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teemo gameplay lol
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  • Brian: how is it possible to get 33% win rate Me: with a 10% win rate due to smurfs and feeders in bronze

  • This is the first time I watched the whole sponsor while laughing


  • what nationality is brian?

  • I met this guy who had a 7% winrate xdd

  • "No offense china I love you" Solid recovery there

  • I love how he used the instrumental for fall out boy’s ‘thnks fr th mmrs’

  • 33% is nothing my friend has a 5% winrate in ranked...

  • I have an 10% winrate lmaooooo

  • I had 17% winrate


  • Di-did he just say "one shot azivia"?

  • No

  • 28 lp? But how?

  • Just rewatched the video and all of a sudden I heart 8 bit the worlds greatest showman

  • Why the fuck do u call him tenmo its TEEMO

  • i have 27% wr in bronze IV XD

  • 500K hype and then cooking special boyi

  • song at 0:53 :3 plz

  • Your videos made me hate Teemo a little less XD

  • What's the music around 6:10? I know I've heard It somewhere but I can't remember. >.

  • My friend is stuck in plat when s10 came out lol. It was because of one for all. He used to be diamond 1 going to master, until one for all

  • If teemo has this accent, I'd stop hating.

  • Pianta: I love you China 🇨🇳 Us in 2020 : Umm ... That’s where the coronavirus started

  • what's the music between 3:39 and 3:48

  • no China I love you


  • 4:42 i love dat trin photo xD

  • whats he song at the beginning when he showed lp

  • That is depressing

  • 3:40 what was that songs nameeeeeeeeEEEEEE

    • I want to know as well, have you found it?

  • were is that tune from at the end of the vid around 6:50

  • That Olaf is the reason why I take smite on Teemo top. Had too many of those in my life.

  • U want China's money 💰

  • What video does tenmo say welcome to my humble abode

  • Wait but if u do baron there anyway its a 50/50 and you had no tank becouse you are playing teemo... so you would lose a lot oh hp then you would have to fight 5v5 and... ye

  • Ways to have fun playing solo q: 1.dont play solo q and find friends 2.be youtuber

  • I had 24% winrate at one point XD

  • What is the guitar riff in 4:37 ?

  • i had a nunu with a 6% winrate

  • 6:57 what song?

  • Name of the music at 6:52 ??

  • What’s this drumrolll on 6:50

  • С бароном это было больно, брат

  • S A D

  • Does tenmo still love China?

  • At least I am not the only one having this problem :D last season I had fcking gold promos... for the 7th time... I had 2 wins in a row and needed the last one... :D and then I got toplane Irelia, that said she is bored by playing nd will int (then why d frick you go into rankeds?), ended up 5/18 :D and other two my ADC DCd in 5th minute... literally... :D And I am support main. What d frick am I suposed to do then? XD

  • fUCK CHINA change my mind

  • U make termo look cool I always lose my promos too :/

  • Me: gets 3 kills on top lane as ornn. People which cannot listen to what I tell them and die like dumbasses: Let us introduce ourselves.

  • name of the last song plz

  • And thats the reason why i never play solo ranked.

  • Haha thats my team everygame

  • River Tenmo

  • Trinimortal

  • Damn that @trinimmortal flashback hit me hard

  • i just subscribed and was about to unsubscribe bcz you play garen

  • "how does one have a 33% winrate" Step 1: be me.

  • That one Trin picture... the memory, the suffering, the yasuos, and the degeneracy... i cri

  • Lol you're never getting a sponsor from those guys again.

  • bruh for a second i thought i clicked on a bdo video when i hear that intro i was confused for a sec not to mention i was playing bdo while watching this lol

  • Thanks to this channel, I have acquired the power of U.GG. AND I HAVE BEEN HAVING WINNING STREAKS SINCE YESTERDAY


  • For some reason when Thnks Fr The Mmrs played I got hyped for some reason lol

  • This guy is getting 27lp for winning...meanwhile im losing 20lp per game, and only getting 12lp for winning...Meaning if I have a 60% win rate in 5 games ill still be -4LP total...please Riot im sorry for that one time I used a bad word...wasn't taking away all my honor I accumulated over 7 years enough?! SOMEBODY HELP ME!

  • don't understand how that vayne even gets to platinum with zero gamesense but i look at the map half the game and play objs like a god and am hard stuck silver

  • Why is he making fun of his sponsors 😂

  • Rip shadow arena

  • That twitch is a troll. I have 10% bronze win rate. Get gud.

  • Jokes aside that's so sad how on LoL even if you play well if your teammates are reatrded donkeys without brain you lose

  • You’re playing blind 5v5 tho

  • l

  • God, how do people suck so bad?? 33% win rate is atrocious. Jesus Christ, how the fuck was he plat??? I was hard stuck in gold 2 with an 80% win rate. Kept losing promos cuz of shit team mates who just run it down or never group. That's when I decided to quit. I love watching league videos, but playing league is AIDS

  • 4:41 Appreciate seeing my boy Trinnimortal.

  • "i was so ready to flame Olaf and lose the game" i died

  • What is song near the end

  • sad chinese noise

  • Just found this channel and i friggen love this dude's voice! Lol

  • Trinimmortal reference? Ah a man of culture

  • 4:41 gave me a heart attack, damn it's been ages since I've watch trin

  • Y

  • i ship tenmo and 811810119

  • Pianta: *uses Trinimmortal's pic* I see you're a man of culture as well

  • 5:57 "Explosion of Mob's Feelings" for all of y'all who are wondering

  • he called lucian, lee sin

  • You complain about a 33% winrate i already meet someone with a 10% winrate

  • Will happen to all I think 😂

  • Best trailer ever :D 00:09

  • One time I managed 24% win rate xD

  • I hate zeds.. Even when he's on my team, i hope he feeds and dies (ㆁㅅㆁ✿)

  • pianta i made a Tenmo cult for you *coughs* *coughs* Religion discord.gg/6rrGjj3

  • But nami has cc

  • Aw shiet man, the Trinimortal face got me to subscribbles :O

  • I hear that Fall Out Boy. *Your emo ass ain’t slick.*

  • This is a regular day in SEA and why I don't play League anymore.

    • Hurr duurr "this is my first time playing Rengurr" in ranked. RANKED. IN MY PROMOS.

  • Subbed you my dude. Such QuAlITy

  • 10:3 = 3.333333333333333 so he wins 1/3 games If someone already commented this.. Idc I do it anyway

  • Yo can do it bitch!!!

  • What a great advertising 😂 lol

  • Song at 6:00 pls?