perspective, for last few years I haven seen more interesting story in video games. Last order was - ok (great game but as far as story go - nothing special) Zero Dawn was really good, but the world is kinda empty. Cyberpunk is much more in all aspects than any other game in last years

  • Thanks man

  • 25:30 ROFLMAO, thank you OJ for your brilliant physical prop comedy....would it be too much of a stretch that your disco balls are a Fleetwood Mac reference? (Rumors album cover specifically)

  • cyber-c’monlimpdix-punk