Datum objavljivanja: 22. Stu 2019.
i call this one slam darius
also all the codes expired by the time i released this vid so unlucky
tenmo comeback next week
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  • uk i expected more slam dunking I AM DISAPPOINTED IN U BRIAN U ARE DISOWNED

  • after reading the title i was expecting 7 minutes of good darius gameplay not 20 seconds lmao t'was very funny though 10/10

  • When you realize teemo counters darius.

  • Like for the music.

  • Teemo with grasp sounds scary 0:20, imagine the poison buffing your health.

  • As a darius main who just watched this i left a suicide Note on my parents s bed.

  • 4:53 I cried

  • My eyes are bleeding so damn hard

  • 4:50 song?

  • 0:14 17 seconds later... 0:31 Tenmo player: Don't disrespect me b#$tch

  • Against a Riven, I'd advise Conqueror Triumph Legend:Tenacity Last Stand Celerity Nimbus Cloak Start boots and build phage straight after, then get bramble vest and you're good to go

  • What a build

  • Mega F

  • you need to auto first to get Max stacks potential.

  • As a main Darius, you need more Train .

  • until now i thought it was impossible to loose using Darius, i was terribly wromg

  • do u like inting

  • Nice vid

  • I like Omlette flipper :3

  • I dont know how you still enjoying playing league

  • Watching you play is like a fill to the void that dunkey and keyori left behind when they quit. Thank you for making these.

  • and it was beautiful to watch.

  • Has a darius main this kinda hurts to see xD

  • Dear god get better at darius or bam riven

  • Nice

  • River tenmo

  • 1:08 e -> cancled aa-> w -> q -> aa and w when blinded... my eyes

  • Phase Rush will take you to Challenger trust me!

  • pianta is the best lol youtuber out no cap

  • imagine that, a diamond teemo main being worse at the game than an average NA gold

  • Pianta: not being positive Also Pianta: *playing Freddie Mercury*

  • “Who the fuck plays Teemo” -Pianta

  • Wait.. those songs.. Did you get demonetised for that?

  • Commenting on every video I see part 679

  • Tenmo player season 4!!!!! Plz

  • Proof that Darius isn't a braindead champ lol

  • Ah, So you Win-Traded Billy to let yourself look good and have him in your video, I SEE.

  • This is karma for one tricking teemo

  • pianta, the only reason this happens is because you have flash on f :(

  • Is the moral of the story that the only people more trash than pianta are his fans? better top

  • Last time i was this late Brian was still a teemo 1 trick

  • i thought this video was called slam darius

  • You fool. He chose grasp because he chose U.GG

  • Bro why u deal no damage

  • I love the Music when Freddy Mercury Sing

  • lol your so noob or its just for the video?

  • Lol u suck at darius

  • what nationality are you, pianta?

  • i’m convinced your friends are just TwoSet Violin

  • Is this new anime? TENMO SLAYER?

  • larissa is your queen? does imogen approve this?

  • Anime plot twist

  • I play darius and you should've went Black Clever as first item against riven but triforce works i just dont go it :)

  • U should dodge

  • The morale of the story, riven op

  • I don't like the chroma I came here for Brian ❤

  • New series the downfall of Darius. Aka he has to get to iron 4

  • The video is a feeding experience with Darius, don’t waste your time people.

  • Brian makes league look fun :(

  • i forgot the name of this channel so i just searched "tenmo player"

  • ❤️

  • Dont stop me now❤

  • I love your voice when you scream.

  • pykeriver

  • Sorry, had to dislike ... content was shit Make tenmo great again

  • interesting new teemo skin

  • That’s the wrong darius, dunkmaster or nuthin bro that’s why you sucked

  • Hey Brian, it's weird that I saw that queen song in your video, I was just in a very big choir and we got to perform the same song xd coincidences are weird af

  • "Actual Footage of me playing Darius"

  • What kind of degenerate plays teemo?

  • Ur so bad lol

  • omg i love ur vidoes soooooo muhc

  • XD

  • 1v1 me teemo

  • and i thought brian could just pick up any champ and stomp with it feels good to see you int and still have fun, thats the spirit XD

  • darius main screaming watching this video. XD

  • How can they play queen? X3

  • What song name at 2:06

  • I don't know if it Is the best or worst video of Brian LOL

  • Why u play this champ

  • ur terrible with darius xd

  • You are losing the matchup because u don't have electrocute .d

  • love naruto music

  • Hi iron player

  • honestly said these type of videos are starting to become boring ... the idea of the clip - a high elo funny player trolling in maybe silver

  • Imogen still out here bankrolling the videos

  • Yea booy

  • On this episode of pianta we get to see him lose lane to a riven 4 times in a roa

  • Brian figuring out the bruiser life...hashinshin would be proud

  • Plot twist the riven King was boxbox

  • stick to tenmo u have abs no skill

  • "Who the fuck plays teemo?" Hmmm


  • holy shit ure bad. how does someone in "high elo" cancel aa's THAT many times n not even know how to not fcking aa teemo during blind

  • Dunk Slamming Your Kda ?

  • My mom's ring tone is because of you... Wait a second...

  • No offense but...Darius counters Riven

  • song at 2:00?

  • Darius is fucking TRASH.

  • Riven is a dumber champion than Teemo change my mind