Entertaining 2.5 million people

Datum objavljivanja: 5. Ruj 2019.
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Preacherman Boris talks 12 straight minutes.
Today's agenda:
01:30 Entertaining 2.5 million people
06:06 Weslav store updates
08:24 Artyom is now 1 year old
10:00 Boris cookbook
10:31 That's a lot of subscribers
12:12 Face reveal
The games I am playing in the video are Russian Battlegrounds and Totally Accurate Battlegrounds
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Intro music:
Gopnik McBlyat - Snakes in Tracksuits
Outro music:
Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem


  • What is the name of your bgm? Love to hear it!

  • This is the most 'youtuber' video by Boris so far. Thanks as if subscribing is a sign of adulation, and endless advertising.

  • You can officially declare a Boris' people's republic

  • You are Emperor Boris

  • Other places on the internet all over you can find the Slav King Boris Master Manifestations Boris IS The Slav Emperor Not just a King Way more people a year later

  • Anyone know the first game?,the one that looks like doom, It looks glorious

  • Boris is popular because he’s a genuinely nice guy. If you’re reading this, Boris, thank you for being genuine. Never change. Love from Denmark.

  • Boris does not need quality content His voice just itself the video a hundred times better

  • I just realised boris intro has dancing bears, search that up it will display something else

  • I'm going to buy from weslav. Need to wait for next paycheck. Getting cards and maybe some head gear.

  • still to this day comrade boris surprise me with how firmly grounded he is as a youtuber. He's still the same slav as he was back in the days. Never change OUR friend.

  • Hey boris, can you try roblox? Its a fun game u can create yiur own game by pressing the create button

  • Happy birthday amtyom!!!

  • [OBJ]

  • I|

  • |

  • Can't believe I haven't watched this videos before, but yes, this video proves that boris, despite being incognito, is ironically one of the realest people on this platform.

  • The first time I heard this Man’s beautiful voice, I completely understood every word he said


  • what was that battle royale poly game I kinda wanna try it

  • Where is cookbook blyaaat?!?! My laptop screen keeps getting steamed during the tutorials!!

  • I remeber , your vids always make me laugh and smile

  • Almost 3 million now

  • happy slavday komrade kat

  • In the description, at 12:12 Face reveal 🤣🤣

  • 12:12 face reveal

  • Boris, I am 64 years old and my 19 year old son introduced you to me. I think your sense of humor is hilarious! I subscribed to get notified when a new mastrpiece is released. Keep up the good work! Stay Cheeki Breeki!

  • Wow, 99.9% like ratio.

  • Who else remembers Boris saying “Welcome Friends” on the start of a video?

  • 30,000 people fills 1/3 of a burger stadium

  • Hey Boris, I could get you a brand deal with a car company, my elder sister decides who gets the brand dealszz

  • 12:12 face reveal, boris is very sneaki breeki

  • Some day I'm buying a deck of slavic deluxe cards.

  • Boris is not Urod. Boris smart.

  • Нашел тебя по "бабушка компот" ^^

  • Yes BORIS you are slave king

  • Yay u my entertainer :3

  • Now just imagine making that video for 2.5 million Vadims...

  • Well never know why subscriber 197 511 subscribed expect for him and the worst part of all is he could be anyone of us

  • Your the only youtuber that don't use ads more than one I think u won't lose subs at this track

  • *666k views and this was uploaded 6 months ago*

  • Hey bitch 3 mil is comin

  • where is BMW blyat. U told u will buy when you hit 2 million subs cyka

  • The background music. anyone?

  • happy brithday komrad kat

  • Boris, tbh, I remember how I wound up subscribing to you; I saw your vid about Kalashikov-card game and subscribed immediately, so I wouldn't forget your channel. However, I fell in love in your channel after seeing your cooking videos and even have wound up making them every once in a while (like Salad Olivier during Christmas time, sided with black/rye bread, honey mustard and kvass). Btw, about kvass, your claims about that beverage are true; I actually prefer (about 9/10 of times) it over regular beer. Naturally there are exceptions, so that explains 9/10... Some of my friends have even visited in Russia, and thanks to your content I've started to consider on visiting there myself just to see what all the fuss is about. Just saying, Boris, that even here in the Western border some folks love your content. Stay cheeki breeki and know that even in Finland there are some comrades supporting your, Artyoms, Babushkas and Anatoli's work!

  • 2.85 now

  • What kind of Vodka is that!? I needs for my cheeki breeki!! 🤙🤙

  • that's incredibly smart slav king

  • Your face is blyatiful

  • 0:13

  • I came for the cooking,stayed for the funny. And now I have tourretts in Russian blyat.

  • happy birthday komrade kat

  • Thank u for showing me the slav way

  • I watch this video now again, cuz I remembered that it came out just on my birthday

  • Speaking of the WESLAV store, when are other color hoodies restocking?

  • Guuuuuys does Boris live in Slavonia Croatia? I'm just throwing it out there. He has he says in Slavonia.

  • did the cookbook ever happen?

  • Че за пабг там?

  • what is the name of the first game?

  • 5th september of 2019 was: thursday

  • Boris, you should play cs:go

  • Крутая шутка с показом лица

  • Slav wisdom in here!

  • Hey Boris I want to tell you that I love your channel. I want to buy a sweater and I’m going to. I just need to wait a week to get paid lol. But thank you for being such a cool and original channel. I respect channels with a unique identity especially when I love the humor and you have literally everything I look for in a channel. Thank you for being so cheeki breeki 👌🏻

  • Can't buy stuff from Weslav living in Brazil ;-;

  • Happy Birthday Komrade Kat

  • Congratulations Artyom

  • Boris, why don't you get Assetto Corsa? You can drift a Lada around the Nordschleife :D

  • Dear Boris, you are here with your videos for us, so we are here to support you to continue. Thank you Boris!

  • Anyone here come before 150k?

  • Really looking forward to the cook book!

  • 00:11 that is an adorable drawing of boris

  • Sretan rodjendan macki artyom

  • Мой сестра это пизде she didn’t cook me blini to breakfast

  • 2.69 million subs nice

  • Boris, I know I'm late and this may get buried. I just found your channel in the last couple of months. I just wanted to thank you for making content in your own style and for making it in a way that is both fun and useful 🙏🏻😊 I wouldn't ask you to change a thing about what you do or how you do it. I would offer only that you make people smile and laugh and that it seems effortless from a certain perspective. By staying the cheeki breeki Slav King, I know you'll have continued success 💪🏻 Спасибо и крепкого здоровья мой друг

  • I am one of these 30k who watches the videos almost everyday

  • We all have mad respect for you Borris, keep it up!

  • I just found you and your channel because i love the Lada Niva and russian girls... soo i just stayed for the ladas hahahha! Great content, you have something very good that is hard to find in modern youtube. Thanks you Komrade Boris for the lulz!

  • France is here blyat ! Mayonnaise ! 🇷🇺+🇫🇷 Can we have female apparel please ?

  • Can we just appreciate that he right now has 2.69 mil

  • Nuke code 197511 return yaoi, that was a bad number.

  • Will the cookbook up for sale on Barnes&nobles?

  • Hey, I was #197,511. And I know EXACTLY why I subbed. Your Learning to Fly video. "Woah, Mamatchka!"

  • What happened to your other videos Boris ?! The taxi driver ones, the stalker ones, the flying school ones, they're all gone pr labeled "private video" and they used to be my favourites, what happened ? That's at least 20 videos just gone :(

  • Boris makes amazing content whether its about food, games, or weird funny thing. This channel makes me happy and gives me the Slavic power to do my best! Stay cheeki breeki, always stay cheeki breeki!

  • slav king, I must know! why do the obvious superior russians where adidas which was founded in germany!!!!

  • I was here since how to slav your car

  • I really wanna know the name of the game

  • 12:12 haha,great bullshit comrade Now,go to gulag

  • Lol I'm going crazy. I was waiting for 12:12 to come and get a face reveal and then see the video is only 12:11 😭😭😭💓

  • Happy birthday Komrade Kat 🎂😻💕

  • I'll be waiting for that cook book. Stay cheeki breeki my friend, greetings from Argentina!

  • Найс)

  • I hope you had a happy birthday, Komrade Kat with a lovely sosig dinner! I can't wait to get my Western spy hands on that cookbook!

  • English: internet Slav: inter-nyet

  • I love Boris' material and therefore I will watch all of the ads in order to support him!!

  • Happy slavic birthday Artyom I know party will be blyatfull with lots of doctors sosig, good job on protecting motherland from crafty blyat Vadim

  • game name pls