Donald Trump vs Joe Biden. Epic Rap Battles Of History

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Lis 2020.
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Epic Rap Battles of History: Donald Trump vs Joe Biden! The 2020 Election Battle. Who won? Who’s next? You decide! Special Thanks to all our Patrons. Join our team:
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2020 has been a roller coaster of a year. We hope you enjoy the video. Stay safe. Stay well. We'll have another rap battle for you pretty soon :)
Beat Produced by: Hollywood Legends
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Donald J. Trump: EpicLLOYD
IG/Twitter: @theepiclloyd
Joe Biden: Nice Peter
Written by Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD, Frak and the many most excellent contributors of our Patreon Writers Crew. Thank you to everyone involved.
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Producer: Atul Singh
Director of Photography: Andy Chinn
Makeup and Hair: Maryann Yee
DIT: Josh Best
Video Editors: Ross Fearnley, Josh Best, Nice Peter, Javi Sanchez Blanco
VFX and Compositing: Josh Best and Javi Sanchez Blanco
Music Mixed and Mastered by: Nice Peter
Directed by: EpicLLOYD and Nice Peter
Shot on the RED Gemini
Edited in Adobe Premiere and After Effects
Recorded and mixed in Pro Tools
KeEp iN TOuch WitH Us OnliNe!


  • Paul Allen vs Steve Wozniak.

  • Pat Sajak vs Alek Trebek (vs Bob Barker vs Regis Philbin?)

  • I think that Biden won.

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  • Joe

  • I’ll do Donald trump

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  • It was not them though

  • Donald trump was so funny

  • F joe biden

  • Where The Fuck Is Abe

  • George Lucas vs J K Rowling Two creators who can't help but destroy their properties

  • In this case, we DO know who won"

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  • Best flow: Joe Best roasts: Joe Winner: Herbert Hoover

  • Margaret Thatcher vs FDR

  • That. Was. Awesome!

  • I'm sorry this video did not meet the requirements for the assignment as it was lacking the required Abraham Lincoln cameo please re-do it for partial credit.

  • oh, I decide, in that case... cough Biden cough cough

  • Jeffry Epstein killed himself

  • Doc Brown vs Rick Sanchez next!


  • Boba fett vs Mandalorian

  • Byzantium empire vs ottoman empire

  • Jokes aside...the line about writing love letters to Kim Jun..........our president tried to bond with Kim....and brag about it....WTF

  • Oh,man, where's Honest Abe?

  • who won, you decide, literally

  • next should be johny sins vs the rock

  • Do Jonny Kim Vs Johnny Sins

  • Look, I know that Joe Biden has done some things that he wasn’t proud of. But you know what? I’m glad that I voted for him and Harris. And no, I have no regrets for what I did.

  • I've seen this several times and I just realized that the Russian hackers are Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd lol. Wow I'm bad lol

  • Trotsky vs

  • I can't believe people watch this shit. To each their own.

  • I liked the smug look on Biden's face after a good one-liner. The Jeffrey Epstein line, the Putin one, both times the look was almost better than the joke.

  • next song : god vs Satan

  • Ronaldo vs Messi...

  • Please Next 'Jack Sparrow VS Monkey .D.Luffy"

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  • Who won? Biden indeed

  • The number of days trump will stay at white house after the election is proportional to the number of likes i get.

  • baby Yoda VS Baby peanut man?


  • Barack obama vs putin

  • Biden won. Both the battle and the election. Blue wave, baby! Deal with it.

  • Angel Eyes (from: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly) vs Yugi Moto (from: Yu-Gi-Oh)

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  • NoAbe?

  • go Joe Biden

  • yo gabba gabba vs the wiggles😂

  • I wanted trump to win again simply for the LOLs. But nice peter successfully made me dislike Biden even more with his awesome performance.


  • “Ain’t nothing gonna to beat me, no person, woman, man, camera, TV! (Meh!) they impeached me, I still walked out of DC looking peachy!” NOW THAT PART HAD ME DYING😂 -(1:43)

  • Trump won. Keep seething. Regards, MAGA CHUD

  • Weird Al VS Zach Sherwin

  • Can we just get a Winston vs Teddy 2? That shit still goes hard

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  • do ksi and logan paul

  • 1:07

  • I mean I like it, but it felt a bit rigged... ...just like every other US election... But seriously though, how do you guys almost always end up having to choose between 2 shady assholes? It makes a mock of democracy.. I'm not an American, so I don't know how your electoral system works, but seems like it needs a change.

  • The "I'll shoot your party' verse vas lit

  • I feel sorry for America. The election was the dirtiest most fraudulent election in American history. So much physical, audio, video evidence. Testimonies. Even the software confirmed it. Everyone paid so trump loses.. Which he still hasn't done yet, but even the cia and fbi paid off so they wouldn't investigate even with the huge amount of evidence. Yet they investigated trump with no proof and found nothing, cost millions. However their investigating now they have to. Strange internationally everyone sees the corruption and the US they dnt 🤔 hsows who's in charge. We also watched the campaigns withe trump supporters and how every one was full, yet the Biden ones most were quiet. How he was confused on them. If the corruption is allowed to happen... America sadly sounds like how bad Russia used to be. Very sad. This video would have been better if it was realistic. Biden stood their confused as usual

    • @The weird history nerd it's available go look

    • Suuuuuuuure, I'll consider what you say when you give me some actual sources for all that evidence

  • Ofc DJT win Trump2020

  • They should do a rap battle between the mandolorian (not sure I spelled that right) against boba fett

  • Hyped for Skywalker vs Potter this weekend.

  • #bidenbad #trumpgreat #trumpmakesamericagreat #bidenkillsamerica

  • and general aladeen vs the dictor

  • later video this adolf hitler vs benito mussolini

  • So you’re telling me Trump lies, cheats, whines, bitches and is downright awful but Joe Biden is just an old ass man that cares about climate change, has a slight accent and is decent. Ok channel I haven’t watched in many many years..

    • @MediQate “things are heating up”, yeah like losing 40 court cases for lack of evidence

    • @That’s Sus Haha ok, like I said we’ll see what happens soon.. Things haven’t gone the way any of us thought they would so idk, I just know there are ongoing investigations and things are heating up you damned fool.

    • @MediQate we did already see and Biden won. All battleground states have certified their votes for Biden. All recounts show Biden as the winner. But keep believing in conspiracies you wackjob

    • @That’s Sus We’ll see what happens soon.

    • Trump lost

  • I thought the votes for trump getting kicked out of office was 50/50

  • Elton John vs Billy Joel

  • FNAF Freddy vs Chucky cheese This would be a good battle

  • winner is the actor is best hello for italy

  • The chief vs Professor X doom patrol, X Men

  • This is the most biased rap battle I’ve ever heard 😑

  • Lmao! Did anyone else notice the fly on Biden's head at 2:34

  • As a trump supporter I feel bad to say Joe Biden sounded better but I think Trump had some good bars it's just the voice that messed it up so I'm going to say 50/50


  • If you look at Biden’s hair 2:30 you can see they added a fly THE DETAIL🔥🔥

  • i love the fly

  • Man, that smirk at "jeffrey epstein"... fkin gold. Turned a stinger line into raw murder. Keep it up guys, awesome stuff!

  • 0:49 i don’t really like the shade yea i can tell

  • Rosa Parks vs Ruby Bridges

  • 2:35 Nice touch

  • John cena VS Waldo

  • ERB Suggestion: Permanent helmets ... Judge Dredd vs the Mandalorian.

  • ERB suggestion: Comedic duos ... Laurel & Hardy, Abbot & Costello and/or Spade/Farley, Rock/Hart, etc

  • Woells i say trump wins. ^.^

  • Trump isn't a president now.

  • Mike Tyson vs. Bo Jackson

  • 2:36

  • We decided. Biden incoming!

  • Portland I'm insulted.

  • Unknown amount of days of watching this to keep there views up 👍

    • It'll be weird coming back here in '24

  • Trump won this battle, but thankfully not the actual election.

    • @Gmd gd junipixer Trump lost

    • @Gmd gd junipixer Not according to dozens of federal judges and Republican election security officials. But hey, if you prefer to believe someone who lies on the record 20 times a day, I can’t help you.

    • well trump won legally in real life and biden won illegally in real life