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  • Now im emotionally invested in this series

  • Yo whats the name of the music that plays at the end?

  • I cry everytime I watch this

  • 5:57 im not crying you are

  • Wrong In almost every player they try to just run away

    • And died

    • Jayce could have killed u but he only ran away

  • What’s the song at 6:05 anyone know? ;-;

  • wtf

  • Pokimane is also 2/10

  • I am crying right now. RIP top ten sadest Anime deaths?

  • 5:20 Gon after realizing how shit his father was, he killed him. the end.

  • holy 씨발 fuck

  • What was the song at the end T^T

  • Okay but I speak Japanese and when the Hunter X Hunter audio started playing i was SO confused 😂😂😂😂😂

  • whats the song at the end of the vid?

  • This channel is keeping alive. Thank you so much

  • Bro the music's sickkk

  • someone make this an anime

  • Music at 2:12?

  • HunterxHunter Outro Pog

  • plot twist brian is tenmo real dad

  • Hunter x Hunter my fav anime me like

  • Tenmos father: **dies** Also Tenmos father: ^v^



  • why did I cry at the end

  • 3:28 Pianta : You have no mana b*tch. My mind : YOU HAVE NO MANA!!!

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • He sounds almost like Seinfeld

  • gon meets his father teemo kills his father

  • Hunter x Hunter "LMAO"

  • I didn't get it

  • pianta you make me laugh everytime i watch ur videos. ur actually so stupid

  • I salute

  • Fuck tenmo fuck u and all the tenmo players when will they remove that uselles pice of shit

  • 5:24 report noob teemo he had flash

  • 10 ten anime betrayal

  • still a better story than twilight

  • Hunter x Hunert 2011 OwO

  • This is where men cried

  • mais tu es français ?

  • F

  • Shit i love hxh

  • Am actualy in tears.


  • Best ark in hxh

  • 1:07 kakegurui in a nutshell

  • Top 10 saddest anime deaths

  • teemo was Adopted, i should predict that!

  • Black desert looks really cool, too bad my computer would gain sentience and murder me for trying to run something stronger then Minecraft on it

  • Dat song brings back so much nostalgia

  • Is it just me or did I hear mod kaisa

  • Svenmo: The Next TiltBender

  • Sponsors : sponsors lol youtubers Lol players : addicted to lol Sponsors : why nobody play the game

  • Is pianta asian? Lol

  • Real men cried to this

  • Top 10 momentos más tristes del anime

  • Love your channel ♡♡♡

  • Perfect music choice at the end

  • you funny kkkk thks

  • River tenmo

  • Can something please tell me the name of the background music he used at the end I like it 😁


  • How are people so stupid in your diamond games I watched my friend in his silver promos and they were smart wtf

  • u dogged them man.... Shouldve gave them a skin

  • Dude your music choices is the best :D

  • 10 / 10 )

  • I see everyone speaking of Hunter x hunter but no one talking about No Game No Life soundtrack in the BDO ad, imo better show if it actually got a season 2 :(.

  • I didnt understand the last part of the story, at the end of this video. Why does the son kill the father, and who's Elevenmo? Lol I followed the rest of the story in other videos, but this IDK...

    • In episode 8 of season 2, tenmo player kills his brother elevenmo in order to attain the mangyeko sharingan (which is triggered by the death of a close one) to finally climb out of plat. Tenmo player uses this power to continue climbing and manages to hit diamond 1 throughout season 3 however yet again fails to climb out. Tenmo player found himself needing more power, thus he kills his father after manipulating him to get to diamond. Tenmo's father however reveals that he was aware of tenmo player's plot and that he manipulated tenmo player to think he was manipulating him in order to kill for power. Tenmos father reveals also that he killed elevenmo's father when he was younger. Turns out tenmo player was adopted.

  • Song at 2:10?

  • now get tenmo player back to d1.

  • When are we getting the next season?

  • playing teemo top and named my rune page "tenmo" for inspiration to feed. thank you

  • Get to masters and I will give you a cookie

  • Top 10 Saddest anime moments

  • Y U no gift skins? Dont bait everyone like that

  • 2:00 is that the bayoneta song ?

  • Danmo, the long lost cousin of Tenmo

  • by 2/10 he means tenmo has 2 fingers out of 10

  • F for tenmos father

  • Some how I want a anime like series on tenmo

  • hey, what runes do you use on tenmo?

  • I cry at the last part 😭😭

  • The greatest series of all time comes to a conclusion

  • Anyone want to buy me the panda temmo skin my name is urboiian

  • the last Part Had me crying ...

  • Stop with these sad thumbnails I cried and accidentally pressed the dislike button

  • Game play 10/10 Story 10/10 Gameplay 10/10 teemo fhather look like 2.5/10

  • The twists

  • Hey man, whats up with the podcast? Is it paused because of poch's leg or is it not coming back? I really wouldnt wanna see it go as it was a really entertaining show!

  • So what if he dies he Will just respawn.


  • this channel is growing fast

  • cant believe its all over

  • Dude black desert is a monster slay simulator with good grafic that all


  • Asta e roman 100% :))

  • Can u teach me how to teemo pls

  • what next SWOLLMO?

  • outro song?

  • I feel like this storyline was made after spending 78 hours straight watching shonen jump after ingesting coffee every half hour.