ELECTRIC VEHICLES & My Tesla Model 3 Review

Datum objavljivanja: 30. Ožu 2021.
I FINALLY bought my first Electric Vehicle (EV) and it happens to be a Tesla Model 3! So, let’s look at EV cars in general and see if this Tesla thing is any good.
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 Look What I Bought!
0:53 Why to by an Electric Vehicle
3:36 Why I bought a Tesla Model 3
5:54 Testing Tesla’s Collision Avoidance
6:48 Test Drive the Tesla and Self-Driving
10:19 Regenerative Braking and Travel Range
13:25 Price of Gas Compared to Electricity
14:33 Charging an Electric Vehicle
16:34 Final Thoughts on Tesla’s Properties


  • Slow charging might not be the best idea actually. While the battery will be fine, if the climate is not within the ideal charging range, the battery coolant loop and heating/cooling system will run basically 24/7, increasing wear. 240V 32A feels like a lot, but with a giant 54kWh pack, that's only a 0.14C charge rate, which is very close to the gold standard of 0.1C for slow charging. So even at charging at max speed, the battery degradation due to charge rate is almost negligible. Enjoy your new car Mehdi!

  • German not understanding why electric cars are desirable in most countries. *sees price for electricity* Oh thats why.

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  • Imagine running away from cops and suddenly your car ran out of battery😂


  • I believe that the batteries will only last 5 years, same as a cell phone battery.

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  • Climate change - like the North Amercian sea level glaciers melting over the last 18,000 years - allowed air breathing CO2 making life to live where it could not before. OR... unplug your freezer to watch climate change in action and all the bugs and stuff move in an convert your food to CO2. Eh do ya think thats the connection between CO2 concentrations and climate??? If water vapor and CO2 both absorb IR how come no one worries about water vapor but freaks out over CO2. You do know that the CO2 thing is just a theory dont you. But it is a get rich theory aka a scam.

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  • Good thing you got the 200Amp service installed-lol

  • @electroboom how safe is it to wire a fire alarm demonstration board with not much experience but with diagrams and also with conduit to protect the wire .

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  • Usually, a flashing green indicates a broken light and should be treated as a stop sign so it's making you check your surroundings before you go.

  • It's a business expense, write that shit off.

  • Please do charging phone with tesla coil

  • transparent roof looks like hell.

  • now make a tesla. or you're too scared..

  • What about the batteries when they die? is there a safe ecologically speaking plan for them? I read some papers saying that the best state for a battery is around 60% to extend its life span, maybe it would also apply to this case?

  • saw tom scotts video and i think you should try making a plasma speaker. friends of mine once made research on it and what they did was ionizing air with high voltage and resonate it directly. their professor had doubts this might work without special gas, but it worked quite okay with just air. one experiment was a printed pcb with zigzag wiring where it's corners burned away because of the high field densities there. the other one, that worked better, was an acrylic pipe with wire coiled around.

  • US burns natural gas, not gasoline. But I know of a local utility that still uses diesel.

  • Him: draws on brand new car as if it’s a whiteboard Me: BOIII WHATTA DOIN

  • And you have to wear a hat in the car to get a decent range 😆

  • Respected Sir, lightening which is the cause of electrical discharge between cloud's and ground,so electric field should be so high to breakdown air, to conduct electricity,but why can't we feel that high electric field during lightening ,as we stand near van de Graff generator,high electric field make our hair to raise, why we can't notice during lightening?

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  • a suggetion to make this ev work more after being charged- we can put high power motor on the rear wheels and low power motor in front wheels. we have to make the car rear wheel drive so that the rear motor pushes the front wheel which rotates the front motor and creates electricity. this electricity can then be stored in the batter. pls reply if this can or cannot happen i am curious🤔

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  • Hey there! I just wanted to say when I first saw your videos I thought you were just a crazy guy that shocked the piss out of yourself for views. Boy was I wrong! lol but, when I was watching a video by Steve Mould that recommend to watch your videos for a better explanation of his video I did. And I must say you have now become my most favorite youtuber ever now! I’m a plumber by trade. I have always been intrigued by circuits and electricity in general and you have the wonderful ability to teach in a fun and absolutely hilarious way which I love! Hopefully I can get one of those badass oscilloscopes and begin learning more about the electronics that I use everyday. Also now I may finally begin to play with electronics and start a new hobby and continue the hunt for knowledge that you have helped me increase. Please don’t ever stop making content! Or we all will cry 😭 haha keep up the fantastic work! We love you man! Also, gimme da meetta!! But preferably the oscilloscope! lol I’d love to have a chat with you bro you’re awesome!!!

  • just ignore the mining of the lithium needed for said car..... just an inconvenient fact.

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  • Most people buy a tesla to drive it. However, I could see you attaching it to a very long metal pole in a lightning storm and seeing if it could charge the car in a single strike... Or something like that.

  • It's time to remove the battery pack and make a new arc generator

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  • you could have look at hydrogen cars..... model S sucks

  • Nooooooo you are wrong ev cars pollute more than gas vehicle in ev cars after 7to 8 years you have to change the battery then where will you dispose it

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  • I also do not drool over cars, i actually even don't have driver licence ;) (just because i always lived in city and never needed a car, everything was in reach for me by public transport, that includes hundreds of kilometers trips from city to deep nature). But this video was very informative for me, thanks for it! And funny, as always :). Only one note about the sustainability and carbon footprint - after how many years would you need change battery pack and how much it will cost? I know it depends on how often and how fast baterries are charged, also if you have garage or if car is on street (winter colds) so i am not sure if battery pack durability is even something what could be calculated as it would result in very wide range telling actually nothing. Still, this video changed my view on electric cars (to a better side i must admit :)). Thanks!

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  • Electric cars become better for the environment over time, but at the same time the battery capacity reduces with it. Not to mention cold weather.

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  • I’m completely unbothered by other people’s “stuff” but damn this is the absolute best car video ever. Love it.

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  • The car is similar to cell phone with the size and proportion of its battery. Cell phone battery is flammable to be pierced. So what can happen with car battery to be pierced or deformed in accident on a road? Take one cell of the battery and then beat it by hammer. I find the car is a roast pan under a butt. Buy a trailer to carry the battery for your safety.

    • EVs are less likely to catch on fire though

  • But but, it comes with full on surveillance system on you.

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  • I have question at you ElectroBOOM. Why is nobody doing ebikes without battery? I mean ebikes without a chain but with generator at pedals and motor on wheel with some electronic automatic transmision system. Would looses on it be really so big.

  • OMG the computer in the screen is slower than my iPad 2, and this is already a shame to use for youtube, 720p isnt even completely smooth but at least its much faster in loading the app and videos :D

  • what happens if you touch the contacts on a 1 giga farad capacitor

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  • "Do not remove supply cover in any cirumstances. There are non servicable components inside. Serious shock hazards are present inside this power supply case, even when power is switched off" I read this on old SMPS of a pc. Wonder whats inside, ik perfect man to show case what, how and how much is hazardous inside it.

  • He used the dashboard as graph paper😂 and wrote time using the tesla logo 😂

  • Hi I've got a Question: I've build myselve a Capacitor out of Aluminium foil and 3layers of 5m long Book foil. It has a capacity of around 150nF (might get higher when loaded with high voltage due to attraction force) now I will test how much voltage the foil can handle first and then load the capacitor with a voltage lower than that. I expect it to be able to handle something around 15-30KV. I've got a power supply which can output 30KV, and this is kind of save,cause the Energy and current is limited. But now i want to ask you, if the capacitor with around 150nF would be save if loaded to 30KV. So in case i touched it will it just badly hurt or might it harm myselve badly. I've read that ESD over 350mJ is harmfull and this thing would have around 68J if loaded to 30KV. So this would imply that it is very harmful. But if i calculate with 1000Ω of my body and this capacity and voltage with the formula t=R*C*ln(Umax/Utol) with Umax=30KV and Utol=30V (tolerable) I get to a time of 1ms till the voltage is at 30V when i touched it. But i've also seen in a graph, that at a current below 10A through the body it wont kill you as long as it is shorter than 10ms. So now my question is, if it really makes a that big difference if its below 10A or below 30A. (in the case of 30KV and 1KΩ) Or did i calculate something wrong?

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