Drugs | Off The Air | Fanmade

Datum objavljivanja: 8. Pro 2017.
How to Quit Drugs by exurb1a
(PG-13) CGI Animation 4K "PARADISE" - by Studio Smack (The CGIBROS)
this is how we trip by GoodNeighborStuff
DataMosh Detroit by DoctaPadd
manualist plays led zeppelin - stairway to heaven - on his hands! by Gerry Phillips
Coronoid - Still | NVScene 2015 | 60fps by Demoscene High-Quality Videos (Annikras)
2 by Monte Large
. by Instrumental121
Extrapolate by Johan Rijpma
Chrome Sparks - Marijuana by David Dean Burkhart
TAS - Bloom (2017) by TAS Visuals
Coccolino Deep - Matrix by Coccolino Deep
Bong Hits With Lighter Sound Effect by Audio Enabled

Fair use: I don't own any of these videos or songs, this is made for a recreational and educational use.


  • Is the conversation at the beginning from "A scanner darkly"?

    • @Drew Tice I knew it was Keanu, but I thought his voice was much different in the past - turns out I was wrong XD

    • The matrix, first one. Pretty much the beginning of the film.

  • 14:25 song?

    • Chrome Sparks - Marijuana by David Dean Burkhart

  • Well very good job

  • stopppp no this is not ALLOWED to be funny

  • stopppp i cannot do this right now

  • If [as] makes a legit episode of this, it still wouldn't be the original. Nice job to everyone who contributed to this project.

  • trippin on a tab rn :) life is good

  • Anybody notice a Hieronymus Bosch influence in the first animation?

    • Oh wow, I did not know this, but they look extremely similar!

    • First thing I noticed, 100% Bosch style for sure. His paintings are next level.

  • Ever notice how Adult Swim is a Mormon Cobra Commander advertisement for DXM? That guy must've had a head injury.

  • peliculas completas en espaol latino

  • The Dennis part was cringy

  • Anyone got an ID on the song at14:30? I know its slowed down and messed with, but the original is something I used to listen to and forgot about, and I'm feeling nostalgic.

    • The song they used is *Marijuana by Chrome Sparks*. The song that chrome sparks used is *Could Heaven Ever Be Like This by Idris Muhammad*

  • this video speaks drugs indeed

  • This is pretty awesome keep up the great work please!

  • Yeees its back

  • last guy deserves a grammy

  • watching this high is 👌

  • This whole show is like this, gives me a damn headache :( I like it!!

  • Im trippin tf off acid rn

  • Xra chain: listen, we don't cotton to freaks around these parts. Scram, weirdo.

  • I'm tripping

  • the ending made my fucking day lmao

  • Very good portion of this reminds me of a k-hole until it explodes on the acid side. Awesome...Respect!!! I don't know who made it but watch the fan-made Adult Swim thing called "VISION" toward rthe last 3rd of the vid if you want visual overload. I have never seen anything the captures a visual aspect of tripping the way that particular video does. Do yourself a favor and watch it.

  • Very glad I found 'Chrome Sparks - Marijuana'. For the ones who like songs like these, check out 'Boards Of Canada - 1969'.

  • 9:05 felt like a funny sketch, then you see the guy with pupils the size of dinner plates and you realize it's real

  • What’s the audio at the beginning from?

    • I always put everyone's credit in the description

    • A music taken from channel called 'coccolino deep' check him out!

  • I miss drugs

  • chappelle show

  • if 8:45 was a full blown series i would watch the fuck out of it

  • samurai champloo

  • 4:26 holy shit😂🙈💀

  • How exactly is the editing that starts at 2:55 done??? I'm really curious

    • @runawaysplace oh ok thanks so much for telling me! I've been wondering for a while!

    • Hey, its called datamoshing. It's a method where video is intentionally corrupted to make the effect.

  • @runawayspace - hey man, great video!! I'm just wanting to know who did the first portion of the video (while the matrix narration is going on). It's amazing!!!!

    • Yea, I somehow randomly found it, here it is: hrdown.info/block/video/wWikasWBh92qiNE

  • nice

  • what the title of the first video and where can i find it, or how did you make it?

    • Here: hrdown.info/block/video/wWikasWBh92qiNE

  • This is better than the official Off the Air videos

  • "Basically you go through this portal and it allows you to experience real reality, you have to be on dxm though."

  • The part with the paper and the hand is the most salvia thing I've ever seen not on salvia holy shit

  • Me bequeefed thee the psycho-logical hand me downs...so you Staind them!!! He who found them. Browned them.

  • That party tho huge plate of coke walking around with the 3 pairs of sexy legs

  • I’m trippin right now watching this. Shrooms are amazing

  • the fact that i only now realized that this is fanmade after multiple times of watching it, considering it my favorite Off the Air makes me question life even more.

    • runawaysplace what’s the scene at @14:27 with the Native American smoking from?

    • Thanks, I originally made these for myself, never expected this to hit half a million views haha.

  • Trippin balls rn

  • No stairway....

  • not gonna lie. full peak didnt realize this was a fan made. fucking beautiful bro. good job. fucking a

  • ‼️Me Bequeefed Thee‼️ 🤨

  • What is 4:28 from

  • Shroom tripping here I always come back to these!!!!!!

  • You don't have to take drugs to see this. Just stay awake for about 3 days.

  • It's portal time dude let's do this!

  • 8:40 is the best skit ever 🤣

  • What the fuck is going on my guys

  • woah

  • GREAT JOB! Chrome Sparks Marijuana segue into Fartway to Heaven...nice touch my friendo

  • What is the song at 12:33? I had many experiences very similiar to the visuals and i've also heard similiar music in my "mind"? whilst tripping.

  • The conversation in the beginning was from the matrix before keanu met trinity.

  • Why do they keep choking him out?

  • 12:30 Is actually a flattened out version of a 360 video. If you have the glasses, check it out how it was meant to be viewed: hrdown.info/block/video/sIGxatWKf6dqhqs

  • I watched this on acid and let me tell you that was a hell of a time. I couldnt stop laughing

  • As soon as I heard Neil I was sold

  • It's portal time dude let's do this

  • this isn’t fan made this is the real one

  • watched this on acid last night and had the greatest experience. thanks

  • These videos are an absolute treasure. Much gratitude to the extremely talented creators.

  • i felt like i was riding the trippy train on a worm in the pacman maze ......

  • Remember when we were peaking an 12:40 came on, holy FUCKK, that melted my brain

  • Watched this while on 2CB, MDMA, Weed and Ketamine, best video on youtube 100%

  • 12:35 the worms in my intestines after eating some brownies that were in the back of the fridge

  • I have to save this later for a greater high. This video will surely get popular. Excellent visuals.

  • pretty gd great from 0:00 to 17:12...lmao @ hand fart stairway. "WHY DOTH LIFE!?!?" ...you know what i mean? its like mind over matter, whatever your mind, matter. da' ah' toombah. tarook sum'paree deen! right?! anyway, cheers! remember, its rubber side down till the wormy dog strikes a complete circuit around the sun but until then its triangle, baby car.

  • This is amazing. Thank you.

  • Define this video with one word. "w o a h"

  • “The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work... when you go to church... when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. Neo: What truth? Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind.” I absolutely love that quote. Movies are CONSISTENTLY putting subliminal messages in them. For me, The Matrix is a smack-in-the-face reality “science fiction” movie. Millions of people watched it having no clue that what they were being shown is happening in their everyday lives.

  • What strain is this?

  • wtf!?! is going on at 12:30 and on from that. how trippy is that... how do you create such visuals, sooo awesome

  • If you have a Nintendo 64 and the first Turok game, find good drugs and turn on game. Enter NTHGTHDGDCRTDTRK and enable cheats. Enjoy.

  • I spent last night watching 32 different episodes of this series. I had no clue that this existed, but wow that was interesting as hell!! Yes... I was on the "other side " to say the least. 🍄🍄🍄

  • hey wuts up its dennis here..basiicaly just took like a millions milligrams

  • Even just 4 minutes in this is a fucking piece of grade A+ art. My mind is 🤯👌🏾😛

  • One of the most amazing videos I’ve ever seen in my life Definitely off the air worthy my friend.

  • Who is it It's joe ?

  • fr guys

  • all i can say is thank you im trippin balls and dont know wtf i just watched

  • You really understood how the show works.

  • I'm so fucking drunk

  • 12:33 reminds me of a dmt experience

    • Ghost in the Shell as someone who's done DMT 8 times now I would say it definently changed how i see the world. Through "ego death" your precious perception of everything you used to know is kinda wiped away and its the same feeling as like a cat exploring a new home it was brought to.

    • @B D This is actually unproven however, it is true that the brain and almost every living thing contains DMT. When you '' create " DMT you actually just extract it. When you use it you may feel kinda nostalgic and dejavu ,you feel like you been there before and this is why after using it gave me a completely new perception of life. It is true that life is never the same after DMT.

    • Is that what you see or experience? I heard dmt is actually naturally released by your brain into your receptors moments before death

    • Yeah for real that's one of the most amazing interpretations of a DMT trip i've seen. The sense of depth and infinite space are so well done.

  • the funniest part was how proud the dude was at the end for handfarting that song

  • After watching this, I contemplated my life and wanted to kms

  • You cant tell this isnt made for trippin , I ate 14 grams of fresh B+ last night and when those 2 bird dudes started talking I I fuxking laughed so hard for ever it seemed like. An tthose dude's on dxm lol Fuck I needed this

  • its portal time dudes

  • Hahahaha this is fucking beautiful!


  • On shrooms this is amazinggggg

  • I wish Kyle Mooney kept doing absurdist comedy, but now he's on SNL

  • I'm so high rn ftom vodka this is cool

  • Bath tub. Holy what the fuck over Roger. *caught off guard* well that changed things. *the color purple tastes nostalgic. Orange tastes like taste. Uncle Benny has approved. Edit: Who the fuck is uncle Benny? Seriously.

  • Watching this high tripped me the fuck out

  • What is the video at 12:36 ????

  • is that kyle mooney n that other SNL dude

  • Can anyone tell me what’s the video that starts at 12:33