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  • the cat one is very obviously fake, they say its the ghost of it and that's wut ur brain makes u think. It's very obviously just bad camera quality and the cats running speed

  • Me when watching the cat: what have you never heard? Cats have 9 lives

  • even fake videos interest me. its so cool how things like this can either be real or fake and we have no way of telling.

  • i always close my shower curtain and every time my sister and brother in law come to town they keep it open! and it drives me absolutely insane! an dogs are soooo smart when our chocolate lab randomly stops doing what hes doing and looks up into a random corner freaks me out because my moms friend is a medium and she has said that we do have some activity in our home...so wild

  • Daz don’t watch at night me watches at night any ways

  • In the first clip when he try’s to turn the lights on it’s like when you have a power out and you didn’t know so you think your house is haunted or is that just me

  • did yall know that dogs and babies can see ghost 😶

  • The video with the lady seeing a figure in the woods what most made me happy is when she said "do u need help?" lol like she was wanting to help the ghost lol

  • Apparently, the girl who tried to help the ghost pacing back and forth clearly hasn't seen the ring because when the people tried to help the little GHOST GIRL SHE CAME AFTER THEM AND KILLED THE DUDE

  • Daz if you wake up at a certain time someone's watching you Also daz: Haven't slept in a week Me: Oh so someone is always watching you :)

  • Why is he breathing like that .-.

  • My french bulldog randomly stands in the middle of the room staring into nothing

  • Me watching this at 3 am 👌🏻

  • I swear my whole life is a side rant

  • that first made me fall of my bloody chair

  • Yikey Rumby

  • me just tryng not to get scared the cat is just white the camera was on the right angle

  • I want to die now I don’t want to see ghost 😂

  • my old cat died but one night probably like a week before it died I started to hear it miaow outside of my door

  • Not even scary Daz come on my bro

  • 2:36 My Phone flew across my room. Wasnt expexting that especially in 2021


  • There's an arm chair in the corner of my flat and all my 3 cats just stare at it for hours sometimes they even walk over sniffing and trying to play then my daughter was born at first nothing unusual until she could hold her head up and smile she would do the same I'd sit on the couch next to the arm chair she will look behind me just staring at it and smiling it scares the 💩 out of me I'm tempted to do an evp or maybe a oija session to see if I get any answers. 🤣

  • Daz is so underrated, deserves more subs and viewers

  • I don't do well with horror but if I watch you reacting to it, ill be fine

  • Dogs can see ghosts why does no one know this

  • Yikey rumbi? lol.

  • A dababy ad came on and my body took a screenshot

  • So... every night someone is watching me....

  • Please react to Melanie Martinez K-12 The Film

  • I was listening to hairspray music so I wouldn't get as scared lol

  • Day 15 of trying to get a comment to 100 likes on Daz videos


  • My father closes the shower curtains and I always open them back up when I walk in

  • I watched thes before I watched this guy reacting saying have you seen this person in your dream I said ya I fell asleep and saw him is it just me or wth

  • Fuck this shit I’m out

  • 2:34 the reaction makes me proud to be British

  • This is why people are always so stupid they don't watch the horror movies so they do stupid things and they close the curtain they sleep outside dude you're just asking to be murdered

  • I turned my lights on for this one uh 😔

  • wait i wake up everyday at 3 :o OMG so someone is watching me?

  • Get out the house ❌ Make a video ✅

  • 2:14 reminds me of the vine with the football that moved on its own then daz says and we’re moving lol

  • My dog started AGGRESSIVELY barking earlier and then just fell off the sofa from the top. I have this thing where I can feel spirits and I definitely felt it then. My house is haunted

  • I have a creepy bear what moves

  • Me hates horror but also like to watch daz horror vids 😭

  • You should watch the dark web

  • it’s 12 am his scream made me scream and I woke everyone up 😶

  • I love the fact that the ad on my recommended videos after this was ghost hunting equipment

  • so my other comment isn't longer if the part about if you wake up some one is watching you then that whould mean my house and I think my nanas house is haunted cause idk about my nanas but my house is cause I some times I wake up for no reason at all at 2 am or 3 am and some times it happens like 5 times a week

  • I forgot but I'm pretty sure I've seen that first video and the shower curtain closed on its own but I don't think it was fake cause one how whould a person or what ever make a noise in the shower and not be there and that thing had huge hands and I've seen videos with things like that but not a light flickering cause it was abandoned

  • Imagine that's your kid, you have no choice but to burn them 😂😂

  • You know you’re sad when not even Daz can make you feel better 😔

  • Daz:I’m sorry what I’m the spiritual boy world was that? Me: I do not know why you asking us

  • Throw your snot at every ghost on your pc so you will feel no shivers

  • I close shower curtain so the bottom doesn't form rust. Animals can "apparently" sense demonic and spiritual stuff

  • The first one: Daz screaming? Made me jump. The lights going out? Made me creeped out. The girl peaking over the door? I fucking jumped out of my skin!

  • Do you know i wake up at 3 am all the time....(NOT ON PURPOSE)

  • "What in the spiritual ghost boy the fuck was that." - Daz Games 2021 (i will quote you all the time on that :)


  • why does her son sound like peace crtl kyle

  • At 1:27 it can’t be just me who would have just drop kicked the shower curtain right!?

  • Pov: Ur watching at night

  • 1:54 my expression when i get lied to

  • It is said that dogs can see spirits

  • I laughed when he said RE I CADE RUMBY

  • *me waking up ever 5 minutes*

  • ‘ REE-EYE-KI RUMBBIEEEE , WOW-ERRRRRrrrrrr’ -Daz black / 2:36

  • ‘Your giving a place for the serial killers and ghosts to hide ! Just don’t give them the option to jump out in the first place! 😤’ - Daz black

  • The video doesn’t scare me its daz screaming that does 💀

  • The video doesn’t scare me its daz screaming that does tho 💀

  • I would scream if I saw this on my own but dazes laugh is a new level

  • 8:46 im schizophrenic and i see these little guys all the time... but it never picks up on camera

  • I turned this vid right of I was so scared LOL🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Daz; Don’t watch it late at night Me; 🙃 at 12:14am

  • 2:37 eeeyeeek rumbi

  • Remember if your camping and you hear a noise outside your tent just stack Oreos

  • I’m also the person with a knife while camping

  • I was wondering why I woke up every hour at my uncles house his gf said she saw something creeping over my cousins crib and then it went to the window and vanished and I kept waking up every hour in that house now they have moved and I sleep properly whenever I'm over

  • 11:01 My dog once started barking near a corner in my room opposite my cupboard and they wouldn't stop so I pit them outside my room and they were trying to dig under my door and I got scared

  • Yo I always wake up in the middle of the night one night it was 3am

  • My mum thinks he says Daz too much

  • “What psychopath....closes the shower curtain....” I’ve never fuckin related more......I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE💀

  • You have no choice but to burn them 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • First one when he looked up and the lady was in the door I jumped SOOOOO hard lol

  • I have my shower curtains closed 😀 imma just open it rq


  • You...you don't close your shower curtain? Answer me this then, how often do you have to clean soap and algae and guck off your shower curtain?

  • Absolutely love your videos haven't watched in a while mt friend introduced me to you when you where at like 600k subs and im catching on all your videos that I missed and you said not to watch a night whoops I watching it at 10 past 2 in the morning

  • Watching this at half 12 in pitch black lol

  • The scariest part is being home alone when stuff like this happens.

  • I fucking shit myself

  • Omg do not me watching this at 23:44

  • yea the person said thier cat got hit by a car and died i guess you didnt pay attaintion

  • Guy: opens shower curtain Daz: Ehyeheyheyeheyeheye

  • I wanted to watch in full screen but that is a big no no.

  • I watched this at 2 am. *ok I’m not sleeping*

  • ghost: jumps out me: ooh well that wasnt too scary daz: YIKEE RUMBY WOW

  • "Im sorry...what in the invisible spirit boy f*ck was that."

  • I close my shower curtain

  • daz: dont watch this at night maybe in the morning me at six am:👁👅👁